Rob Gronkowski tweets about being underpaid


In the wake of last night’s news that tight end Dwayne Allen signed a four-year, $29.4 million deal to stay with the Colts, some have suggested that Allen will actually make more than Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski over the next four years. While that’s not accurate (damn those facts that get in the way of an otherwise perfectly hot take), it can be said that Gronkowski is underpaid, relative to Allen.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks, Gronkowski seems to think he’s underpaid, relative to anyone and everyone. Last night at 7:33 p.m. ET (not long before news of Allen’s new deal broke), Gronkowski said this on Twitter: “If ya think about it that Option pick up basically equals pay cut for the next 4 seasons.” Gronk then says, “I don’t work hard for those reasons. Haha.”

The deal Gronkowski signed after only two years in the NFL (he was in the final draft class that was eligible for a new contract following the completion of a second NFL season) gave the Patriots the right to turn a four-year deal into an eight-year deal by paying out $10 million late in the 2015 league year. By exercising the option bonus, the Patriots get Gronkowski for $24.5 million over the next four years.

That’s a total of $34.5 million over the next four years, via the option bonus plus base salaries of $2.25 million in 2016, $4.25 million in 2017, $8 million in 2018, and $9 million in 2019.

Is that too little in light of his current and anticipated contributions? Perhaps. But at the time when Gronkowski signed the deal, following two NFL seasons and in advance of what soon would become chronic broken arm in 2012 and a torn ACL in 2013. He got and received financial security then, and now the Patriots are taking advantage of the rights they secured on the back end of the deal.

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  1. Don’t get whiney Gronk. You signed the deal with that option in it. Also, Belichick and Kraft will cut or trade anyone. If you want to play for Jacksonville then keep it up.

  2. Always the same story. Guys sign a contract, a couple of years later they feel like they’re underpaid. Well, who made you sign that deal? You negotiated it, you wanted that deal, why do you complain now? Makes no sense.

  3. .
    He took his guaranteed money early. It was his choice. He wasn’t forced. I don’t think he’d be complaining if he suffered a career ending injury early on. I’m doubtful he would have returned the Patriots 10 million bonus dollars.

  4. He was clearly joking. He stated many times he does not even touch his NFL paycheck and lives off endorsement money only. Also its likely he plays less than 75% of the games over the remaining 4 years given his style of play and allowances DBs can take when tackling him by the kneecaps.

  5. He’s not old enough to run for Prez (although he does have big enough hands already) and the Prez only makes 400,000 per year so he’ll just have to organize more booze cruises until he gets a new contract.

  6. Just be happy you are catching soft footballs from Brady. Stop grumbling, you are playing for a perennial contender. You have it better than 99% of other TEs in the league.

  7. Love me some Gronk but here’s the thing, you’ve been injured, repeatedly. You’re not worth what you were 5 years ago. Next big injury would likely take him down to a mid level TE.

    Considering his erratic production, he’s paid just fine. Let other dumb teams load up on one player and kneecap themselves.

  8. One the one hand, yes, that deal is criminally underpaid and actually one of the best assests in the NFL lol.

    On the other hand, he has come out and already said he doesn’t spend a dime of his salary, only living off his endorsments, so this is all just money into the RSP or mutual fund or whatever for retirement, so apparently it’s simply not that big a deal for him.

    My guess is in 2017 or 2018, he’ll get a 3-4 year deal for some significant money. BB rarely pays, but he’s willing to shell for the truly great ones, and Gronk is definitely one of those.

  9. But I thought it was the #PatriotWay; he’s basically the reason the patriots had a chance to beat the Broncos in the afc game so it’s a no brainier you make your best offensive weapon happy #GoBroncos

  10. Relax Gronk. You are the greatest TE of all time and Patriot Nation salutes you. Bill understands that comparatively, you are now underpaid and he will look after you if you continue to do your job. As a true Patriot you understand that it’s about team and not being selfish. Look to your QB to observe model team behavior but keep twerking.

  11. Gronk getting hurt 2 seasons in a row gave the Patriots the leverage to make such a deal and now they get a bargain for the best TE in the league..

  12. I love #87 when he is on the field – but other than that I would wish his handlers would keep him off the interwebs and out of the spotlight in the offseason.

  13. Mark McGwire said (and I paraphrase) while he was playing that he didn’t want to hear anyone complaining about their contract. You don’t want to be underpaid, don’t sign a long term deal. The market is going to increase, and when it does people who sign now are going to have better deals than were signed the previous year. I sign 2 year deals, so that in two years we are renegotiating and I’m back on top of the market.

    This is true. You take the security of a long-term deal then don’t get mad when someone surpasses it in a year or two.

  14. “Rob Gronkowski tweets about being underpaid”

    And yet, not a peep about your balls being underinflated.

  15. Blame yourself if you aren’t happy, you agreed to the contract and signed it, at the time it was a great deal…

  16. Remember him flailing like a little girl after what…a bruised bone?


  17. Gronk has a large gravy training family he needs to support. Seriously!! They are all along for the ride.

    I’d have more sympathy for Gronk if he were healthy every year. His inability to stay healthy has cost the Patriots at least on Super Bowl. At least!

