Colt McCoy stays in Washington

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Colt McCoy will remain in Washington to back up Kirk Cousins.

McCoy, the veteran backup quarterback who was slated to become a free agent today, has instead re-signed with Washington, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The team’s three-ring circus at the quarterback position in 2014 ended up with McCoy actually out-playing both Cousins and Robert Griffin III. But last year it was Cousins who got the nod, and with a nearly $20 million salary this year, Cousins will obviously remain the starter. McCoy will back him up, while Griffin will look for work elsewhere.

McCoy’s decision to sign with Washington strongly suggests that no team showed any interest in letting him compete for a starting job. He’s a backup, but as a backup who has shown he can play well in coach Jay Gruden’s offense, he’ll be a valuable player in Washington.

23 responses to “Colt McCoy stays in Washington

  1. Sounds like McCoy is afraid to compete. We see this time and time again with mediocre players.

  2. Still trying to find the original use of the term “clipboard Jesus”.

  3. A win-win for both McCoy and the Skins. Funny to think that had Cleveland kept McCoy, he would’ve been their best QB these past few years.

  4. “Still trying to find the original use of the term “clipboard Jesus””

    It referred to Charlie Whitehurst and his hair/beard combo while standing on the sidelines of the Chargers/Titans/11 other teams he’s been a back up for.

  5. Do you realize that there is a state named Washington? Colt McCoy does not play for the Seattle team…

    Evidently, he doesn’t ‘play’ for the Washington DC team either.

    We can conclude that McCoy has decided to accept himself as a backup caliber QB.

  6. RGme resigned with the REDSKINS as water boy. He has done so well the last couple of seasons, in that position that they decided to go all in and keep him!! Subway is not happy about this decision!!

  7. I still hate that the front office and Holmgren chose Weeden over McCoy in Cleveland. Dude played well considering the garbage he had on offense. Get paid man.

  8. Nice signing by Washington. As we’ve seen time and again in the NFL, you need a solid backup QB. Colt may not be a world beater, but he’s definitely a quality # 2.

  9. He listened to Dirty Harry’s advice; “A mans got to know his limitations.” And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  10. As a Redskins fan I am very happy with this. Cousins will have another great year after a full OTA and camp as starter, and we have an effective backup QB. Some teams don’t have a single QB that can run their offense. HTTR!

  11. We’ll still be reading about Colt McCoy signing contracts to back up various QBs 10 years from now. Not a bad way to make a living, and when he’s 45 he’ll still be healthy enough to pick up his kids and sharp enough to remember their names.

    Could be worse.

  12. Colt McCoy will start at least 1 game by Week 8.

    Take it to the bank (I don’t know what you would do with a sports prediction at a local financial institution, but it’s just something you say.)

  13. Unless you’re psychic, I don’t think it indicates anything of the kind. The idea that no one else was interested in him is ludicrous, considering the way he’s played the last couple of years when given an opportunity and the teams who need a QB. He likes it in DC. He has a home in Virginia, he likes his coaches and teammates, and he’s comfortable in their system. He had other options last season. There’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t have had interest from other teams this season.

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