League picked a strange time to announce punishment of Chiefs

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The new league year opened on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. ET. Within two hours, the NFL had issued a statement announcing the imposition of penalties against the Chiefs for violating the rules of the legal tampering period in 2015. Not in 2016, in 2015.

The announcement necessarily got less attention than it otherwise would have, caught in the torrent of signings and other transactions. From that perspective, the acknowledgement of what amounts to cheating by an NFL team will get less attention than it otherwise would have from, for example, Congress or other external bodies that may eventually decide that the NFL and other professional sports leagues need to be governed by an independent agency.

But if the goal of the punishment imposed against the Chiefs was the deterrence of others in 2016 and beyond, why didn’t the NFL announce the punishment before the commencement of this year’s tampering period? The league could have tucked the memo into the late-afternoon hours of Friday, March 4, minimizing the mainstream attention but in turn putting all franchises on notice of the importance of not contacting impending free agents directly.

It’s almost as if the league chose to hold the memo until after the 2016 tampering period in the hopes of catching other teams doing the same thing the Chiefs did in 2015.

So now the question becomes whether another out-of-the-blue announcement of penalties will be issued for violation of the rules of the tampering period in 2016. Maybe the memo will be issued next March, in the hours after the 2017 league year begins.

18 responses to “League picked a strange time to announce punishment of Chiefs

  1. This is Goodell’s master plan to field a team in London. He now has a 1st and 3rd in 2016 and a 4th and 6th in 2017. He will have a full team together for London by 2021.

  2. Goodell’s NFL likes the gotcha atmosphere. Sometimes they make a federal case when they don’t gotcha. I suppose when u have money to burn, who cares whose rep u destroy in the process.

    Which draft pick did Goodell take from Woody’s Jets? Oh yeah, none, his team is next door to the league office.

  3. I have a feeling Goodell dresses up in a weird outfit once a month, is around some sort of stimulant at that time, and comes up with a new policy/punishment.

    Then makes it so.

    This has public relations release all over it and coincidently, that’s his area of expertise.

    I’m tired (and we all should be embarrassed) by the person in charge of running the NFL being a moron.

    Go Pats!

  4. Gotta get those Jags to London. Anything to help them look sellable to London investors.

    But, this is also another Dranconian move by Goodell which should alert the appeal judges in the Deflatgate witch hunt appeal to why Brady won in court in Sept.

    A crazed, lying lunatic like Goodell should be in jail.

  5. So, are the masses gonna scream “CHEATER” at KC or are they gonna say “hey, wait a minute, this aint right. What about what the Jets did?”

  6. How come if it’s tampering and the Chiefs lose picks… why don’t the Eagles (the team tampered with) gain those picks?

  7. How come if it’s tampering and the Chiefs lose picks… why don’t the Eagles (the team tampered with) gain those picks?
    My guess is because that was before, and this is now.

  8. To those claiming that the Eagles are the aggrieved party here: didn’t they just tamper with the Chiefs to get their head coach by announcing Pederson before the Chiefs were out of the playoffs? If the Eagles get the Chiefs’ forfeited draft picks this year, do the Eagles lose them next year and give them back to the Chiefs?

  9. Once again, the NFL acts in a fashion without strict guidelines defining what punishments are associated with which crimes. The concept of sentencing guidelines is completely foreign to them. Every rule violation seems to get a new penalty fresh out of the blue.
    Andy Reid should have followed Woody Johnson’s lead and tampered through the media. Apparently that’s considered more acceptable. Or maybe it’s the identity of the accused that really matters. Or, even worse, the identity of the aggrieved party.
    Fact is that everything the Patriots have been punished for is also something the Jets have also done, without getting anywhere near the level of punishment. Videotaping signals? Check. Tampering with footballs? Check. But the Patriots have never even been accused of tampering.
    Why it’s almost like the former Jets’ executives working at the league office, itself located in New York, want to ensure their preferred team not face the same level of justice as other teams do. But the team that keeps winning their division must be repeatedly knee-capped and villified by the national media.
    The NFL is begging for a RICO investigation.

  10. Disappointing. I’m getting the same feeling I had as a child when I realized professional wrestling was fake.

    The league is inching ever closer to illegitimacy.

  11. I agree with whisperd. If the objective was to scare all of the teams, then the time to make an example was with the Jets. We all know why that didn’t happen. Some day the rest of the owners are going to wake up and see that the manipulation in the league office is a colossal threat to the “integrity of the game”.

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