Von Miller backs Johnny Manziel, suggests he’d take him in Denver


Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller has taken up for fellow Aggie Johnny Manziel before, though they never played together in college.

Now, he’s going so far as to say he’d take him as an NFL teammate.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Miller not only voiced support for his fellow Texas A&M product, but said he’d take him with the Broncos, who just happen to have an opening at quarterback, as you might have heard. The Browns are set to cut Manziel tomorrow, when the league year begins.

“Not only will he be back in the league—of course I’m biased—I still feel like he has a lot of game left in him,” Miller said. “I feel like the world hasn’t even seen him get down yet. Some of the stuff he was doing in college, he gonna do the exact same thing in the National Football League. I feel like—you know you never want to blame a team—I don’t think he had enough support around him.

Who knows? You might see Johnny Manziel in Denver.”

(That sound you just heard was Broncos executive John Elway using whatever’s left of his voice to scream “Nooooooooo.”)

While the Broncos certainly have a vacancy at the position, it’s hard to imagine going from a guy who “reveres” football to one who simply revels because of it. But Miller insisted that Manziel was intent on fixing things, and the two planned to work out together soon. They spent the weekend in Las Vegas at the UFC fight, and Miller said he’d be there for Manziel wherever.

“We’re going to start working out,” Miller said. “I’m not too big to workout with my buddies. He was never too big to workout with me. I love him to death. And he knows the type of support he has. It’s ultimately all up to the individual but it also takes a support system and the type of support Johnny has is second to none. I’m first on that list. Whatever he needs, I’m going to get it done for him. . . .

“He wants to be great. And whenever you got that hunger for success and greatness, you’re going to find a way. Sometimes you get caught in places where you can only see a foot in front of you, let alone looking 30 weeks, 40 weeks, a year down the road. I think he’s just staying on a consistent path now of keeping his head down, working and paying attention to what’s in front of him.”

Miller’s support of his friend is admirable, we’ve all had friends who backed us when we didn’t deserve it. But while Miller came off his suspension and put in the time needed to remain great in the NFL, Manziel has yet to show he’s willing to. And until he shows up for those workouts with Miller — and then for an NFL team — it’s just talk, even if it comes from the Super Bowl MVP.

72 responses to “Von Miller backs Johnny Manziel, suggests he’d take him in Denver

  1. Congratulations on winning a Super Bowl, Von.
    You are truly a great player.

    However, you are making yourself sound stupid and very tone deaf on this one.
    Manziel has been accused of a very serious crime (i.e., domestic violence) and, by all accounts, has a long history of doing dumb stuff both as a player and as a person.

    Isn’t there someone else you can help that..you know..may actually be deserving and wants to be helped?
    Or, maybe you would be better off keeping your mouth shut and polishing your ring some more.

  2. No support? The Browns have supported that guy from day one. Hell, they moved to draft him. Had his back during his partying, rehab, first altercation with his ex. Gave him the chance to be the starter. They had enough, but hey, let him crash at your pad this offseason.

  3. John Elway must enjoy getting lectured by his Super Bowl MVP and franchise player, Von Miller on why he should embrace Johnny Manziel as a Bronco QB.
    Maybe Von makes a better player than advisor.

  4. Miller should increase his meds or up his THC intake. For a guy formerly known for his vulgar pelvic thrusts and wearing a windshield on his face for glasses, he is proving that all football players, don’t have smart things to say.

    Being a Super Bowl MVP doesn’t make you smart. Prior to the draft I’m sure I’m not the only one who knew drafting Manziel would result in getting a GM fired, since the owner wouldn’t fire himself.

    Johnny has reserved his seat next to Lawrence Phillips, Ryan Leaf, in the same section as JaMarcus Russell. He’s good with it-let it be.

  5. Johnny Foosball in a state where pot is legal. Yeah that would work out well. Elway wouldn’t touch that clown with a 100 ft pole.

  6. Von Miller thinks tea bagging is funny. Jocks have been getting away with things like that for decades. Why wouldnt he want a downward spiraling Manziel on his team. Thats another potential tea bagging victim that could be passed out at Millers house party.

  7. Exactly what support has he been lacking? Examples, please. I’m curious to know what specific things could be done in Denver or Dallas that would keep Billy Football away from all the alcohol, drugs and beating up women.

    Enough with the “he didn’t have enough support argument.” Grow the heck up and start taking responsibility for your own actions.

  8. Von Miller also failed drug tests and tried paying off a urine collector. So while his Super Bowl performance was great, his opinion on an alcoholic means nothing.

