Osweiler gets $18M a year from Texans, Broncos offered $16M


Brock Osweiler followed the money when he left Denver for Houston.

According to multiple reports, Osweiler’s contract with the Texans will pay him about $18 million a year. The Broncos were offering about $16 million a year.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Osweiler’s deal with the Texans is a four-year, $72 million contract, or an average of $18 million a year.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports that the Broncos’ offer was $16 million a year, with more than $30 million guaranteed.

And so Osweiler is getting paid in the same range as Sam Bradford in Philadelphia, and the Broncos didn’t think he was worth that much. Although $18 million a year sounds like a lot of money to most of us, it’s the going rate for a second-tier starter in the NFL these days, and Osweiler will get the going rate.

120 responses to “Osweiler gets $18M a year from Texans, Broncos offered $16M

  1. RGIII is way better. This is a case of Osweiler passing the Brown paper bag test. (He’s lighter than the shade of the bag.)

    RGIII will show you all. I’m sad he left the Redskins and we are left with that loser Cousins.

  2. BWHAHAHAHAHA! Good luck with that Texans!

    Never get into a bidding war with losing franchises, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. Pay what they are worth and not more is the key to championships.

  3. Nice job H-town. Get this guy out of my division so we can get back on top. 4th place schedule and a new deep threat with great picks in the draft can easily mean a winable division or at least a wc berth. #mallardisscramblingforanewqb

  4. Mediocre QBs making this much?
    Maybe the new CBA should put a ceiling for how much QBs make so the players at other positions could make some decent money.

  5. From all the reports it sounds like he wanted a fresh start and was upset about the benching. If they didn’t bring Manning into the San Diego game, we probably would have lost and history would have changed.

  6. Don’t worry Bronco fan, the Texans will ruin him and he will come crawling back in a couple yrs for pennies on the dollar, to revive his career……I don’t like Elway but you can’t argue with what he has built in Denver, 1-1 in the SB in the last 3 yrs…..so he must have a good plan b

  7. I am sure the money was a big factor, but what about being benched for Peyton prior to playoffs and during? It worked out in the end, but doesn’t mean he was happy staying on the sidelines.

  8. hahaha huh, no oh boy this is getting ridiculous. He wont even be drafted in most fantasy football leagues. Excuse me, im feelin ill……

  9. Jred Goff to San Francisco! They get a redo after passing over another local hero years ago who surprisingly went to the same school (Aaron Rodgers-CAL)…Then Kaepernick to Denver

  10. Reminds me of Scott Mitchell. Congrats to him for setting himself for life. Hope I don’t see him on the biggest Loser in 20 years.

  11. Another QB project for the Texans… They should have held out for someone who is established. Osweiler is still a work in progress,with a long way to go. I don’t see Houston getting far this year…again.

  12. It takes about 2 years to learn and get comfortable in an offense in the NFL these days. He might play terrible in Texas and they may lose faith and drop him after a year or two. He would have been better off staying with Denver, so that he play for years and actually see all the money, instead of being cut after a year or two. But like most athletes, he is probably stupid and short-sighted.

  13. I’ve been following the NFL since 1976 and have learned….that I know nothing about personnel decisions….however..I can’t believe not re-signing Manning AND losing Osweiler in free agency was the plan.

  14. What an idiot.

    Brock must have not wanted to take on the pressure of playing for a defending super bowl championship team. With such a strong defense, it seems that another run to the big game is the expectation. In Houston, anything better than 8-8 will be celebrated.

    Has Peyton scheduled another press conference yet?!?

  15. Just give it like two years. As more and more of these deals roll in, people will realize that the Flacco deal abolutely made sense. It’s called supply and demand.

    PS- Flacco had the highest signing bonus in history for about two days until that honor went to Malik Jackson, who will be far less crucial to his team’s success than any QB would be.

  16. Osweiler is not worth that much money….he’s only have 7 starts……it’s ok we’ll get Kaepernick for lot less and still have money left to bring Bruton back!!

  17. Easy decision. No state income tax. Won’t have to hear the trash from Donkey fans if he didn’t win another Super Bowl. Texans will never win anything either but, it won’t be his fault. Matt Schaub 2.0.

