Report: Packers showing interest in Matt Forte

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The Bears won’t have running back Matt Forte back in their lineup for the 2016 season, but they could still see him on gameday a couple of times.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Packers have shown interest in obtaining Forte’s services since the “legal tampering” window allowing teams to speak to free agents opened on Monday.

The Packers don’t often dip their toes into the free agent market, although one of the exceptions came when they plucked linebacker Julius Peppers away from the Bears before the 2014 season. Bears fans probably don’t enjoy watching Peppers trying to stop their defense twice a year and they probably wouldn’t like watching Forte in green and gold when the two teams square off next season.

Eddie Lacy will be back with the Packers in 2016, although his disappointing 2015 season left the Packers asking for more from him on the field and in the gym. James Starks is set to be a free agent and would almost certainly be headed elsewhere if the Packers brought Forte in to complement Lacy and serve as another target for Aaron Rodgers in the passing game.

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  1. Peppers was the first Bear ever that was better than a player on the Packers’ roster. Probably why the Bears only beat the Packers about twice every ten years.

  2. Really doesn’t have much impact on the Bears. It will be a couple years before they are ready to compete and by that time he’ll be done.

  3. I would love to see this happen. Too bad for Starks though. A slimmed down Phat Eddie and this guy…….sweet.

    What is it with the trolls obsessiveness with giving grown men feminine sounding nicknames? It’s not insulting or annoying or whatever it is they’re trying to do. It’s indicative of their intelligence level, that’s about it.

  4. As a vikes fan, I would hate to see it. Forte is a class act and still has some skills. Would be hard to watch him in those Leprechaun colors. Hopefully he goes elsewhere.

  5. Only if the money is right, by that goes without saying for Ted Thompson who never overpays for anybody, FA or otherwise.

    The one thing that Rodgers has never really had was a dual threat RB, one that could run or catch passes. As for the Packer’s loving ex Bears, Peppers had better seasons in GB than in Chicago and he was considerably older in GB. Why is that? coaching? using him in the right way? Your pick but if a player comes over and plays at a higher level, what’s wrong with that? Contrast to Craig Jennings leaving GB with a Superbowl ring only to become invisible in Minnesota.

  6. Vikings fans are always bitter, especially since they have been signing old Packers off the trash heap for a while now. Hey, I hear Greg Jennings is available again, could be a bargain pickup with Christian Ponder! LOL…

  7. Forte would actually be a perfect fit for the Packers offense. Hopefully someone else shows him the money but he seems like he might be the kind of guy who would value sticking it to his former team after they cut him after all those years.

  8. Other than concerns about his age, it’d be tough to fault them for this move. There’s every reason to believe he’s a significant upgrade from Starks as a complimentary back—and he has obviously carried the load by himself in the past, so he’d be a good insurance policy if P90X doesn’t work out for Lacy.

    That said, I’d be shocked if Ted Thompson actually pulls the trigger, and expect Forte to wind up in New England.

  9. I have been a fan of his since he was in Tulane, and while I was bummed to see him for the Bears I always cheered for the guy and respected the way he played.

    Peppers is also trying to recruit Forte, so its nice to see him reaching out to him, and he would be a GREAT compliment to Lacy.

  10. Definitely an upgrade from Eddie Fatsy – at least they can be certain he’ll act as a professional.

  11. All the insecurity east of the mn/wi border is superb. “Wide left”, sure but the vikes weren’t even supposed to be “in” that game. Objects in your mirror are closer than they appear

  12. After spending the last year claiming that 30-year-old running backs can’t be successful, wouldn’t it be awkward for Packer fans to sign one as a free agent?

  13. As good as Starks has been as a backup to Lacy, Forte would be an upgrade. A fantastic receiver out of the backfield, and a great runner in general. Being Lacy’s backup would give him a chance to play less and a chance to get a ring. Going to any other NFC north team would guarantee he would retire without one, even if he played into his 50s.


  14. Honestly, I’m shocked we haven’t heard more buzz about Matt over the past few days. Of course he’d be great in green and gold. He’ll be great anywhere he goes. No matter what ANYBODY says, EVERY team needs a GREAT RB!! (and Matt Forte fills the bill, I have always said so, no matter what my disdain is for his former team)

  15. Forte would be a great addition, giving Rodgers a real pass catching threat out of the backfield. But, Lets get serious……Tightwad Ted Thompson is NOT signing a 30 year old RB for anything more than the Vet Minimum.

    Draft & Develop, lose in the first round of the playoffs as usual. If they are a Thompson Guy they have a roster spot.

  16. I’d like to see the Lions sign him. Hopefully they wouldn’t overuse him like they did with Reggie Bush. Forte’s carries will have to go down eventually. He would still be a great third down back a few years from now.

  17. Jerry if not Elliot…then this is ur guy…you got a Ferrari line with no one to drive the car. Don’t make the same mistake two years in a row or you’ll get fired ….oh wait…I forgot

  18. I hope that he can benefit the offense, next season……running, and with the flat passes.

  19. Get a chuckle out of the comments throwing shade at Forte. It’s doubtful the Packers are the only contending team that will have interest in him.

  20. ariani1985 says:
    Mar 8, 2016 2:22 PM
    And the grease fire continues to burn in the land of first round playoff losses!
    The vikings have 1 playoff win since they passed on Rodgers in 05.

    Packers have been to three NFC title games since 05, they’ve also got a Superbowl win.

    The vikings have been a dumpster fire with a few fluke years where they’ve benefited from a cupcake schedule.

  21. Playoff wins since the NFC North was formed:

    Packers – 9
    Bears – 3
    Vikings – 2
    Lions – 0

    Any talk of playoff record from the rest of the division might be silly.

