Reports have Raiders, Vikings leading chase for Kelechi Osemele

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The Ravens are preparing themselves to lose offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele when free agency opens on Wednesday and two leading suitors for Osemele’s services reportedly emerged on the first day of the “legal tampering” period that allows teams to talk with impending free agents from other clubs.

There are multiple reports that the Raiders are making a “strong push” for Osemele’s services with Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reporting that a deal in Oakland would land Osemele more than $10 million per year. Adam Caplan of ESPN adds that Osemele could play guard or tackle for the Raiders and that his ultimate landing spot would be impacted by whether the Raiders re-sign left tackle Donald Penn.

Multiple reports also have the Vikings in hot pursuit of Osemele’s services. An offensive line upgrade is needed in Minnesota and Osemele would likely slot in at guard given the current makeup of the line, although the team can avoid paying left tackle Matt Kalil over $11 million if they part ways with him before the start of the new league year.

Kalil hasn’t played to that salary, although releasing him without being sure that Osemele or some other capable replacement is coming to town would be a big risk for a team that already has enough questions up front on offense.

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  1. Kalil is a turn style get rid of him and his ridiculous salary. Dump him and Wallace use that money wisely signing a couple key free agents. Fill other needs in the draft. Hopefully Spielman can swallow his pride and make the right decisions.

  2. Wow… A little expensive but it would sure up that line a little bit but does this mean goodbye to Matt Kalil? I dont think we can afford them both!

  3. Really hope the Raiders get this guy. He can slot the right side, which was weak for the Raiders and Penn can play LT and get a short term deal, to which he’ll be eventually replaced by Osemele

  4. I watched this guy pick up Calais Campbell turn him sideways in the air and throw him down like a doll. Great pick up for someone. And a very nasty young man to boot..

  5. The Raiders are the only logical landing spot for Osemele with more money to offer (satiating his desire for a big free-agent payday) as well as the supporting cast (a better quarterback, considerably better defense and most importantly a superior offensive line (not to mention a far more favourable climate (Minny is FREEZING!!), a new stadium deal in the works and a General Manager who has clearly demonstrated a willingness to spend money to address his team’s needs).

    The Raiders are a team in the rise whereas the Vikings are still the Vikings and evidently always will be the Vikings; a franchise perpetually mired in mediocrity!

  6. Everyone is overbidding on Ozzie’s #60 draft pick because Ozzie doesn’t know what he’s doing. LOL.

  7. I understand the concept of maximizing your salary while you are young but I would think the opportunity to get to the Superbowl would enter into the equation and that would automatically eliminate the Vikings. Simply put, they have lost more playoff games (and they are very creative in the way the lose them, I mean, who else can miss a 27 yard FG?) and lost 4 Superbowls (back in the 70’s), and have lost 5 NFC championship games since then.

  8. Hey Rick, if you don’t cut Kalil, give Wallace a nice going away party. That will greatly help getting the cap money to land Osemele. Then we can draft a WR at #23 or in round #2 at the very least. A WR in the draft will be a lot cheaper and younger.

  9. The Raiders are this years team that are “in the mix” for every single high priced free agency. There’s always one team every year that supposedly want everybody, and end up signing nobody. That certainly sounds like the Raiders.

    And, unless the Vikings cut Kalil, I find it very hard to believe they are going to pay another lineman $10+ mil a year. Kalil needs a 50% pay cut or be cut before any of that happens. But, age at 26, he would fit the age that the Vikings like to sign and make starters for four years.

  10. newsretorter says:
    Mar 8, 2016 8:16 AM

    The Raiders are a team in the rise whereas the Vikings are still the Vikings and evidently always will be the Vikings; a franchise perpetually mired in mediocrity!
    Raiders: 7-9
    Vikings: 11-5, division Champions

    The funny thing is, the first part of your statement is true. The Raiders did “rise” to 7-9. It’s been 5 years since they had 7 wins. Not to mention 14 years since they accumulated the same number of wins that the Vikings had last year.

    BTW: Free agents aren’t checking the weather forecast. Highest bidder wins. There isn’t a second criteria.

  11. @newsretorter

    You must live in bizaroworld. By on the rise you mean missed the playoffs and by mediocre you mean win the division and make the playoffs. What color is the sky in your world?

  12. No way the Vikings pay this guy that kind of money to play guard. Only way they sign him is if they are convinced he is a huge upgrade over Kalil and they get him to restructure or release him.

  13. @newsretorter, I agree with your post with the exception of your comment about the Vikes D and Bridgewater. Their defense is very good and although I like Carr better, Teddy Bridgewater is very good. They both will be in discussions in the near future as the best in the league. At this point, I think the Vikes need O line help more but I think Osemele’s best choice is Oakland with Tice coaching the O line.

  14. If he wants to win it would be the Vikings. Raiders have no chance, not for another decade. I don’t believe Carr will take them anywhere.

  15. Vikings have one of the youngest rosters, a top 5 defense, a new stadium … Locking up Osemele in his prime would be a huge step forward in turning the offensive from a weakness to a strength.

  16. Minnesota already has a new McStadium almost completed and their defense is pretty solid. It’s not the world-beater some like to think it is, but it’s definitely solid.

