Chase Daniel deal can be worth up to $36 million


The base value of quarterback Chase Daniel’s deal in Philadelphia over the next three years amounts to $21 million. Per a source with knowledge of the deal, Daniel can earn up to $15 million more in incentives and escalators.

At a minimum, Daniel gets a $6 million signing bonus and a $1 million base salary, fully guaranteed for skill, injury, and cap. Daniel has a $7 million base salary for 2017, $5 million of which is fully guaranteed at signing. In 2017, Daniel has a non-guaranteed base salary of $7 million.

That equates to cap numbers of $3 million in 2016, $9 million in 2017, and $9 million in 2018.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Daniel can earn up to $7.5 million in incentives based on 70 percent playing time and eight wins, nine wins, and a playoff berth with at least 10 wins. He gets the full $7.5 million if the Eagles win at least 10 games each of the next three years, and if they make the playoffs each of the next three years.

Another $3.75 million is available based on passing yards, with the magic number being 3,500. If he does it each of the next three years, he’ll make the full amount. The last $3.75 million comes from throwing at least 19 touchdown passes. Again, if Daniel does it each of the next three years, he gets the full amount.

If Daniel wins the starting job this year, and if he holds it through 2016, he has a good chance of earning the $7.5 million from passing yardage and touchdown passes. Significant team success will be required before the other $7.5 million is earned.

As a practical matter, the Eagles would likely rip up the remainder of the deal and give Daniel a new contract during or after the 2017 season, if he wins the starting job from Sam Bradford and carries it through the second year of Daniel’s deal. Regardless, the terms show that the two sides are at least contemplating the possibility of Daniel securing the job that the Eagles presumably signed Bradford to do.

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  1. Two elite 11 QBs from 2005 intersecting 11 years later, Chase replacing Mark. Wow. Chase has limitations though don’t kid yourself. He cannot hang in and scan deep and pull the trigger deep, his Achilles heel is being Un able to see versus pressure, watch the film of his two starts

  2. Eagles have dumped a hellacious amount of money into the QB position, seems to me.

  3. Philadelphia boos Santa Claus but gives Chase Daniel up to 36 million…

    Why not BOO Chase Daniel and give Santa Claus 36 million?

  4. Those are actually fairly decent numbers for someone who’s fairly familiar with the style of offense coach Pederson wants to instill who is there to push Bradford for the starting spot. Leaves them open to drafting a QB in the top half of the draft and have them sit on the bench to learn from these veterans for at least a year without too much pressure. Philly can cut both next offseason without taking a huge cap hit if need be.

  5. If the eagles dont trade Bradford, while having Daniels at this contract and THEN draft a QB in the 1st I will, like Tiki back in the day, be flabbergasted.

  6. I’ll be very surprised if Bradford is not traded at some point before the start of the season. The under the radar “tank” is on in Philly. And actually, that’s not a bad thing if they can stock-pile draft picks to rebuild quickly. However, hitting on those draft picks will be a different story. Best of luck!

  7. With the injury risk that Bradford is maybe this was also a way to motivate Daniels if he does find himself in a starting role. Or maybe it’s about the potential of trading away Bradford. Seems like Howie is covering all the bases.

  8. Unless… unless… the Eagles are gonna flip Bradford to the Broncos… Denver’s 1st round pick is essentially the top of the 2nd so it’s not that steep of a price really.

  9. If there’s one thing Philly has proven, it’s that they can always find a sucker to trade them for any bad personnel blunders, no matter the contract!

  10. $36M is a lot of money for a career backup. Are we sure Chip Kelly still isn’t making the decisions in Philly?

  11. The funny thing is, they could’ve probably had Goff or Wentz for around $2 mil (whatever the rookie pay scale is) this year and still gotten a better result

  12. Basically replacing Mark Sanchez and his $ while helping get Doug aka Little Andy’s Offense in place a bit faster/smoother. Let’s get a CB(S.Smith KC!) and a WR/OL in FA Draft. Then some lower tier LBs & DB’s

  13. Sanchez’s current two year deal is worth almost 19 mill with incentives.

    This deal is hardly much worse.

    Besides, Bradford is an injury risk.

    Do you want to go into next season with someone who can run Pederson’s offense if (some would say *when*) Bradford gets hurt, or do you want Sanchez in there?