  18. Gronk no go! Gronk stay with Sheriff Belichick! Sheriff first man ever whip Gronk! Gronk impressed! Have deep feelings for Sheriff Belichick…

  19. Pretty much every player in New England is underpaid compared to what they could get on the free market. That’s the price for playing on a perennial contender.

    Having a team full of players getting paid less than what they are worth in a salary capped league is an incredible (and legal) competitive advantage.

    There are plenty of teams full of players that just want to get paid, New England is the place for players that just want to win.

  20. Yes, the Colts GM (and owner) belong in the next installment of dumb and dumber. Dwayne Allen is a journeyman at best. 109 yards receiving and 1 TD, not in a game or an average, but for all of last year. Say what? Gronk had more receiving yards last season than Allen has had in his 4 year “career”, and the same number of TDs 14 (if you count Gronk’s post season games last year and Allen’s career).

  21. The way to remedy this is to have him join brady’s partnership that gets paid by the team. See that the guy’s been under the same contract going back 4 years made out in his 3rd. I thought something like this might have already be taking place.

  22. He realistically should be paid close to what Brady gets paid. Other than Tom, Gronk can totally change a game when he’s on the field

  23. Gronk does not have a “gravy-training” family to support. His family owns a chain of stores that sells fitness training equipment. Lots of locations across NY and OH. He could spend all of his NFL money and still have a nice soft place to land.

  24. Gronk like to dance and spend endorsement money. Gronk don’t like when you tackle low. Gronk hungry. Give Gronk your snickers.

  25. The way to remedy this is to have him join brady’s partnership that gets paid by the team. Seeing that the guy’s been under the same contract going back 4 years made out in his 3rd. I thought something like this might have already been taking place.

  26. Gronk makes a LOT of money in ads, boat cruises and such – plus his contract is enormous. It’s also been reported that Gronk claims he never spent a penny that he earned on a football field.

    Well, the ONE way to dry up the ad money is to obliterate that “happy lovable fun guy” image that is currently working to Gronk’s advantage — and a key way to doing that is by appearing disgruntled, resentful and bitter about receiving the riches few people ever experience in a lifetime.

    It doesn’t just go over poorly to the public at large. It might not sit well in the locker room, ownership, the coaching staff and much of the rest of Patriot Nation.

  27. Gronk should get his pay and Bradys. We all know the last 3 years Brady is below average qb without Gronk.

    5 straight AFC championships would say otherwise, especially given for one of those years Gronk missed a majority of the season.

    This is a really pathetic comment. Safe to say any QB who loses his biggest weapon won’t be as successful. Case in point – Aaron Rodgers losing Jordi Nelson.

  28. Yes, Gronk’s did negotiate a bad deal for himself. But he also negotiated the right to complain about it and hold out if he wants to try to get more money. So you can’t have it both ways in saying he should “shut up and play because he signed the contract.”

  29. All you people saying he signed a contract are right in a small way and wrong in a big way.
    Football players literally reduce their lifespan while playing.
    They have to sign these contract because when the inevitable injury or age comes, they are out.
    Lets imagine for a moment that Kraft and Gronk have the same net worth. Would Gronk then have to sign a multi year deal? Owners leverage their wealth to get more wealth, while players leverage their bodies to get a small part of it.
    Doesn’t anyone see that while Kraft makes $300 million annually in perpetuity with his team, the players give up their broken bodies for him?
    My solution is yearly contracts with the players pooling for insurance so that injured players get paid their statistical projections.
    This way players have mitigated injury risk and owners couldn’t leverage money against health.

  30. @kylexitron says:
    Mar 8, 2016 8:02 AM

    At least he didn’t take the pay cut that Aaron Hernandez did.
    I know it’s early in the day, but that post by @kylexitron is the POST OF THE DAY.

  31. Gronk signed a 54 million dollar contract after his second year.

    He has been paid $20,110,000 to date in four seasons.

    The remaining four seasons have no guaranteed money left (it was paid out at signing and over the last two years).

    The remaining value of his contract (for the next four years) is $34,931,250 with cap friendly numbers over the next two seasons. The deal will likely be renegotiated in two years if he stays healthy. If that occurs Gronk will have earned $32,041,250 (in 6 years) and likely be looking at a large amount of guaranteed money in the new deal.

    In his current deal Gronk gets 2 million if he is cut for performance-guaranteed.

    In his current deal Gronk gets 5 million if he has career ending injury.

    Comparing contracts is always an apples to oranges endeavor. Allen got himself a nice deal. Good for him. Gronk has a good deal too.

  32. I like how people refer to his “inability to stay healthy” as if he chose to get hurt.

    I saw his comment on Twitter and mostly read it as him joking around.

  33. I honestly have no idea why anyone in the NFL would sign more than a 4 year deal. Does anyone ever get all the money on an 8 year deal? unless the last 4 years have huge base salaries it isn’t worth it. Maybe Gronk should have read the contract he signed and realized what it meant.

