Browns yank offer to Mitchell Schwartz


As the Browns prepare to lose center Alex Mack to the Falcons, another starting offensive lineman could be heading out the door.

Per multiple sources, the Browns have yanked their offer to offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz.

As one source explained it, the Browns possibly are posturing. Others think that the team is calling the bluff of Schwartz’s representatives, who may be trying to create a market that may not be there.

If there is a market elsewhere, it will soon manifest itself. Especially if there’s currently no opportunity for Schwartz to return to Cleveland.

41 responses to “Browns yank offer to Mitchell Schwartz

  1. Or perhaps the Browns are trying to create a market that is not there, in Cleveland.

  2. I thought this “new regime” was going to turn things around
    in Cleveland? They have all kinds of cap room and are losing pieces all over the place. Mack is all but gone.
    Same with Travis Benjamin. Now Schwartz too?
    They missed out on Marvin Jones. Maybe they’ll make a
    run at Andre Smith?

  3. Same old Browns. I’m getting too old waiting for them to come back.

    This “Harvard FO” is a fricking joke!

  4. The Browns have like $35+ million under the cap, and the cap tracking site overthecap says they’ve got less than $54 million spent on offense. This is why they lose this guy, Mack and Benjamin on the same day.

    Y’know if a coach sucks, he gets fired. If a player sucks, he gets cut. If the team sucks, the fans get screwed. Shouldn’t it work that way for the owners too? If you’re a crap owner there should be consequences just like for anyone else. Cleveland deserves a better effort from management.

  5. I wonder if Joe Thomas is still excited to be part of this rebuild or if he is wishing he had been traded to the Broncos instead.

  6. They better go after Copernicus at this rate, or keep JFF since their passing game may be the three step drop and run for your life attack.

  7. As a Browns fan I like Mitchell. However, the team was 3 – 13 last year and couldn’t run the ball. Is anyone on our team a “must keep”? You mean we can’t draft someone at RT that could get us above 3 wins? If we keep Schwarts, Mack and Thomas we have over $30M invested in an offensive line. We have Bitonio at LG that is playing lights out and will want his payday next year or the year after as well. Love to keep all the free agents but you have to be smart with the $$ on where you are relative to winning.

  8. Am I the only one that thinks it’s hilarious that Browns fans get cranky about guys on their team leaving as if that person leaving is going to prevent them from going back to the playoff that they haven’t been to for over a decade?

    Yeah my 2005 kia optima was a great car 2 but the new one I just bought will last longer and cost less to maintain. That’s how this whole thing works.

  9. Very interesting that the Vikings were mentioned as a team chasing Schwartz earlier, and they quickly refuted it.

    This looks a lot like the Browns have made a good offer, they’re getting leveraged, and they’re calling the bluff.

    Next we’ll see who blinks………..

  10. Keep seeing comments like “same old Browns.” Kind of funny because these guys have been with the ‘same old Browns’ through the losing seasons! Time to shake things up. Mack wasn’t the same after his injury and Benjamin has talent but is like a saltine cracker, if you are starving that cracker is the best tasting thing you could ever eat…if you aren’t starving then…meh. Schwartz may get another offer somewhere else but he is replaceable. Time for some new blood.

  11. I’m a Niners fan suffering under the incompetent Dud Dork and Baalke. Even I feel sorry for the loyal Browns fans.

  12. Hue Jackson
    Please trade Joe Thomas for the Titans 1st overall pick & 2 2nd rounders (1 next year) and 3rd”joes value is has high T can get he’s only 28/29
    It’s a win/win we get picks Titans get a HOF LT that don’t exactly grow on trees
    we draft tunsil and wentz and start over too young guys too grow with each other
    Maybe even trade Haden see what u can get for him find yaself a younger better Shutdown CB
    Blow it all up
    Please #GoBrowns

  13. There is no such thing as a starting left tackle not drawing interest. With as many teams that have a need for a good solid blind side protector, no way the browns are that stupid to play games with a left tackle, or are they…. Well, I can say for sure that the Ravens are hoping the Browns are that stupid because they are looking at Beachum from the Steelers and Schwartz is considerably better. If the Browns don’t want him the Ravens would be more than happy to sign his paycheck each week next year.

  14. It looks like someone did not input the impact of getting your young QB sacked 250 Times before he turns 25 in their data model.

  15. its the old times up game. per reports they offer 7.5 last night. and his agents said don’t sign it. cant blame the Browns. best guess 22 mil for 3 yrs . 13-15 up front. the bird in the hand.

  16. So the Browns are going to let all these guys go, shaking things up, need new blood, etc. How are you supposed to get better if you let your best players go and draft guys to replace them? At best you’re hoping to break even by drafting guys who turn out to be as good as they were. They need to keep their own top players, and use these draft picks on their areas of weakness, ie skill positions. But oh well, they’ll still sell out the stadium every week. Got to at least hand it to Browns fans for that.

  17. This posturing by the Browns is nonsense!! Mack is gone and if this guy is out the door the team has two big holes to fill. Will only serve to put additional pressure on the QB no matter who he may be.

  18. Schwartz is not quite a turnstile, but he plays on skates as he is easily bull rushed back into the QB’s lap on every play. The same draft a couple of picks later the Bills drafted Cordy Glenn, who I pined for. He was 2nd in the NFL last year in QB pressures allowed, and that’s not a guy I want to be holding on to. Let him go. I heard the offer was $8 million per…fat chance he sees that on the open market.

  19. Heads up pedestrians along Lou Groza Avenue in Berea, Ohio. Don’t get run over by the stampede of players getting the hell out of Cleveland and as far away from the stinking Browns as they can.

    All of the Browns decent free agents are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship and no free agent worth anything is going to want to got to the Browns and suffer years of losing.

    The exception would be some over the hill stiff who wants to pull a Dwayne Bowe move and sucker the Browns into paying outrageous money for a washed up chump. Hey, maybe they can keep Bowe since he was soooooo valuable last year.

    Nothing changes with the Browns. New front office, new coach, same old crap.

  20. It took 4 years for schwartz to become serviceable. He’s going to suck on a new team learning a new scheme. He’s over rated. Mack is a shell of himself after the injury. I’m pretty sure we were close to last in rushing, and the Crow can run if he has even the smallest hole.

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