Malik Jackson finalizing deal with Jaguars


A day before the official start of free agency, the best available player already appears to have his next team lined up.

We noted yesterday that former Broncos defensive lineman Malik Jackson could sign with the Jaguars, and today Mike Klis of 9 News in Denver reports that Jackson and the Jaguars are finalizing a deal. Jackson confirmed to Josina Anderson of ESPN that he plans to sign with the Jaguars. PFT has separately confirmed that the Jaguars and Jackson expect to make it official tomorrow.

Although the Jaguars can’t officially sign Jackson until the start of free agency tomorrow, they’re allowed to talk now, and it appears that they’re on the same page.

Jackson is the No. 4 player in our Free Agent Hot 100, and the only player in the Top 10 who hasn’t either already re-signed with his current team or been restricted with a franchise or transition tag.

According to the report, the deal will make Jackson the fourth-highest paid defensive lineman in the NFL.

The Broncos had hoped to keep Jackson, but that was always a long shot, given the other free agents they need to re-sign, including outside linebacker Von Miller and quarterback Brock Osweiler. The Raiders were also believed to be very interested in Jackson’s services, and Jackson’s former coach John Fox also wanted Jackson in Chicago.

But in the end, the Jaguars appear set to land their man. The Broncos’ Super Bowl-winning defense will take a hit, and the Jaguars will get one of the NFL’s best defensive linemen.

44 responses to “Malik Jackson finalizing deal with Jaguars

  1. As a Bears fan, I wanted Malik but always figured he’d be a long shot at the price he is commanding. I’m OK with this as long as we get Danny Trevathan. There are many more options for D-Line in this draft (as well as FA) than there are impact ILBs available.

  2. Overrated player who benefited from having Ware/Miller as the focus of the offense, plus great back-end players.

    Albert Haynesworth

  3. This is not as crazy as it sounds but the Jags and Raiders will be fighting for AFC supremacy in a few years. Solid young talent at key positions for both teams! RAIDERNATION!

  4. tajuara says:
    Mar 8, 2016 1:14 PM
    Jaguars=AFC South champions?

    Maybe in 3 years. They aren’t winning it with a healthy Luck, or if the Texans get half decent QB play.

  5. Jacksonville seems to be a former Broncos destination. I like Malik, but I believe that he is overrated and was more successful due to the scheme and coordinator. Wish him nothing but success going forward.

  6. Third time the charm? JAX took Zane Beadles and Julius Thomas from the Broncos in earlier years. Zane they released and Julius has been injured again and under-performed. We’ll see what happens on Take Three.

  7. Not the best pass rusher only getting 5 sacks this year. Great against the run though, and I will miss him on the Broncos. But his productivity is only because of Von and Ware getting all the double teams.

    He is not a centerpiece.

  8. @doylemcmuffin

    Kind of agree there…I think he’s a really good player, but paying him that much money…I think this was more about the Jags showing they’re serious about competing in the coming years, and that the ‘rebuild’ is now just ‘building’.

  9. Something is wrong when teams over paying for players. Look at Dolphins, Titans, etc., just plain stupid. They disappeared after getting paid.

  10. Malik is good…but as Mark Schlereth has said many times before – you can dominate like Malik when he’s one of the guys but when he’s THE guy, he’s gonna be the focal point. I doubt he’ll have the big impact his contract demands. Thanks for 4 great seasons Malik!!

  11. end of the day, all these guys are going to sign with whoever makes the most money….I just wonder how much did this guy benefit from playing up front with Von Miler , Demarcus Ware, Marhall, Trevathian , and mostly Derek Wolfe who the Bronco’s made the priority along with Von Miller.

    Good for the Jags! I would have liked to see him reunited with Del Rio wearing Silver and Black. Maybe we go after Pot Roast again.

  12. I suspect they sign Irvin too, then getting Fowler back will transform their defensive front for years

  13. The Jags have so many good and young players on offense like Blake Bottles, the Allen’s Herns and Robinson, and Julius Thomas, and a food back up TE in Lewis.,That they really can focus on the defense and O-Line with that 90 million in cap space and their top 5 pick. IMO they could be a force in the AFC next season. Because I have zero confidence in the Texans and Colts.

  14. “Leaving one of the best defenses for one of the worst. Good luck, you’ll need it…”

    His job is to improve the defense. The whole point of signing him, and the guys to come, will be to make that defense better. If it’s still bad, that means he was a bad player.

    “This guy is going to disappear like Julius Thomas.”

    Oh? The TE who got about as many yards as he had the prior season (when Peyton Manning was throwing to him), and only didn’t have more than five TDs because the Jags have a paid of WRs who are actually a really good duo and each had over 1000 yards and 10+ TDs? If defenders want to tee up on Thomas, A-Rob and Hurns were open to score; if the defense went to defend them, Thomas was ready to go. He did a solid job, and should be even better next season with time to spend with his teammates and more planning around what the receiving corps can do with him, the two Allens, and Greene.

  15. Is there a reason that we are not outraged that Jacksonville has reached an agreement with a pending free agent but we are that Oakland has?

  16. man, the jags are building a good team there. They should be right there in the playoff mix. They need to get some help in the secondary, but that offense looks good.

  17. Hopefully things are looking up for the Jags and their moves this off-season will lead to a playoff spot. As a longtime Royals fan, I know all too well what disappointment feels like.

  18. “codythao35 says:
    Mar 8, 2016 1:34 PM
    Something is wrong when teams over paying for players. Look at Dolphins, Titans, etc., just plain stupid. They disappeared after getting paid.”

    Or the Broncos with Manning, Talib, Ware and Ward.


  19. This is why I hate free agency. No continuation, tradition, one hit-wonders that is now the NFL. Get off my grass!! Time to mow it.

  20. 15M year is crazy money. Look at how Vernon’s stats are better. That 12.7 T-tag looks like chump change and the team should remove it.

  21. Have fun on a perennial loser. The Jags once again overpaid for an overrated player. Bye Malik.

  22. Jackson is a pretty good player, but the 4th highest paid DL in the league at $3 million per sack? Wow. He was no better than the 4th best pass rusher on the team last year behind Miller, Ware, and Wolfe. And without those guys, it’s all downhill. Jackson better donate some of his money to those guys because they earned it for him. Kudos to him though for making out like a bandit.

  23. So the Jags pick up a nice one here. But with Fowler coming in healthy, and a high draft pick, plus another possible free agent, and the defensive line goes from awful to good God! Watch out.

  24. Good player, but way overpaid. Jags are going to regret it, but not as much as Julius Thomas.

  25. Maybe in 3 years. They aren’t winning it with a healthy Luck, or if the Texans get half decent QB play.


    I’m sorry… did you watch Andrew Luck play at all this year?

  26. What’s with Florida teams blowing up the salary cap with overpriced DT’s? This guy is this years Suh and just as dirty. Tea bagging QB’s when you win is one thing but now that he has no one near the talent around him to keep the dog’s off we’ll see what he really brought to the table besides sexual assault.

  27. eeedlef says:
    Mar 8, 2016 3:34 PM
    Maybe in 3 years. They aren’t winning it with a healthy Luck, or if the Texans get half decent QB play.


    I’m sorry… did you watch Andrew Luck play at all this year?

    Did you see him play every other year besides this year? (in which he was injured)

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