  34. the dude’s just having some fun

    he lives off of his endorsements anyway and money is not an issue with him

    it is more about being tongue in cheek in regards to the colds signing a stiff for 8M per year

  35. Gronk would be paid $12-15 million per season on the open market right now. In 2 years it could be even higher. No way Gronk plays out this contract. He will either hold out or force a trade, I’m guessing in about a year from now.

  36. Go get your money gronk, God knows that if the tables were turned (overpaid underperforming) the pats would cut you with that quickness!
    Also I would like to point out if a minority were tweeting about being underpaid the news world would go nuts!

  37. If you’re not living comfortably, then you’re underpaid. If you choose to give couples $10k for bumping uglies in front of everyone, then you’re leaving yourself open for scrutiny.

    IF you were underpaid, then you wouldn’t have offered that money.

    I shouldn’t be surprised that greed would go hand in hand with a lack or morality and immaturity.

  38. A player can’t have it both ways.

    After 3 years in the NFL, your team offers you a contract, with guaranteed money, way in excess of what you’ve made so far.
    (example: you are making 600K/year, they offer 10 million guaranteed + millions per year, etc.)

    Option A – You take the money, and are protected in case of injury. You may earn less over your career, but you have an amount that enables you to live very comfortably for the rest of your life (comfortably doesn’t mean you can buy a boat a huge mansion have many cars, etc – it means you can have a nice house in a good location and a good car, but nothing stupid like a 150K car)

    Option B – You take the risk you wont get injured over the next 2 years (4th year plus an extension year, and if you are a star, a 3rd year where you are franchised).
    You will ultimately make more money, if you aren’t hurt or your skills don’t decline. And you wont get those millions now, you will have to wait 2 more years.
    You may make 20% more this way.

  39. collectordude says:
    Mar 8, 2016 9:40 AM

    NO pro athlete is underpaid.

    I agree. A good number of them would only be fit for the fast food industry and would currently be picketing for a wage of $15 par hour.

  40. It would severely piss off Brady, but with Bill’s trade anyone at any time, I’d love to see him trade Gronk to the packers for a couple 1st round picks.

  41. Fantastic player. Would love to have him in Denver, not that it would ever happen.
    Heading his way to owning every TE record in the books.

  42. Maybe its because of his injury history, on top of because he’s been seen in clubs dancing with his shirt off like a toolbag meathead doing wrestling moves to his boys with his arm in cast after his second injury to said arm?

  43. godfatherd says:
    Mar 8, 2016 9:20 AM
    I honestly have no idea why anyone in the NFL would sign more than a 4 year deal…

    No idea? Really? It’s a salary cap device, both sides know the later years are unlikely to ever be played out. For the player the length of term results in more upfront cash, for the team it allows for a lower cap hit.

  44. Look how back loaded this new contract is. I know that’s usually how its done. But with his body of work he should have had at least one big payday by now.

  45. Imagine complaining about making 28.5 Million…
    Good lord… That is set for life money… and on top of that … endorsement money… and another contract and more money down the road…

    simply mind blowing!

  46. This is a nothing burger story. Gronk is not saying he is underpaid or resents the Patriots. Met his lawyer (friend of his older brother) about a year ago. He does all the real estate deals for Gronk. He bought a home in Tampa at the Yacht club, sold it 2 years later made a ton. He doesn’t spend his salary at all, he lives off his rookie deal and endorsements. His base salary and that bonus go straight into a account, not touched.

    Dude is loaded and living the life and he knows it.

  47. Sounds like he is a bit pissy, but just doesn’t want to voice it for fear of being traded to the Bucs. I guarantee it is eating at him though.

    Maybe he can secure a water supply deal to the Patriots to make for any perceived shortfall? Oh wait, that is taken already. Oh well – you’re screwed Gronk.

  48. The Raiders just paid a guard the same as Gronk’s biggest pay day of his career.

  49. That headline is incomplete and some of you guys turn against Gronk.
    The first line of his tweet is ” if y’all, meaning us Not him, think that in essence he is taking a paycut which we all think is true. The second part says I yes, he said I meaning himself does not work hard for those reasons. Gronk, Brady, Jules and the rest of the Patriots are not in solely for huge pay. They’ve been working hard for years for a pittance compared to other players with lesser caliber. If Gronk really just wants money, he can ask the Patriots for his market value just like most elite players do. He can walk out if his demand are not met. It’s really unfair to suddenly paint Gronk as money- hungry.

  50. Maybe this will finally be the thing he does that other players get criticized for that he does too. Because those rules haven’t applied in any other context, which has been baffling to see.

  51. Gronk is the best TE/WR in football. Maybe the best TE ever. He was complaining about being paid BEFORE this free agency period began and now after watch good but not great players get paid $15 million per year (IE Malik Jackson) there is no way Gronk plays out his contract. Time is ticking before he holds out or demands a trade if Pats don’t comply. I say it happens next off season.

  52. Does anyone in his right mind believe two middle-aged part-time volunteer ball boys decided on their own to eff with the game balls used by ultra-control freaks and possibly greatest coach and qb in history of the NFL all on their own, consequences be damned? No logical thinking person can honestly answer yes.

  53. The Patriots don’t overpay anybody. They probably pay what they should. I wish the Dolphins would do the same. I feel like it’s another season of flash and crash.

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