Report: Texans “working toward a deal” with Lamar Miller

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The Texans opened up a hole at running back when they released Arian Foster and it looks like their top choice to fill it is Lamar Miller.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team is “working toward a deal” with Lamar Miller ahead of the start of the league year on Wednesday. Other reports have indicated that Miller is unlikely to return to the Dolphins, who made him a fourth-round pick in 2012 and often heard criticism for not making enough use of the back over his four years in Miami.

Miller, who turns 25 in April, averaged 4.6 yards per carry during those years, but averaged about 15 touches per game during his three years as the team’s starter. The Texans have given their running backs more to do in recent years, although they’d love to find a quarterback who could make both parts of their offensive attack effective during the 2016 season.

Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports the Texans have also shown interest in Doug Martin and Chris Ivory, but pegs the interest in Miller as “strong” and it certainly appears that he’s their top choice to boost their ground game.

21 responses to “Report: Texans “working toward a deal” with Lamar Miller

  1. Probably Willis mcgagee going from bills to Ravens? Or beast mode going from bills to Seahawks?

  2. 2since96 says:
    Mar 8, 2016 2:33 PM
    Who was the last good running back to change teams and have the same or greater success?

    Marshall Faulk. Marshawn Lynch. CJ2K from the Jets to the Cardinals, Chris Ivory from the Saints to the Jets, Darren Sprolles from the Chargers to the Saints……

  3. Jay Ajayi is better suited for what the Dolphins want to do and he comes cheaper than what Miller will likely get. I’m OK with him signing elsewhere.

    Good luck to Lamar Miller. He’s a good running back and unfortunately things didn’t work out with the Dolphins.

  4. @2since96 says:
    Mar 8, 2016 2:33 PM

    Who was the last good running back to change teams and have the same or greater success?
    Chris Johnson with AZ last season?

  5. Alright Texans….

    Now you just need an Offensive Line and a QB, another Linebacker…

    But hey, nothing says “Cornerstone” like a Running back, huh?

  6. Clinton Portis had some success going from Broncos to the Skins. Michael turner was good but couldn’t get out from behind LT’s shadow in San Diego…Once he got to ATL he was really good for a couple of years.

  7. I’ve liked Miller since he came out of College, always thought Philbin and his crew didn’t know how to utilize him (not surprising). He is a good back with elite speed. Now if the Texans can get a QB to go along with Miller and Hopkins…..

    I think Ajayi will fill in nicely and the dolphins can draft a RB in the later rd’s. There should be some good talent in FA that they can get cheap for a backup. Ajayi flashed a lot of talent in the limited time he got on the field.

  8. I liked Miller while in Miami and thought 5 mil was a fair offer. If 6.5 is accurate then my best to him. Ajayi is behind him and there are other options at much better value.

  9. That’s a good pickup for Houston. Always liked him but thought Miami didn’t use him as much as they should have. I know the Texans are QB starved but they were also left with a hole now that Foster is gone. Miller is an above average RB and should help take the pressure off whoever is under center next year. As long as they don’t do what the Dolphins did with him and give him only 15 touches a game.

  10. iamkillerfin says:
    Mar 8, 2016 3:09 PM

    Dolphins idiot management at it again gonna lose Miller!!!
    LOL. If there’s one thing the Fins have learned from NE, is that if your paying more than a rookie or Vet minimum contract for a RB, Your spending more than needed.

  11. @dram931 I was just about to say that….Im not a Texans fan Im a Dolphins fan and I don’t blame the Texans at all for wanting Miller……Miller and company tore ya’ll up last year….I bet Ya’ll still trying to catch him on that 87 yrd td run.

  12. Miller is a great pickup for the Texans. As a Dolphins Fan, I hate see him go, but I am not going to sound and say negative, sour grapes stuff here. He was very successful running behind the 31st, 29th and 30th ranked OLine the past few years. He made the most of that-imagine what he can do elsewhere. He would easily be the Rushing Leader in Dallass, but I hope he goes to Houston. Good Luck Lamar and Thank You for being a hard worker and good Lockerrom guy. This is not an easy thing in South Florida,

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