Report: Broncos, Osweiler haven’t negotiated since team made opening offer


The defending Super Bowl champions could indeed be on the market for a new starting quarterback.

With Peyton Manning retired, an ominous note arrives from James Palmer of NFL Media, who reports that the Broncos have not negotiated with Osweiler’s representatives since making an initial offer to Osweiler several days ago.

It’s not known whether the offer from the Broncos was made in response to a demand from Osweiler’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, or whether the Broncos made the first move. The safer guess is that Osweiler stated an opening position, the Broncos responded, and now Denver is waiting to hear back from Sexton.

Meanwhile, Sexton is available to negotiate with any other team that is interested. So far, only the Texans have emerged as potential suitors. Other teams without a clear-cut starter include the Jets, Browns, and 49ers.

42 responses to “Report: Broncos, Osweiler haven’t negotiated since team made opening offer

  1. The real question is how much will they pay him under the table? It’s the Bronco way. Look it up, kids.

  2. With Irving now in Oak Town and Mack already there (sacked Brock 5 times in one game) he is no doubt looking to get out of the AFC west

  3. If the Texans signhim and Lamar Miller in that pansy AFC South Division, they are clear cut AFC Champs. Case Closed, well OK they do need a better Oline too.

  4. @ BroncosCheatedTheSalaryCap
    Do you follow a particular team (Green Bay or Atlanta come to mind) or are you just driving the anti-Denver bandwagon?

  5. So far, just about everything John Elway has done since taking control of the Broncos has worked. I don’t think it’s any accident. I think Elway will continue his dominance. Osweiler is a good QB. Trevor Siemian is a good QB, and don’t be a bit surprised if Elway doesn’t end up with the best QB in this draft. Sometimes guys like Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino slip to the end of the 1st round. This could be one of those years. I think there are four elite franchise QBs in this draft. Three will go early, but perhaps the best one will slip. Ten years from now we’ll be sitting here wondering why everyone passed him up. It’s call paralysis by analysis.

  6. I wonder what their backup plan is? Overall, Elway has proven to be a very competent GM. I don’t think he’ll pay Osweiler more than he thinks he’s worth. The only thing worse than not having a QB is not having a QB and being tied to a big cap number on a guy who proves not to be worth it.

  7. Brock has potential BUT has only started 7 games. Sure the Texans can break the bank for him and sign him to a mega deal and Brock can be a bust and handcuff the Texans for another 3 years as well. Who knows.
    No one knows Brock better than Elway and Kubiak and they are only offering a contract that will protect the Broncos from a Brock regression. Essentially a prove it contract. With DT, Sanders, and a great defence, Denver is still Brock’s best chance to progress.

  8. Were there 2 Brock Osweilers playing in the NFL this year?

    Because the one I saw lost 3 of the 4 games the Broncos lost all season, had extremely mediocre stats, and got benched in the last game of the season in favor of a 38 year old QB who couldn’t turn his head or throw the ball more than 15 yards.

    And now $15m per year is not enough? When exactly did this league go so completely insane over QB compensation? What on earth has Osweiler done to deserve annual compensation worth nearly as much as the franchise tag amount?

    Am I crazy? What am I missing?

  9. You know your team has had a maddening, frustrating and epic history of sustained dominance over another team when some guy actually devotes the time to create a disparaging screen name in order to troll every single story written about that team. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Year after godforsaken year.

    Sustained mediocrity just doesn’t inspire that kind of bitterness.

    Thank you, Pat Bowlen!

  10. So if Brock bolts, what’s the plan?


    Ryan Fitzpatrick?

    Johnny Manzeil?

    They should have at the least put the transition tag on him, letting them match any contract thrown his way.

  11. Denver made an offer, Os said Thanks but I’d have to be a complete idiot if I didn’t at least check the market. They said Fine just get back to us before you sign anything.
    Best bet: he re- signs with Denver if the money’s anywhere near close.

  12. Elway… Give us some picks and you can have nassib. He’s cheap and almost as unknown as osweiler. Also learned under a manning for several years. Second rder and he’s yours.

  13. Well, we know he doesn’t have a future in pizza delivery! Didn’t Peyton teach him anything about the pizza business?

  14. Anybody that has followed PFT long enough should know… in about 90 minutes they’ll report Brock signed with Denver. Wait for it…

  15. That pizza incident will haunt any contract negotiations until the teams know what Goodell is going to do.

  16. Well, nows the time suck if they are going to let him go and take their chances at signing someone else. Not only are they coming of a championship and have that couple of year grace period for winning the SB, but will have a great excuse with Manning gone. I could actually see Fitz going there to hold things down for a year or two. Hey, they won with Manning putting up some of the worst QB numbers in the league. If Fitz just plays OK, and the defense is in the same neighborhood, they have a good chance to win some games.

  17. This could be a bad move on Elway’s part. Granted he just won a Super Bowl, but this is the NFL (not for long league)…a few bad choices can destroy people’s faith in someone, not just fans but also within an organization. Most Broncos’ Fans cringe at the idea of RGIII, Fitzpatrick, Manziel or Kaepernick at the helm of this team. The only two choices that are popular outside Osweiler is trading for AJ McCarron or drafting Paxton Lynch.

  18. If I was Os considering I have only started 7 games I would take the offer the Broncos have and bet on myself. If I play well it will translate to a 20 mill per year

  19. I wonder if Osweiler is annoyed he didn’t get the glory of the Super Bowl win. He was pulled out in that one game, when it was still up in the air. Peyton played poorly but was left in the rest of the year.

  20. Send some draft picks to the Bengals for AJ McCaron. He has shown just as much potential as Osweiler and wouldn’t break the bank.

  21. LMAO…. come on people
    He is matt flynn all over again
    look up the stats
    he is not worth anymore than what the broncos are offering him
    let him go to houston
    The Broncos deserve better anyways

    Osweiler: 7 starts, 2126 yards, 61.3% completion percentage, 11 TD, 6 INT 86 QB rating
    Flynn: 7 starts, 2541 yards, 61.3% completion percentage, 17 TD, 11 INT 86 QB rating

  22. “lost 3 of the 4 games the Broncos lost all season, had extremely mediocre stats, and got benched in the last game of the season in favor of a 38 year old QB who couldn’t turn his head or throw the ball more than 15 yards.”

    Sounds perfect for the Texans. Just the like of QB they like.

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