Report: Broncos, Texans the primary landing spots for Brock Osweiler

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The Broncos could be in the unusual spot of entering the 2016 season with the top two quarterbacks from the prior season no longer on the roster.

Peyton Manning has retired, and Brock Osweiler could be leaving via free agency. Nearly 24 hours into the legal tampering period, the Broncos have yet to finalize a new contract for Osweiler. After 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, perhaps they won’t finalize one ever.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Broncos and Texans “shape up as the two primary potential landing spots” for Osweiler.

In an interview with NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk at the Scouting Combine, Broncos G.M. John Elway seemed to set the range for a deal at $5 million to $15 million per year. He also suggested that Osweiler would need to sign a short-term second contract before cashing in.

Elway likewise gave a fairly compelling explanation regarding his belief that Osweiler should take less than he could get elsewhere to stay with the Broncos. The question becomes how much more another team would pay — and in turn whether Osweiler believes another offenses better suits his skill set.

The Texans are intriguing for a few reasons. First, they had put out the word that they’d be looking for their next quarterback in the draft (that there’s called a misdirection). Second, Osweiler managed to lead the Broncos to a come-from-behind win against the Patriots and Bill Belichick during the regular season. Texans coach Bill O’Brien, a former Belichick lieutenant, surely has studied that one closely. Third, Texans owner Bob McNair would surely love to help derail the efforts of his former head coach and defensive coordinator to win a second straight title in Denver — in a season that culminates on Houston’s home field.

At this point, the Broncos have no way to keep Osweiler in place, other than to make him an offer he chooses not to refuse. The value of that offer surely has gone up in recent days, given the money paid to Sam Bradford and Kirk Cousins. All quarterbacks have confidence in their abilities that often borders on (or becomes) delusion; for Osweiler, it’s not delusional to believe that his skills compare favorably with guys who are getting $17.5 million per year on a two-year deal and $19.95 million in 2016, respectively.

33 responses to “Report: Broncos, Texans the primary landing spots for Brock Osweiler

  1. The Broncos have proved their defense can win a Super Bowl with a no-longer-so-elite quarterback … maybe they should go after Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  2. The #dontoverpay people need to go back and look at how many teams that went cheap at QB made the playoffs (just the Texans) and how they did (very, very badly).

  3. Good for Osweiller. Houston has a defense that is very good plus it has one of the best receivers in the league who performed no matter who was throwing the ball. Elway is making a desperate pitch. No player should ever give a team a discount in the NFL. Not when that team would cut the player in a heartbeat if they believe the player has underperformed. This is Osweiller ‘s chance at a monster deal in the Not For Long league and he shouldn’t pass up on getting it now.

  4. Bronco’s have no choice, and Brock knows it. When it’s all said and done it’ll be a five-year $100 million dollar contract. Brock is simply at the right place at the right time.

  5. The roots holding John Elways two front teeth might be causing brain damage. I would say $15 million is probably the floor for Block when these other QBs are getting $18-20 million for comparable or worse careers. He should have slightly overpaid on a short term deal instead of trying to lowball him with that ridiculous $5 to $15 million figure. I

    If teams get into a bidding war for Brock, Elway going to have to overpay big time or lose him. There are way more QB needy teams than serviceable QBs for Goodells fantasy football, pass happy league.

  6. Trevor Siemian might be the best QB on the Broncos team even if they sign Osweiler. At this point, Osweiler should just follow his heart and go to the team he feels most comfortable. The Broncos are in good hands either way. They don’t seem to have any problem finding great QBs that everyone else passes up. Just because you played QB in the NFL at a very high level doesn’t mean that you automatically can scout QBs, but John Elway certainly has those skills. Those skills come in mighty handy if you’re running an NFL franchise in the QB driven era and have a salary cap. Elway must be sleeping pretty good knowing that he possesses those skills. Whatever they’re paying Elway, he’s worth more than that.

  7. There are several free agent QB’s available that the Broncos can win with. If anyone seriously doubts that Elway and Kube, former QB’s, don’t have a plan in place at that position, they don’t know the Broncos very well. While there never seem to be enough quality QB’s available, the Broncos don’t need a QB that can carry the team, only one that is careful with the ball.

  8. Who cares about schemes, coaches, other players on the team et al. It’s all about the paycheck. Doubt Murray cared he went from 11-5 to 6-10 $30m guaranteed. Texas has no state tax!

  9. You’re on a championship team. Texans have one playoff win in their history. Take a lesson from DeMarco.

  10. The “discount” plea always baffles me in the NFL where the contracts aren’t guaranteed. That’s a tough pitch to begin with but at least in a sport with guaranteed contracts the player knows he won’t get left out in the cold completely. With his relative lack of experience and uneven play last year, Osweiler could hit a rough patch and find himself a casualty of his contract quite easily.

