Dolphins release Brent Grimes

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When word of the Dolphins’ trade with the Eagles for cornerback Byron Maxwell first broke this week, it was followed in short order by a report that Miami would release cornerback Brent Grimes.

The trade got put on hold for a while Wednesday thanks to some concerns about Maxwell’s shoulder, raising the question of whether the Dolphins would go through with their plans to part ways with Grimes. The Dolphins ultimately approved Maxwell’s physical and the trade, however, and that means everything else is going according to plan.

The Dolphins confirmed that by releasing Grimes seconds after the start of the new league year.

Grimes started all 47 games he played in three years with Miami, intercepting 13 passes and getting selected to the Pro Bowl after each season. His play was shakier in 2015 than it was in his first two years with the club, but the overall body of work was good and an argument could be made that he’s a better bet than Maxwell to play well in 2016.

That’s mitigated a bit by frequent issues between Grimes’ wife Miko and the Dolphins, but Grimes shouldn’t have too hard a time finding another job if on-field work is the prime concern.

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  1. Brents play started to drop off and he got burned by bigger recvrs last year, so when you couple his age, contract, loss of skill with his low class big mouth wife its addition by subtraction.

  2. TY for your time here and good luck ahead BG. I heard Packman is in Mia..I hope that’s true and he signs.

  3. Miko was the cause of all his problems last season. Thank god she’s out of the way now, and if Brent had any sense he’d dump her too. She’s a waste of space and trouble and it won’t change. Good luck to the club that signs him, because there is trouble heading there with her.

  4. I’m not going to bad mouth Grimes and wish him well, but the real story here is getting Maxwell and Alonso for literally half of what an aging Grimes cost. If they us that money to get Pacman and now can take the # 13 pick and go LB or OL. It seems that most teams feel the CBs after the first 2 don’t matter anyway. MacKenzie and Apple are not Top 10 worthy. I like what the Dolphins are doung here, but letting Lamar wlk for $2M difference was dumb.

  5. Grimes really played well for us those first two years. Last year eh, would’ve liked to see him restructure his contract and stay but not upset to see miko go

  6. Grimes still has the chops to be a decent stopgap CB2 (or CB1 for a really desperate team) but when you add in the Miko Factor, he’s indirectly a team/fan-base cancer that South FL will not miss one bit. He did nothing to stop the problems, still won’t, and likely never will.
    Hopefully this guy wakes up one day and realizes how much money his wife has cost him…

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