  14. I don’t get this kind of money for guy who “knows the system”. I watched Andy Reid’s system for 14 years. I’m pretty sure I know the system. They already held a press conference for Bradford, if they trade him it has to be for another top ten pick.

  15. One questionable contract only brings Howie superstar status to King. Right now, to get out of two massive contracts of two pedestrian players and move up in the draft- that makes Howie the KING!

  16. Waiting on the other shoe to drop, not only is this too much to pay a clipboard holder but there’s too much guaranteed for a guy that wasn’t exactly having a path beaten to his door.

  17. If you have two qbs then you have none. The eagles have signed three shrubs from buffalo. An obese pass blocking guard who struggles in the run game. An undersized run stuffing safety in a pass first league and a back-up qb for starting qb money. Smartest franchise in the nfl. Just ask them. What can go wrong???????

  18. In related news, he has just applied to have his name legally changed to Chase Manhattan.

  19. If they’re gonna trade Bradford it has to be done by 3/16 cause he is owed 5.5 million for his bonus. I think they will shop him and Cleveland will bite but not a 1st like was allegedly offered last year, but they should be able to fleece Cleveland into thinking he is worth a 2. Philly be stupid not to take that for this piece of human waste. I just can’t fathom wrapping up 26 million into the ab position for one year. Daniels contract is way too generous for a middle of the road backup, something’s up. Bradford would be almost the last piece of sludge leftover from the Kelly era, Matthews would be next. It’s almost like lurid is trying to wash the teams hands of the Kelly era forever, like he is so ashamed of getting bent over by Kelly that he has to erase every trace of his scent.

  20. Kelly is planning on using Bradford as trade bait to move up in the draft and get Mariota! Oh…..wait…..

  21. coltzfan166 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 10:30 PM
    The funny thing is, they could’ve probably had Goff or Wentz for around $2 mil (whatever the rookie pay scale is) this year and still gotten a better result
    bradford and #8 to cleveland for #2.

    re-read this article > 1st yr. salary – 6 million signing bonus , 1 million salary.

  22. I’d actually argue that the terms means the Eagles don’t see him beating out Bradford. Which he has no chance of doing unless Bradford gets hurt.

  23. I had no idea this guy was still in the league. When i read chase Daniel gets $36 million I though maybe there was some linebacker or safety by the same name

  24. It’s not really crazy if you think about it. If he comes in and plays well, he gets paid and you have your full-time starter. If not, pay him $3M to be the backup, then cut him.

  25. No question that Daniel will get playing time, what with Bradford never able to hold up for an entire 16 game season, but I don’t see him getting the kind of playing time necessary for him to make those incentives. Something really strange is going on here.

  26. It’s a manageable contract, but ambitious for a guy with 2 NFL starts in his career. Proof that Pederson has a lot more influence over these decisions than previously thought.

  27. 7 million a year for a backup quarterback is steep, but it’s a reality of the economics of the game.

  28. draftrobot says:
    Mar 9, 2016 11:02 PM
    This would seem to be the most money one team has spent on two below average QBs at the same time, ever.

    I suspect they’ll be trading Sanchez considering the money teams are throwing out for starters, and backup quarterbacks.

    Look what the Texans gave Brock? Stunning. In 2 years he’ll be unemployed, or a backup for another team.

  29. Chase learned behind one of the best in the business for a few seasons… Drew Brees. Guarantee he’s better than Bradford

  30. Seriously “OverPaid”. He had about 6 snaps last season. The Chiefs lost nothing here.

  31. Chase was excellent insurance policy in case Alex Smith became injured.

    He’s basically a younger, shorter, faster version of Alex Smith.

    He can throw all the passes necessary to succeed in the NFL. If he’s an inch shorter height-wise than Brees, I’d be surprised.

    I know that I would feel more comfortable with him as KC’s 2nd string QB instead of the two young unproven dudes Reid has on his roster.

    Good get by Philly, even though their coach was courting Chase two weeks ago.

    Now let’s see Goodell penalize them similarly for tampering, and Miami for Suh and all the other teams who talk to players in the, ahem… no-tampering-tampering-window after the Super Bowl til the start of free-agency.

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