Will Browns void Manziel’s guarantees?


For cap reasons, the Browns can’t cut quarterback Johnny Manziel until the new league year begins. When it happens, the Browns may owe Manziel not a further dime.

His salary of $1.169 million is fully guaranteed for 2016, along with $1.004 million of his 2017 salary. But the contract, a copy of which PFT has obtained, contemplates the voiding of the guarantees for a variety of reasons.

If Manziel is suspended by the NFL (under any policy) or the team (including a suspension for conduct detrimental to the club), the guarantees go away. Also, if he “fails or refuses to report, practice or play” or “leaves Club without is prior written consent,” the guarantees go away. (Late last year, he reportedly failed to show up for treatment while in the concussion protocol.) Likewise, the guarantees are null and void if Manziel specifically is terminated for a reason other than skill, injury, or salary cap.

Manziel’s decisions and lifestyle would make him unsympathetic in connection with any grievance aimed at recovering the guaranteed money. Given that his agent fired Manziel in the days before the Super Bowl, there’s a chance Manziel wouldn’t dot the i’s and/or cross the t’s necessary to pursue his rights.

Either way, the Browns have a good chance to avoid throwing bad money after bad, cutting Manziel off while cutting him from the roster. Even if the Browns would eventually lose the fight, why not give it a try? Based on his behavior, most fans would support the effort.

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  1. Bigger bust than Jamarcus who at least showed up even if unmotivated and overweight. This guy doesn’t even bother to do that.

  2. But Schefter says they’re not cutting him right away. Better listen to him or he will probably disclose your medical records.

  3. Another Johnny Paycheck. Don’t go away mad…just go away. Browns need to cut him already and move on.

  4. Give up the partying and the booze, Johnny, until AFTER your NFL career is over. Become the potential Sports Legend that lies within you. You got the Heisman Ring… now go and get that Super Bowl Ring, dude.

  5. How does any player on the Browns take this organization seriously when every other Browns news is “Browns QB Billy Manziel was seen getting drunk again….”? Isn’t it long overdue for it to be “Former Browns QB?” Management needs to change some parameters on their Analytics machine.

  6. I would cut him and withhold as much as possible. His own actions seem to have been enough to void the guarantees. The Browns and the NFL need to send a message to the guys that think they are owed free money. Act like an entitled turd or don’t do what you are supposed to and lose that big windfall. I doubt it will change Manziel because he has family money but the next wannabe might be put on notice

  7. Don’t forget that Gil Brandt rated Johnny Manziel the #1 player in the Draft and considered him a high character guy. The so-called experts are not always right.

  8. I bet Johnny Goofball was counting on that money to party on for the next year until he found another team dumb enough to throw money away on his worthless carcass.

  9. Wednesday, March 9th will be a great day for Browns fans.
    Personally, I can’t wait to hear the flushing sound clear across Lake Erie!!
    The Browns owe this turd zilch and I hope they don’t give him a nickel on the way out the door.
    What a sorry excuse for an NFL quarterback!!

  10. The only supporters that Johnny has at this point are from either Texas or Texas A&M. He doesn’t want to work, and if you look at his history he never did.

    People at A&M were angry he didn’t show for summer practices and never showed the commitment. He got kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy. I hope the Browns strip Johnny of that guarantee and leave him high and dry. Maybe that will clean him up, maybe not, but he clearly doesn’t look like he gives a damn now so what we have been doing isn’t working.

  11. Wouldn’t it make sense to wait until the league takes some action? If he is officially suspended(and he will be), then the contract really is voided then. Now, there is sort of a gray area.

  12. It is definitely the interest of his former agent to press the issue on the guarantees, since the negotiating agent is still entitled to a cut of the contract that he negotiated – even if he no longer represents the player who signed the contract. That’s a lot of money to just leave on the table – for the player and the negotiating agent.

  13. Let’s say the league suspends him for a year…when you put all the problems together it could happen…the Browns could hang onto his rights with out paying a cent since he is suspended…..that way if he comes back and has found the help he needs there may be a low round draft choice in a year… right now they get nothing

  14. The Browns have said that he completed the concussion protocol so that’s not a valid reason. Since the Dallas police couldn’t come up with any evidence on which to charge him, it’s doubtful the NFL will be able to come up with enough to suspend him. Remember that other NFL players who were suspended for domestic violence had evidence against them, including video in Rice’s case. All that’s out there about Manziel are the claims made by Crowley, who had been drinking that night (Manziel was not with her) before she went to his room and accosted him.

  15. Look for him in NE. Cleaning up his act and taking the mantle from TB in next few years! You heard it hear first!!…..LOL

  16. Quoting ariani1985:

    “Big John Football will be talking snaps in green Bay next year! Heard it here first folks!”

    You’re exactly right. “Talking” snaps is all he’s qualified to do, just like talking about respecting himself and his teammates is all he ever does.

    Action is where he fails miserably at football and being a man.

  17. godofwine, you are spot on about this moron never working hard even in college.

    He couldn’t even learn the puny college playbook, much less master an NFL system.

    He didn’t even have to attend class; they pretended he actually did his “online” assignments and tests.

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