Janoris Jenkins expected to sign with the Giants

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One of the best cornerbacks available in free agency appears set to choose New York over Los Angeles.

Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins is poised to sign with the Giants, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported and a source confirmed to PFT.

The Rams had interest in keeping Jenkins, although doing so would have been expensive, and perhaps too expensive after cornerback Trumaine Johnson signed his $14 million franchise tender.

Jenkins has been a starter in all four of his seasons since the Rams drafted him in 2012, and now he’ll be the No. 1 cornerback for the Giants.

36 responses to “Janoris Jenkins expected to sign with the Giants

  1. Good pickup, have to see the contract details since this signing has two hands but fans won’t be complaining about physicality and ball skills like they were with prince

  2. Great pickup for the G-Men. It also helps them be more flexible in the rest of free agency and in the draft

  3. I remember him having some red flags attached in the draft due to off field/lifestyle stuff. Good on him for not carrying that over into his career with the Rams and now he gets to reap the benefits. Talent has never been in question with this guy. He is a huge upgrade over anyone the Giants have put back there at CB in recent years.

  4. …gasp, but I thought he was going to sign with the rams yesterday (There’s a building buzz in league circles that Jenkins will ultimately remain with the Rams, keeping him in place for at least another year with fellow cornerback Trumaine Johnson, who has received (and accepted) the franchise tag.)…phooey, I going back to my ouija board to see who signs with whom…

  5. jag1959 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 7:49 AM

    How very un-Reese like. Maybe things are looking up

    These things become more probable to happen when your seat is nearly on fire…

  6. That dude used to catch Cotton Tails (the fastest rabbits) by hand (on foot) in the poor farm town he grew up in. The farmers would burn all the sugar cane fields after harvest, and all the neighborhood kids would chase down the rabbits and sell them roadside. You had to be the absolute fastest to catch the Cotton Tails, though; and he did! Very cool story.

  7. jimmyt says:
    Mar 9, 2016 7:42 AM

    Fished and Sneeds best draft pick – gone.

    Ummm…Aaron Donald? Todd Gurley?

  8. Giants are accumulating young play-makers on both side of the ball. I expect they will be a tough out this year. I hate em but they are going to be competitive.

  9. Schefter said it is 13 million per year. Per year!! That’s insane. I’m glad the Vikings are not going to be doing deals like that.

  10. Bites on the double moves like Homer taking out donuts. Stepped up for his contract season and improved in that area but still doesn’t play well with the safeties – often blaming them when he gets caught out of position. E.J Gaines will be back from injury and is the more steady player and should have beat Jenkins out anyway so no real loss other than depth.

  11. jimmyt says:
    Mar 9, 2016 7:42 AM

    Fished and Sneeds best draft pick – gone.


    Errr….you take the time to wonder why the Rams put the tag on the corner playing on the OTHER side and not Jenkins?

  12. Hope this turns out not to be true…but ultimately it really would’ve been a luxury (and probably not the best use of cap room) to keep both Johnson and Jenkins. We have Gaines coming back and we didn’t miss a beat when Roberson played this season.

  13. Free agency usually hurts the team losing the player more than it helps the team signing the player. The Rams are going to be part of something very special with the return to Los Angeles. It is Jenkins loss.

    I hope Tavon Austin torches Jenkins for three TD’s when the Rams face the Giants in London this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. It seems like the Rams are losing much more than they are gaining in free agency. Is the relocation fee and the stadium cost making Kroenke strapped???

    They need to work to put forth the very best product (team) possible. Come on Rams, start doing something!!!!!!!!

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