    Spielmann has a tough decision to make here. I just cannot see him paying this guy $10m per year, or more, and slotting him in at Guard. If they land this guy, I would guess Kalil is outta there. Kalil has shown a lot of promise but hasn’t delivered consistently and he carries a huge cap hit this year. But… Kalil knows the system. I think it will come down to whether or not they think they can turn Kalil’s potential into production.

    If there are any sane Viking fans left here I’d be interested in their thoughts on the matter. Sane Viking fans only; purples need not apply.

  17. $10m/year would put the Ravens in line for a 3rd/4th round compensatory pick. Not bad for a guy they took at the end of the 2nd round a few years ago.

    I would love to see him back with the Ravens. Too bad there are too many bad contracts on the books (I do not place Flacco in that group).

    Ravens had $9.5m in dead money last year just for Ray Rice. Would have been nice to pay Osemeli with that cap space last year. Rice’s mistake really hurt the Ravens, more than his drop in play after getting the big payday.

  18. He’s missed a good part of two seasons with injuries. One of them was for BACK surgery so it looks like Oakland is the perfect spot for him.

    We would love to keep him in Bmore but little bit of a risk for great player with a history of injuries.

  19. Look at all the dark pink fans defending the Vikes over the raiders here. I’m telling you, Raiders fans, these crackpots are completely and utterly delirious.

  20. Vikings:
    1. Already have a NEW stadium and they play indoors so climate doesnt matter.
    2. Defense ranked #13 in yds/g, #5 in pts/g.
    3.Have holes in the O-line, hence the reason they are targeting Osemele!
    4. Have one of the best all-time RB in the game, and a smart young QB who needs protection.
    5. 11-5 Division Champs, 6th best record in league last year and a playoff team.

    1. Play on a dirt field half the season and dont have new stadium.
    2. Defense ranked #22 yds/g, #25 in pts/g.
    3. Not a big need at O-line.
    4. Has young Qb who pads stats because they are constantly trailing in games and needs to pass 75% of the time.
    5. 7-9, 3rd place in division!

  21. The Raiders are an up and coming team, no one can dispute that. The Vikings are already here. If the guy wants big time money, and a possibility of squeaking into the playoffs at 8-8 or 9-7, the Raiders are your team, if he wants to join an 11 win team, that will be even better, maybe by 2-3 wins better, then the Vikings are you’re obvious choice. I also see them picking up 1 of the 2 Bengals safeties to solidify an already scary good defense. If they can somehow add a stud safety to play opposite of the best all around safety currently in the league, they might lock down the #1 spot on defense for years to come.

  22. codythao35 says:
    Mar 8, 2016 8:38 AM
    If he wants to win it would be the Vikings. Raiders have no chance, not for another decade. I don’t believe Carr will take them anywhere.

    Let me guess Bridgewater is next Tom Brady and Barr is better than Mack and Diggs is better than Cooper. You Vikings fans are seriously delusional

  23. makes sense…one would think the raiders are considering a an o-line of Watson, Jackson ,Hudson,Osemele, and Howard

  24. The Vikings need to go after this guy and sign him, regardless of what they do with Kalil. This guy would be an upgrade on the OL regardless of which position he takes over.

    If the Vikings want better offensive production next year, it starts with this move.

  25. The Raiders have much, much more cap space — so much that they have to spend a ton just to make up cap floor issues. Even if the Vikes may be a better fit and even have a better future (the Raiders future looks good too though), the Raiders will out bid the Vikes for sure.

  26. Can he tackle? Cuz if he goes to Oakland he’ll need to in order to stop all the pick 6’s from happening.

    Oh, and to whatjusthapped, talk about creative ways to lose playoff games, look at your beloved packers last two season enders….collapse against seattle (onside kick, miracle 2 point conversion) and then this year you get a miracle hail mary to force ot, and you lose again. Ha. I know, i know…but we have rings. Good for you. 2 modern day super bowl victories in 25 years of HOF QB play. Really stellar. You’d think with all your accolades and hardware, your fan base wouldn’t need to take cheap shots on our potential free agent signing articles. Don’t you have a trophy to polish, I mean you are an owner, right?

  27. He has already agreed to term with the raiders and that’s fine with me. Can’t no sense in over paying him. Now lets push for hooks to pair with Smith.

  28. He has already agreed to term with the raiders and that’s fine with me. Can’t no sense in over paying him. Now lets push for iloka to pair with Smith.

  29. It’s whether you want to win or go for the money. Remember, money can’t buy happiness
    He’s already got the ring from 2012. But once you get into that top salary range you need to pick the best place. He should stay with the Ravens. They’re willing to get close enough to that salary.

  30. Teams have a lot of money to spend, especially losing teams. They tend to overspend. Oakland just did.

  31. @The Almighty Cabbage – The Vikings signed Alex Boone (LG) earlier today to a reported four-year, $26.8 mil deal ($10 mil guaranteed) right after they re-signed Mike Harris (G/T) to a one-year, $3 mil deal (plus incentives). This frees up Brandon Fusco to go back to RG… where he is markedly better.

    I seriously doubt the Vikings will pay another $10+ million/yr contract to sign Osemele… although they have let Wallace go, freeing up $11 mil in cap space, so they can afford him IF they’ve decided to go after a WR#1 in the draft.

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