Bengals hold onto Adam Jones

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Cornerback Adam Jones generated interest from several teams this week, but when it came time to sign a contract he opted to stay where he’s been since 2010.

Jones announced that he’s signed a three-year deal to remain with the Bengals and the team has confirmed it. The Bengals also re-signed safety George Iloka on Wednesday, although they lost wide receiver Marvin Jones to the Lions and it looks like wideout Mohamed Sanu is going to sign with the Falcons.

Jones is coming off an excellent season for the Bengals that saw him make 62 tackles and intercept three passes while making 13 starts. The season ended on a major down note as Jones drew a penalty late in the team’s playoff game against the Steelers that handed Pittsburgh 15 yards that they used to kick the game-winning field goal.

During an appearance on PFT Live this month, Jones vowed never to lose his cool again. The Bengals are betting that he won’t and that the strong play he’s turned in for them of late will continue well beyond this season.

39 responses to “Bengals hold onto Adam Jones

  1. So much for the Vikings stealing all the Bengals players.

    I don’t know if he’s trying to respect his old team or what but we haven’t signed a single impact player from them.

  2. He had a great year but as a fan of this team I have to wonder if they will ever learn that guys like this cost you eventually. Look back no farther than the disaster meltdown loss to the Steelers.

  3. Smartest move he “ever” made, and I am not even a Bengals fan. Say that because, why go somewhere where expectations are so much higher than Cincy, when you’re an aging DB-PR??

  4. Except he sort of owns Antonio Brown…
    Steelers fans are happy to hear this !!!

  5. Adam is a helluva player, the haters know it too. This guy has churned out solid season after solid season with the bengals and has turned his life around. It goes to show you what happens when talent meets opportunity.

  6. Super talented football player — thus the widespread interest. Good re-sign by Cincy.

  7. pbeddoe says:
    Mar 9, 2016 7:27 PM

    Good place for him and the rest of the trash on that dumpster fire.


    Speaking of trash, are Mike Mitchell, David DeCastro and Cody Wallace still on the Steelers?

  8. I figured the Steeler trolls would be all over this. While Adam Jones and Vontaze Burfict DID have a hand in the
    Bengals loss to the Steelers in the playoffs, lets not forget
    if Hill doesn’t fumble, none of that would have happened.

    What have the Steelers done in free agency that’s so great!?
    Resign Golden? lol Resign Heyward-Bey? Possibly sign
    Ladarius Green? The Chargers opted to resign Antonio Gates over Green. Gates is like 50 years old and Green still relatively young.

  9. Happy for them. Really happy.
    The guy is a POS and I sure didn’t want him here in Oakland.
    Glad it can’t happen.

  10. Good player…..disgusting person. He will probably watch dancing with the stars and tweet that he knew Antonio brown was faking otherwise he would not be able to do the cha cha. Fool.

  11. He was a probowl.corner. Alternate but listed in the top 5 for production. Anytime he returns the ball the other team holds their breath.

    So anyone who obviously doesn’t know him should keep their mouth shut.

    Pittsburgh fans, I’m talking directly to you.

    Don’t be so mad. It is what it is between or two teams.

    And yeah, we will see you next year.

  12. Think they would have been better off with a 2yr deal on him with an optional 3rd. I wouldn’t have been mad at him if he signed with Miami (he needs the extra $$$ to pay fines etc). But I’m glad to have him back. Love his competitiveness, heart and instincts.

  13. With the baggage he brings, no GM was going to pay a premium to bring him over. If he didn’t have all that garbage in his past he could have cashed in much bigger but that’s how things work out sometimes.

  14. Pacman can ball. He has heart and instincts that are both good and bad. He has turned his career around and lives life better from what I can tell. He’s getting older but he still is a threat and makes the game exciting.

    /broncos fan

  15. Laugh all you want! Cincy will take him. Love his fire and loyalty to Cincinnati!

  16. As a WVU grad, congrats to Pacman.

    He’s grown as a person and thats the #1 goal in life. He’s also a pretty good CB.

    Joey Porter was his typical self & Pacman to him to get off the field his playing days are over. Stiller fans can get mad at that if they want, but its the truth. Burfict well he’s a clown.

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