Four teams pursue C.J. Anderson early


Running back C.J. Anderson is quickly drawing interest on the restricted free agency market.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Patriots, Dolphins, 49ers, and Bears already have expressed interest in man who currently is the best tailback on the Denver roster.

The Broncos tendered Anderson at the lowest level, giving them only a right to match any offer Anderson signs elsewhere.

If a team signs Anderson to an offer sheet, the Broncos will have five days to match. If they don’t, Anderson will change teams — and the Broncos will get no compensation.

The Dolphins make sense because they’ve lost Lamar Miller, and because Anderson played for coach Adam Gase when Gase ran the Denver offense. The Bears make sense because coach John Fox was Anderson’s first coach in Denver. The Patriots make sense because quarterback Tom Brady has praised Anderson, who has fought and worked his way to relevance as an undrafted guy — and possibly because Anderson delivered an overtime dagger to the Patriots in the regular season last November.

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  1. Pretty sure the only reason the Bears are reported in that mix is the John Fox connection. The Bears have a lot of holes to fill but RB is not one of them.

  2. The ring or the money?
    Of the four teams listed, only NE fits the bill as a title contender in ’16. But teams in state tax free states always have an allure because players bank significantly more coin…….plus Miami has the bikini advantage not found in Denver.
    Unlikely Belichick offers the biggest contract considering what other FA RBs are scooping up today

  3. Interesting group of teams. Not a big need in Chicago, not typically a big paycheck for RB’s in NE. The Niners are a dumpster fire but he’s a young guy so that may not matter to him. Miami has the need and is usually willing to spend but they weren’t willing to spend for Miller

  4. The Bears make sense. The Dolphins are fine at RB with Ajayi and can spend a late rounder in the Draft. They need OL in FA. The Patriots is a committee in Cheatriot town and they play one week and ride the bench the next. No RB wants to play for Belicheat.

  5. Let him go if he wants to go thanks for the super bowl but gary knows hb and Elway know qb and Brock wasn’t the answer and it’s gonna be a total different offense for the broncos # time for the band wagonn jumpers to jump off now #303 native

  6. Unfortunately for all of us, no matter where he plays, he’s got two good years left. Smallish, takes a beating…

    And as a fan of the World Champion Denver Broncos, I thank him for a great run in Denver and for 90 freaking yards in The Super Bowl!

  7. This front office is setting themselves to be fired, they must have been given an ultimatum by S. Ross, that’s the only thing that makes sense for this kind of willy nilly type spending for some questionable/older players, and doing so on one side of the ball is eerily reminiscent of the Speilman and Wanny days.

    Unless the game plan is to use entire draft on Offense then these guys should be canned. Miami has huge holes at OL, TE, and now RB.

    Take into account the trades didn’t involve Philly paying any of the $$ and Miami now moving down in the 1st rd. I thought was with all the spending and trades and letting Miller walk that the RB out of Ohio State was a lock for the 8th overall pick, but moving down the 13 means OL and RB’s are now off the board.

  8. Bears have Langford – not worth blowing a wad of free agency cash here when you have a decent prospect at a low wage in your stables already.

    I’ve loved CJ since I had him in fantasy 2 seasons back. I think he has a lot of talent and will produce for whatever team lands him. Go get paid, young man!

  9. Catch him on a good week and he looks awesome. But those weeks have been few and far between. The 167 and 168 yard efforts in 2014 were his only 100-yard games that whole season. This past season he was sitting at 2.5 yards per carry through 6 games and was held to under 50 yards 10 times.

  10. He got the ring under a minimum contract. Now it’s time to get paid and take care of his future.

  11. I’m surprised to not see anyone mentioning that Kubiak hardly played this guy. His go to guy was Ronnie Hillman! I didn’t get it then and still don’t get it now. Oh well, they won it all anyway. Let’s see how good a coach Kubiak is with the losses they’re suffering. I don’t blame C.J. for getting out of there frankly…

  12. Too bad y’all! Denver has plenty of money to keep their restricted free agents now that we didn’t overpay for an unknown QB commodity.

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