Donald Penn: My plan is to remain with Raiders

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The Raiders have a deal in place with Kelechi Osemele to join the team when the league year gets underway on Wednesday.

Osemele has primarily played guard, but the reported five-year, $60 million deal he agreed to wouldn’t look out of place on a left tackle. That could be a possibility in Oakland should Donald Penn leave as a free agent.

Penn said Tuesday that wasn’t his plan, however.

“I’ve been open with my plan. My plan is to be a Raider,” Penn said on NFL Network, via the Oakland Tribune. “We’re trying to figure out of the feeling is mutual. They tell me it is. They made a great signing, that’s a great pickup for Derek Carr and everybody. We’re going to see what’s going to happen. Only time is going to tell. The good thing is I’m showing interest from other teams.”

Plans can always change, especially at a time of the year when other teams can bid for your services, but getting Penn back to go with Osemele, center Rodney Hudson and guard Gabe Jackson would be a pretty good start to the offseason in Oakland.

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  1. That would definitely make the Raiders the best O-line in the AFC West. Possibly top 5 in the NFL.

    Penn was never a good run blocker, but he’s good at protecting Carr’s blindside.

    With Jackson/Hudson/Osemele/Howard across the line, that’s a VERY good run blocking line so I don’t see them running off left tackle very often anyway.

  2. And Austin Howard was playing very well at RT before his injury. One of the better lines in the league and think where they’d be if Menelik Watson can actually play?

  3. Now that we have KO, Penn should be a priority, even if its just to play @RT. Either way though, having Penn back would salvage some continuity on the line, which is vital to staying one of the best pass blocking teams. Hopefully Penn isn’t greatly over valuing himself, as Wiz did. Take the best deal RM offers you, and finish your career in Oakland.

  4. time will tell, but word is Penn wants at least a double digit million dollar contract per (10+ million) and raiders are somewhere around 7 million max….Penn and Incognito are the same age, and Richie just signed for 5+ for three years. Maybe Raiders just should offer Penn a three year deal at 20 million.

  5. No way Penn gets a 3 year deal. This is a business boys, and let me tell you I’m reading all the fan responses and most of you should stay out of owning a business. Penn has been a good left tackle, but at 33, it’s time for an upgrade or a 1 year extension and plan for the future. Reggie does it the Packer way through the draft.

  6. The slow climb back to respectability with McKenzie at the helm is at a great point when you are deciding which very solid left tackle you’d like to keep.

    The Broncos had their win now team and it is slowly being taken apart in free agency, this could very well be the year that the Raiders start making some noise.

  7. I think best bet is 2 year 15M. I think that is fair given his age, and that is a decent increase from his prior contract. I can’t foresee another team giving him more IMO

  8. When I watched Raider games last year, this dude jumped off the screen!

  9. RM gotta be a little stubborn with this. There is a youth movement in Oakland and you aren’t going to hamper the teams future.

  10. Great job by Davis to actually stay the course and let Mckenzie do his job. Snyder is taking the same approach with mcloughan. Two once great franchises returning to greatness.

  11. Great great signing reggie bringing osemele. Osemele was the number 1 free agent I wanted to become a raider. Hopefully we can get penn signed back to solidify the o-line. Penn,jackson,hudson,osemele and Watson/howard that’s a top 5 o-line in the nfl. Thank you reggie for signing osemele great job! JUST WIN BABY!

  12. We’ve got the green, I say sign him. He’s loyal and he knows the Offense. I’d hate to see him go to the donkeys or something. He’s 33 or 34 so Im sure we can get him on the cheap. Raiders are probably busy with todays signings. We should have time to draw up the Penn contract by lunchtime tomorrow.

  13. now lets focus on some defense—secondary
    FS- Weddle if the right price or go after Rodney Mcleod
    DB- Sean Smith or Janoris Jenkins
    LB- Danny Trevathian or Freeman from the colts…anything to help Curtis Lofton for one more year against the TE in the seam.

    Also maybe take a look at George Iloka….big improvement over Nate Allen.

    with that said maybe Ohio State RB Elliot at 14 in the draft, might be hard to pass on one the best RB blockers ever to play game who can also run.

    Reggie reads this board everyday and often makes decisions based on the opinions set forth herein. It shows in his smooooooooooooth 18-45 record as Raider GM. Toad Man, GOAT GM!

  15. irishkevy says:
    Mar 8, 2016 6:41 PM
    Elliott in the draft? You’re drunk my friend. Need to improve the D. If you don’t resign Penn then OL is still a priority.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I have been sober for over 30 years pal… drink another irish whiskey on me…I already stated I would resign Penn…at the right price.approx 6 million per …Incognito just signed three year for 15. I do believe that is what I said. I also said time for defense…I like O-line the way it is…we still have Watson, and love the potential of the kid on the practice sqaud Mitch Bell.

    Right now for me the most important hole is who is going to take C-Wood spot…I would lean towards McLeod, but if Weddle will play for the right price (5 mill) then go that way.

    As far as RB at 14…personally I have no problem getting a top 5 talent at #14…..he would compliment Murray as well….still waiting to see if Seattle cuts Beast Mode, and clear the 12 million of cap space.

  16. I’m much more concerned with the defense as you are @radrntn

    Jenkins is gone, so is Iloka. My #1 priority if I’m RM is Sean Smith, then Eric Weddle to replace CW. I bet they’re kicking themselves on the Irvin signing now that the Fins just dropped Vernon’s transition tag, although he’s infinitely cheaper. A 12 mil and 15 mil contract for KO and Vernon would eat up 40% of our cap already. Smith is gonna cost you 10+ mil, probably at least 12.

    Whatever they have left after that is gravy. Heard they’re looking at Doug Martin too, but I like Murray for what they’re paying him. Martin had an outstanding 2015 but is injury prone.

  17. I think Vernon benefited from teams having to double and triple team Suh….time will tell. I never thought about Irvin, but love the fact we got him. Was not on my radar. He is playing with Norton, and Malcom Smith again…..Curtis Lofton is stout against the run still, but I feel he has lost a step (or two) against the pass. Freeman on the colts is good against the pass which is not common for ILB.

    I think Weddle is a plug and play guy that could take over for C-wood day 1, but has to be at the right price (approx 5), if not go after McLeod and give him what the bengals just gave ikloaka….we can still build through the draft as well. Just NEED to get a free safety in free agency.

  18. He’s a raider keep him in the fold he’s proven himself and will only be better with the new additions. Carr will be one of the most protected QB’s in the league which will translate to many more wins!

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