  9. Time to check von for steroids. Judgement and reason affected. That and the ridiculous, unnatural speed at which he performed in the SB. If he’s clean I expect he’ll sack/pressure every QB this season as hard as he did with Cam. If his performance drops off we’ll know for sure he juiced.

  10. Why not? Anyone can play a QB in Denver and win a SB. Isn’t that what we’ve been hearing lately?

  11. didn’t the browns praise him for his work ethic before last season and say he had made the changes they needed to see? that still was not good enough for the coach who never wanted him and only played him when forced to. not everyone wants to be like manning and live football 24/7. as long as he does his job why should he does off the field matter? he never had the faith of his coaches even when he played well and now he is going to be suspended for having fun on his own time?

  12. I respect Von getting his act together after a few failed drug tests but we aren’t all created equal Mr. Miller. Johnny just doesn’t get it

  13. I’ll spend my own money to fly him to Denver for the signing……

  14. Von Miller is and ardent supporter of domestic abuse, and abusing women.

  15. I’m so pissed off that Von can’t negotiate with other teams… Gosh how incompetent the NFLPA is that they would agree to an “exclusive” franchise tag!… This guy is supposed to be a free agent, free to negotiate the best deal he can get!…

  16. Von must be on drug again. Just bc you won Super Bowl with the team doesn’t make you better. This is why you won’t get paid from the Broncos.

  17. Von must be on drug again. Just bc you won Super Bowl with the team doesn’t make you better. This is why you won’t get pay from the Broncos.

  18. officialgame says:
    Mar 8, 2016 8:21 AM
    When Von retires he should become an agent.

    Or replace Marshall Faulk on the NFL Network.
    That way you can have continuity in the “I don’t know what the hell I am talking about” segments.

  19. I think it would be a good idea to get Johnny football we are all so quick to judge and I’m am pretty sure we where all you’d and dumb at one time and thing we regret doing give him a second chance you see people that beat there wife and there children and get a second chance so bring him to denver I say I agree with von TRUE BRONCO FAN!!!!!!! Now all the band wagon jumpers start to jump off

  20. Need I remind you that Von had an actual team. They had his back.

    Manziel has the garbage fire that is the Browns, with a HC that didn’t want him and intended to get rid of him at first opportunity.

  21. Look folks, this is not only logical but likely. Look at the Broncos’ coaching staff. They’re all former Texans and know Johnny well. Gary Kubiak is a Texas A&M grad and he often saw Manziel play. Wade Philips told Bob McNair to draft Manziel when the Texans had the #1 pick (and took Jadevon Clowney, who has been less than spectacular.) This is perhaps the best possible fit for Manziel. Nearly all of the adverse info about him is Internet hype. As for his current situation, he’s not been charged or indicted, not been arrested and at least well known former prosecutor says there’s problems with the case. The DPD was unable to produce enough evidence to file charges against him so they sent the case back to the DA’s office with the recommendation she put it before a grand jury if she wants to pursue it. As of right now, all anyone knows is that they have the case. Chances are, we’ll never hear anything more about it. Even if he were indicted, that won’t mean he’s guilty. Guilt can only be determined in court. Don’t be surprised if you see him on the Broncos’ roster.

  22. Maybe every outside linebacker is not suited to play General Manager. Just sayin.

  23. Von, you’ve already been in the program for illegal substances. When you make statements about Johnny Eightball, it just draws the spotlight back onto you.

    If you were smart, you’d distance yourself from that Trainwreck now.

  24. Wow it’s a shame nobody reported yesterday he was hanging out with Von and instead focused on page views by acting like he was just up to no good with Josh Gordon.

    Disgusting industry to work in

  25. OK Von, you need to just be quiet now. You are getting to be annoying. No way Manziel will be in Denver. Not even as a third string.

  26. The Broncos play for championships as does all the other NFL teams except Cleveland. What good would adding a problem such as Manziel to the team serve ?

  27. see what happens when you give a knucklehead big money??? all of a sudden he’s smarter than GMs and HCs.

    Funny thing is this shows how manipulative JFF is. Just do what you do Johnny it will all work itself out for the better (of the NFL when you’re gone for good)

  28. I’m pretty confident that the Bronco fan is very happy that Von Miller is a player on their team and not the one who makes the personnel decisions…..

  29. Manziel is the last person I would take under my wing or vouch for. Even when he was given the starting job he couldn’t keep his act together. I doubt we’ll ever see him on the field again. We’ll just hear about him on the news for drug arrests, DUIs, or domestic battery charges.