  11. I for one hope he signs with the Texans. Osweiler is a Orton in waiting. He is OK but will never actually win you anything. He has horrible foot work and as a 6 foot 7 guy he gets more balls batted down than anyone ever. And he holds onto the ball to long which leads to way to many sacks.

  12. Elway likewise gave a fairly compelling explanation regarding his belief that Osweiler should take less than he could get elsewhere to stay with the Broncos.

    Seriously??? You want a guy to give you a financial break when he see’s all these other quarterbacks who have less talent and much worse track records cashing in for 18 to 20 million a year and you want to offer 15 million a year??

    Looks like Denver will be in trouble by the afternoon on Wednesday because Brock wants the money and someone will offer it to him….another team will have the faith or Denver begrudgingly……who do you think Brock will want to pay for??

  13. He already has a ring. Now it’s time to get paid.

    Most players can only hope for that kind of scenario. Elway thinks he can sweet talk Osweiller into staying. Gonna have to come out of the pockets for this one!

  14. Now we’ll see if Elway really can run a team.Manning fell in their lap and now he’s let it come to this.
    _____________________________________ As GM, Elway won the AFC West and beat the Steelers in the playoffs with Tebow. Elway was the reason Manning came to Denver.

  15. Houston has the cap space and it wouldn’t be too bad of a hit since they would cut Hoyer and his 5 mil in cap hit. They would save a high draft pick also that they would have used to take a chance on one of the rookies coming in. It’s a no brainer for the Texans. They can afford to overpay.

  16. Osweiler is a gamble. Maybe he’s the next Aaron Rodgers, but there’s also a chance he’s the next Matt Flynn (or, more likely, something in between) . Elway, I’m sure, would prefer to find out with a shorter term contract, but the less risk-averse GMs in the league will undoubtedly prevent that from happening.

  17. Like Luke Walton coaching Curry or anyone coaching Pippen and Jordan in their prime. How good will they be with both last years’s QB’s gone? Come on Brock give’em a HUGE discount on your skill set. Elway won’t appreciate you unless it’s in writing. Get hurt and watch/see.

  18. beauregard says:
    Mar 8, 2016 11:41 AM
    Bronco’s have no choice, and Brock knows it. When it’s all said and done it’ll be a five-year $100 million dollar contract. Brock is simply at the right place at the right time.

    Only a complete buffoon would pay Brock Ossweiler that kind of cash to Ossweiller

  19. Osweiler is 1-0 against Brady. Depending on where he ends up, the record may go to 2-0 next season

  20. >>Bronco’s have no choice, and Brock knows it. When it’s all said and done it’ll be a five-year $100 million dollar contract. Brock is simply at the right place at the right time.

    Are you sure thats enough? Why not give a 60MM guarantee too. Plus do his laundry.

    Seriously, you can’t commit 15MM/year for many years to an unproven QB. He might turn out to be ok, in which case who ever signs him will be content. Or he may bomb like Nick Foles in St. Louis, and the signing team will deeply regret it.

    If the Texans outbid the broncos, let him go. There is a 50/50 chance he turns out to not be that good and the Texans will get burned.

  21. Do the owners take a discount?
    The GM’s ?

    I think not. If he wants all the money ,then go get it, wants to stay in Denver then stay, but when the team is done with him their will be no loyalty just the announcement on the waiver wire.

  22. Brock will get paid especially as this is a poor draft for QBs.

    I like Houston going for RG III, I think he’s got something to offer and Bill O’Brien can coach him up. Hope someone takes a chance on him.

  23. Just pay the man…

    Out of everyone, Elway should know better. Anyone remember the last post-Super Bowl hangover?

    Do we really need a repeat of the Bubby Brister era?

    And to everyone saying any ol’ game manager will do okay with this defense, half of them are already out the door. Trevathan, Jackson, and Bruton’s probably next?

    We need Brock to stay, even if he still has some work to do.

  24. The $15mill/yr contract is fair. It’s also in inline with what they could get in Kaepernick. Os is desired because he knows the system, but Kaepernick is more mobile and would be sacked less with fewer balls batted away. I want Os to take the offer, but trust the Denver leadership to get a solid player regardless.

  25. Brock is gonna get PAAAAAYED.

    The Texans have tons of cap space, and NEED a QB. Denver made a HUGE error not getting Brock signed before the legal tampering period.

    Though I hear Tebow is available

  26. I can’t believe that Denver would go into the draft without a QB. RG3 is out there, possibly Kap if the trade was pretty enough, but that’s about all there is right now and this years crop of QB’s hasn’t been making headlines. If it’s true that Elway is ok to let BO go, then Denver is saying they are not even trying to get back to the play-offs.

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