Eagles, Rodney McLeod agree to deal

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The Eagles extended the contract of safety Malcolm Jenkins last month and Jenkins said after he signed his new deal that he hoped the team will bring back Walter Thurmond to play alongside him again in 2016.

There hasn’t been any sign that Thurmond will re-sign with the Eagles with the new league year hours away from starting and the Eagles may have already landed their preferred starter. According to multiple reports, the Eagles have agreed to a deal with Rodney McLeod, who started every game for the Rams for the last three seasons.

Assuming McLeod doesn’t have the same change of heart about joining the Eagles that running back Frank Gore experienced last year, he’ll be signing a five-year deal worth up to $37 million that includes $17 million in guarantees. Jenkins stands to make $40.5 million over the same span under the terms of his new contract.

McLeod had 82 tackles, three forced fumbles and an interception for the Rams last season. His departure would make it two starters gone from the secondary as the Rams make their way to Los Angeles, but they did use the franchise tag to hold onto Trumaine Johnson.

17 responses to “Eagles, Rodney McLeod agree to deal

  1. Great signing, only 25 years old and started every game the last 3 years. Love the signing of guys entering their prime.

  2. I am rarely excited by free agent signings, but this kid has seemingly gotten better each year in the NFL.

    While I’m also not keen on taking PFF’s rankings as gospel, they did rank McLeod as one of the 10 best safeties in the NFL last season.

    Somewhat surprising that the Eagles were able to snag him considering the pressing need at safety for teams like the Giants and the Ravens.

  3. don’t know much about him other than reputation as a hitter, which Schwartz wanted. Any rams fans that can enlighten me to what they thought of his play the last couple years?

  4. I thought he would have been a great option “B” for the Raiders if we could not sign Weddle, but now I am thinking Weddle is coming to the Raiders. (Somebody needs to take C-Wood spot, and the draft does not appear to have a FS you can just plug and play…maybe Vonn Bell, buts that about it.

    I think the Eagles got a talented kid who is only 25……but they paid they price…I think now he is top 5 in the league for compensation. I am hoping the Raiders can sign Weddle for around 5 million

  5. Nice job eagles. Was hoping we could pair him with Landon Collins, DRC and his former teammate Janoris.

  6. So now they have Rodney McLeod, McLeod Bethel-Thompson, and Leodis McKelvin on the team. Any chance they’re just hoping to confuse other teams with these signings?

  7. @ chaser44

    Well he’s grown from an UDFA to an above average player.

    First couple years there were some communication breakdowns that led to a lot of big plays. But the Rams kept the same supporting cast and defensive scheme and he benefited big time.

    He doesn’t force many turnovers, but effort and heart won’t be a problem. Easy guy to like.

  8. Ram fan here. McLeod is solid. We wanted him back. Interesting how Ram players were dirty last year, but now they’re just hard hitting. LOL.

  9. thatdude1j8 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 1:13 PM
    How can people say we overpaid??? He got only 17M guaranteed thats nothing for a good young player who has STARTED every game

    – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – –

    Well in my humble opinion I would have to say if you got the 5th most guaranteed money for your position in the nfl, and you are in the top 5 avg per yr for a FS in the NFL, one would have to think”You Got Paid”. Not to take anything away from him or Malek Jackson. Take the money.

  10. Admittedly I have not been a fan of bean-counter personnel management, but I must admit I am somewhat awed that Roseman appears to have been able to take out Chip’s trash and essentially rectify his decimation in only a few days.

    There must be a good synergy developing between Roseman and the new staff, which seems to be driving moves that appear to make both football and business sense. Never really had that sense with Chip at the controls, and the quick fix is refreshing and a pleasant surprise.

  11. Below average to average signing for the Eagles, but terrible decision by the Rams to let him walk. The Rams D asked him to do a ton of stuff and he fared pretty well. Bringing in a new face to fill his spot is a scary proposition. It took years for McLeod to get it down and minimize mistakes; it was a huge investment that was just starting to pay off. Now the process starts over. LA is going to see a lot of deep balls hitting wide open receivers.

  12. So far seems decent. Got Brooks from Houston to plug in as RG starter. Now draft other starter on OL, maybe pick up another OL depth FA guy and should be ok to roll for ’16.

    Just need to figure out who other CB is.

  13. kfoyo808 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 3:45 PM
    So far seems decent. Got Brooks from Houston to plug in as RG starter. Now draft other starter on OL, maybe pick up another OL depth FA guy and should be ok to roll for ’16.

    Just need to figure out who other CB is.

    I say Howies gotta bring back Nolan Carrol!

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