  30. I would rather have Trevor Siemian.
    Can’t blame Von…he is only sticking up for an Aggies player.
    He was saying Tannehill should have gone first overall as well lol.

  31. Denver had their fun in the sun, with a super bowl win, plus a super bowl loss, and and AFC loss. Thats a pretty good run that most teams would envy.

    It’s only fitting that they bring in Johnny Manzel to be a clown and he and the team do poorly.

    I don’t think that much of his skill set, but thats not the main issue. He’s not a dedicated disciplined QB, and can’t succeed with being studious and in control. Alcoholic partiers don’t make good QBs in theNFL.

  32. angrylionsfan says:
    Mar 8, 2016 10:25 AM

    Manziel is the last person I would take under my wing or vouch for. Even when he was given the starting job he couldn’t keep his act together. I doubt we’ll ever see him on the field again. We’ll just hear about him on the news for drug arrests, DUIs, or domestic battery charges.


    That makes sense. He’s not your friend or ex-teammate whom you admired. If he was maybe you would be supportive too.

    You definitely may be right about him, but I don’t fault Miller for supporting his friend.

  33. Of course…. he didn’t have enough “support” around him? Unbelievable! I don’t recall any of the current successful NFL qb’s needing the appropriate amount of “support” around them to in order to not be a complete moron.

  34. right when I was reading this I heard James Brown singing his song, Please, Please, Please

  35. I don’t think very much of Manziel as a player or as a human being. Von Miller could be a genuine friend who gives him the right support unlike Johnny’s current entourage/ posse who are roided up, Ed Hardy shirt-wearing d-bags. They’re just interested in the parties and fame associated with hanging around a celebrity.

  36. That’s a brilliant idea, brilliant I tell you.

    Not only should Denver take Johnny Manziel, but to show him love and support, they should trade for him today, before the league year ends, and give the Browns something valuable for him, so that Johnny knows how much the Broncos love him.

    (Revenge for The Drive finally? Go Browns!)

  37. (Revenge for The Drive finally? Go Browns!)


    Lol, no that will never happen. Browns would actually have to be in an AFC playoff game.

  38. Easy for Miller to say with a fresh SB ring on his hand, and with Manziel being a former college teammate.

    The bottom line is Manziel likely won’t be on ANY team except the penitentiary team once he is found to be guilty of assaulting his girlfriend. Goodell won’t take kindly to his transgressions, and Manziel will be fortunate to have the opportunity to join an NFL team, and then who would take the chance on this bum? NO TEAM. Even Jerrah has a bad taste, and he will be astute enough to stay away from this disappointment. Manziel is a spoiled rotten and overly coddled college QB with little to offer to the NFL other than how to NOT act as a pro.

    Tsk Tsk, Von Miller. I get you having your college teammate’s back, but you would do well to distance yourself from this trainwreck known as Johnny Foolsball. The kid is a molten hot mess.

  39. Von must not of been able to see him play or all his idiot transgressions since he obviously forgot to clean his glasses.

    Johnny sucks just as much on the field as he does off it.

    Von thinks he’s intent on fixing it? Yeah Johnny’s intent on fixing his sobriety by chugging straight from the champagne bottle at every club he goes to on his bender across America. No doubt doing a lot of blow along the way…. all while being investigated for domestic assault.

    What Von is doing is likely projection. Like how he used to get all messed up on psychedelics at raves.

    Everyone keeps saying Johnny has an amazing support system and all these people are there to help Johnny. So if that’s the case, what exactly is the problem? Oh yeah… JOHNNY DOESN’T WANT HELP. Support means nothing if the person is avoiding it. Everyone is there for Johnny but he simply doesn’t care… not really. I’m sure he’ll act nice that people have his back, but he doesn’t want to use those resources.

    It’s fine for Miller to support him, but he sounds like a lunatic when he ignores everything off and on the field when he says Manziel in the NFL is going to be like in college. He can’t even make it ON the field, even with people looking the other way, and when he stumbles onto it after a night of partying, he sucks. Of all the games he’s played in, he’s passed more then two hundred yards in them TWICE. Trent Dilfer had better numbers then Manziel.

    Finally, Von really isn’t doing him favors by making such comments that he can basically tear of the NFL. Manziel may never get another shot in the NFL, thus perhaps Von should point that out to Johnny, since his career is hanging on a thread. Getting that through to Johnny is more important then pumping up his ego via the press.

  40. Von Miller can certainly offer other players advice on how to study for and pass drug tests. This is a asset for Broncos landing troubled yet talented players on the cheap that are one strike away from year long suspension.

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