  22. Patriots will outbid them. He’d want to have to stay closer to his home in Chicago.

  23. As a Packer fan I am okay with this.

    Lacy and Forte and a rookie split reps 50/40/10

    It would be a great fit.

    Now if they could only get a inside linebacker not named Clay.

    GO Pack GO

  24. I can picture Forte in the Green and Gold backfield next year. I’m thinking 70% they get him. McCarthy said this offseason may shock you. They want to make Aaron happy, and I think he’s pissed they didn’t trade for Vernon Davis at the deadline last year.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they went after a 2nd or third tier ILB comparable to Brandon Chillar from a few years back. I would be surprised if they signed Travathan or Freeman.

    Forte is a Packer type of player and FA. It wouldn’t shock me, though, if this was a tactic to drive up his value so he doesn’t end up on another team in the division like the Lions.

  25. Forte is a great football player and it seemed like he was under-appreciated here in Chicago. He’s a good blocker as well, although it’s hard to tell when Cutler has three defensive players draped over him.

    He owns the record for pass catches by a running back in a single season. He makes a lot of sense for the Packers and would be a great complement to Rodgers.

    He’d be a good pick up for the Vikings as well, especially if they think they are ready for a Super Bowl run, but he really needs to be on the field most of the time to be a dual threat, and that’s not going to happen with Adrian Peterson in the line up.

    My guess is that the Vikings think they have something like that in McKinnon when Peterson leaves, although he doesn’t have the same size that Forte has. I think the Vikings and Bridgewater would be more dangerous and unpredictable with a back like Forte as an option, given that they have unproven but talented young receivers, and if they keep him, an inconsistent one in Mike Wallace.

  26. ariani1985 says:
    Mar 8, 2016 2:22 PM

    And the grease fire continues to burn in the land of first round playoff losses!
    You’re right. The Vikings have two first round outs in their only 2 playoff appearances since the 2009 season.

    In the same time frame, the Packers have two first round outs, and have moved on 4 times, including a Super Bowl win in 6 playoff appearances.

  27. Let get this baloney in line know so we won’t get surprised. Marshall already gone 1 year. Forte gone as well. Bennett looking actively elsewhere, 1st round WR didn’t play a game all year long, and top receiver (Jeffrey) played in just a bit over half last year’s games. Cutler says he could have done better but didn’t have the receiving crew in 16/17 and looking for forward to next year and the Bears appearing in Super Bowl 52.

    And the McCaskeys think a TV show about the Bears is their big problem for this year.

  28. How much would it have cost the ridiculous Bears to keep Forte around on a hometown deal? $4 million per year? You’re telling me he’s not worth keeping for that paltry sum?

  29. Vikings were hoping that Mason Crosby was available, this way they would have a kicker that does not choke on chip shots.

  30. I’m confused, didn’t they spend a high draft pick on a RB recently? Yikes.

  31. What is it with the trolls obsessiveness with giving grown men feminine sounding nicknames? It’s not insulting or annoying or whatever it is they’re trying to do. It’s indicative of their intelligence level, that’s about it.

    …and it comes from fans of a team with a guy named Danielle on it.

    I’ll be beyond amazed if Forte ends up in GB.

  32. He would be a very, very good fit in Green Bay — TT really should come up out of the basement and sign this guy. Of course, I sincerely hope he doesn’t. . . . .

  33. I’m sure the Packers (like most other teams) are quietly looking at a lot of guys. But I don’t think there is much chance of a Forte deal happening.

    Ted Thompson doesn’t do a lot of free agent deals and he never overspends the stupid money on free agents that several teams do routinely. And he isn’t going to pay a ridiculous sum that Forte will likely ask.

  34. Don’t see why we couldn’t sign Forte and bring back Starks. You’ll never regret having multiple backs who can contribute their specific skill set.

  35. crownofthehelmet says:
    Mar 8, 2016 4:18 PM
    I’m confused, didn’t they spend a high draft pick on a RB recently? Yikes.

    Not as high as the terrible steelers, who have a marijuana smoking glass man at RB.

    Then again, didn’t they sign a guy who wasn’t nearly as good as Forte who ended up being their main guy this year?

  36. Fewer touches in an offense like the Packers run could extend Forte’s career several years. Forte is a durable player who still has gas in the tank, but not enough gas to be a guy who carries the load for 16+ games. If he wants a ring to finish his career, the Packers are a team who are always in contention for a championship. Say what you will, but Forte would immediately make the Packers better. Throw in a good inside linebacker and tight end in the draft, and the Packers would be among the favorites to win it all.

  37. Forte’s been pretty much healthy his whole career. Green Bay is where players go for season and career ending injuries.
    I don’t see TT being the highest bidder. But he can offer Forte a possible championship run, so maybe that counts for something.

  38. It was reported that Aaron was behind this idea. He wanted another back who is on the decline like himself to take the focus off of him. Aaron was overheard talking about it in a local sauna by a reporter from the San Francisco Butt Plug Daily. It’s not confirmed, though. Just speculation.

  39. I find this whole story sickening. If Matt does that, I would loose a lot of respect for him. It would prove, It’s all about the money.

  40. kabasaman says:
    Mar 9, 2016 11:34 AM
    I find this whole story sickening. If Matt does that, I would loose a lot of respect for him. It would prove, It’s all about the money.

    What if he takes much less money to go to GB so he can try to win a Super Bowl before he retires? Would that prove it’s all about the money?

    And newsflash… it IS all about the money. Duh.

  41. Codythao35, Peppers has been successful in GB. Forte still has gas in his tank…can’t blame him if he signed w a contender (GB), although I don’t see it happening. Sounds like you’re butthurt.

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