Bears bring cornerback Tracy Porter back for three years


Tracy Porter played for next to nothing last year, but responded with a solid season. He was just rewarded.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Bears have kept veteran cornerback Tracy Porter.

Porter couldn’t sign prior to the start of the league year, since he played last year on a veteran minimum benefit deal. But the 29-year-old Porter played well enough to make the Bears want to keep him.

And he was ready to bear down on a new three-year deal, and stay in one place after bouncing through Washington, Oakland and Denver the previous three seasons.

7 responses to “Bears bring cornerback Tracy Porter back for three years

  1. This is a move they had to make. Kyle Fuller has not given any indication he will ever develop into the #1 CB he was drafted to be so they’re need a veteran they can count on back there until that situation shakes itself out and/or Pace can bring some other good young guns on board.

  2. Exactly how it needs to go….Trevathan, re sign Porter, OL…. Now sign T Gipson, and a DL, and re sign Miller. Allows Pace to stick to BPA in the draft. If they can find a partner for Bennett and get a 10th pick, I think Pace and HIS scouts in their true first draft, fully prepared, can build this into a playoff caliber team.

  3. I haven’t seen numbers reported on the deal other than Porter’s but I would be shocked if either Trevathan or Massie are getting more than $7.5M a year. Which should still leave Pace with plenty in the kitty to reel in either a starting caliber 5-Technique or safety and hopefully re-sign Zach Miller. At which point it’s pretty much BPA right down the line on draft day as it should be.

  4. Kudos to the Saints Super Bowl and NFC Title hero. No question, he made the two biggest plays, by far and away, in franchise history. Too bad he’s not with them now, because they sure could have used him last year.

    “Favre back to pass…he pumps…it’s intercepted…I can’t believe what I’m seeing here…” Vikings radio play-by-play announcer at the end of regulation during the 2009 NFC Title game.

    Thanks, Tracy!!!

  5. I thought Porter was older; seems like he’s been around the league for quite awhile. Fuller may have to eventually be moved to Safety.

  6. The lack of talent in the rest of the Bears secondary last year made Porter look all that much better. He should take those bums out to dinner.

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