Eagles sign ex-Bills Nigel Bradham, Ron Brooks


The Eagles are bringing in a linebacker who knows their defense.

Nigel Bradham, who has spent his first four NFL seasons with the Bills, has signed with the Eagles, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Bradham had his best season in 2014, when Jim Schwartz was the Bills’ defensive coordinator. Schwartz is now the defensive coordinator of the Eagles.

A 2012 fourth-round pick out of Florida State, Bradham started 38 games for the Bills in four seasons, including 11 games last season.

UPDATE 7:33 p.m. ET: Schwartz is getting the band back together, as the Eagles have also signed former Bills cornerback Ron Brooks.

14 responses to “Eagles sign ex-Bills Nigel Bradham, Ron Brooks

  1. Sad to say don’t blame Nigel. I have been a strong advocate for Schwartz to have been hired in Buffalo instead of Rex. Schwartz proved game after game his style of defense was a nightmare to prepare for and then even more difficult to find any rhythm.

    You Eagles fan are going to be going crazy this year with this mastermind. Especially that guy from YouTube that just lost it every game on Chip Kelley

  2. I find it very interesting and telling that with all the former Bills the Eagles have signed on defense, they had no interest in Mario Williams. Tells you what Schwartz thinks of how important he was to the success of the defense.

  3. He’ll play 3 games this year …if Philly fans get lucky. Darn good player just couldn’t stay on field. Strange Schwartz didn’t want Kiko Alonso…his knee must be really bad. Too bad. And ss for Ron Brooks, he gets burned for game winning TDs like it’s his job.

  4. It is great signing people who know systems but is this system a winning system . What has Schwartz ever won? Philly loves mediocrity.

  5. Schwartz knows how to use these guys, look for a couple of more to make their way to Philly. Rex takes a cordless drill and uses it as a hammer then complains the drill doesn’t know his system.
    Best of Luck to All.

  6. This is for Chriskap11 You’re from Buffalo like my name is Donald Trump I can spot an Eagles fan from 1500 miles away. However Nice try ha ha Ha

  7. by the way that was more or less Rex using the wrong system. And Schwarz using the right system for the players he had . You’re forgetting the most important thing though Schwarz had 4 pro bowl players on that defensive line. And the Philadelphia eagles don’t!!! BIG DIFFERENCE

  8. 10-12 sack guy….yikes…nice to have optimism I guess… Carrer high 2 sacks…not a pass rushing ŁB..more of a blitzer…..and seeing how Schwartz rarely blitzes he’ll be lucky to get 5 sacks…to sum up Philly got a semi-solid nickel corner…and great special team gunneR in brooks and a linebacker that anyone who’s watched him really know what he is…could be a really solid player or just a super talented potential draft steal that never panned out….nothing really to see here…just Philly fans trying to save face on that McCoy trade that worked out sooooo good for the Eagles….lol….

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