  18. He didn’t want the opportunity to win a Super Bowl? He must still be salty from being benched for Peyton Manning. Jay Cutler 2.0 – big baby

  19. Who is Brock the guy who beats the pats and bengals with no expectation of winning those games? Or the guy who loses to the Raiders at home and was about to lose to the Chargers at home?

  20. Some people have said that Brock was smart to move out of Denver to avoid the pressure of playing in Peyton’s shadow. But signing this contract with the Texans will put SO much more pressure on him that any shadow Peyton leaves him. Hope he can live up to it.

  21. Has a defending Super Bowl champion ever lost BOTH quarterbacks over an offseason before?

    I can see this both ways: A couple million is a pretty small amount to lose your QB over, especially with the total being south of $20 million per year. But Osweiler’s track record is short and was fairly uneven so it’s anybody’s guess if he is worth even what the Broncos were offering.

  22. As others have said, this is the money requirement for a second-tier QB in the NFL. I personally thought he’d be getting closer to $15M, but I’m alright with getting him at $18M. He’s definitely not up there with the elite, but the Texans believe that he can be a very good QB in the NFL. HIs salary would rank behind – Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Big Ben, Eli, Philip Rivers, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Tannehill, Colin Kaepernick, Jay Cutler, and is on par with Tony Romo and Sam Bradford (and realistically Tom Brady is up there too). It’s just slightly more than Matthew Stafford and Alex Smith.

    So he’s being paid as an average NFL QB. This is just the kind of money that it costs these days.

    Great signing by my team. I really love the potential of Osweiler with Lamar Miller and Deandre Hopkins.

  23. With the tax rate in Colorado (and Denver if he lives within the city limits) he would be paying another million in taxes. Texas has no taxes. So now it’s 15 mill give or take vs 18 mill. Who’s going to turn down an additional 3 mill a year or 12 mill for the life of the contract?

  24. Insane? It would be insane to start another season with Hoyer or worse.
    I’d like to be Fitzgerald at this point.

  25. So Denver’s QB options next year:

    Trade for Kap

    Trade for Bradford

    Sign Fitzpatrick as FA

    Draft a QB and pray he can start

    Good luck next year, Broncos. Enjoy the Super Bowl ring.

  26. Stupid move by Brock and/or his agent. I would rather make $2 mil less a year and have a good chance of winning a Super Bowl than go to a perennial 8-8 football team.

  27. Texans believe that he can be a very good QB in the NFL….

    No, you don’t pay $18 mil a year if you believe he can be a good QB. You pay $18 mil if he is a great QB. 7 career starts and mediocre play in four of them by no means constitute a good QB and lucky for him, he had a great defense to avoid losses in those four games.

  28. 12 hours ago, Brock was the future of the franchise, according to broncos fans. now all of a sudden they say he is overrated?


    The dude is the reason the broncos got into the playoffs. remember?!??!?!?! y’all were ready to ship manning out.

  29. axespray says:
    Mar 9, 2016 3:43 PM
    Mediocre QBs making this much?
    Maybe the new CBA should put a ceiling for how much QBs make so the players at other positions could make some decent money.
    The CBA already puts a cap on QB money. It’s called the Franchise tag. Every star QB is tagged and not allowed to find out the true value of a superstar QB on the open market. Once franchised a QB is forced to work with the franchise tag number which is the average of the top 5 QB salaries instead of setting the market.

  30. Now I know for sure my Raiders will sweep the Donks. We split last year so it should be a wrap. Donks are losing players quicker than the Whiners did last year.

  31. “Has a defending Super Bowl champion ever lost BOTH quarterbacks over an offseason before?”

    Trent Dilfer & Tony Banks, after the Ravens won SB 35.

  32. whenwilliteverend says:
    Mar 9, 2016 4:17 PM
    $72M is a lot of money for a largely unproven QB.


    It sure is, but Osweiler has a ton of upside and 24 franchises have almost nothing going for them at QB.

  33. If this doesn’t work out (I don’t see that it will) maybe McNair will finally dump Rick Smith. I really like BO’B, but you gotta give him something besides DeAndre Hopkins.

  34. broncospianoman says:
    Mar 9, 2016 3:45 PM
    Wow is the first thing EVERYONE said when they saw this. Brock was friends with Elway’s son too, that’s going to make for an awkward sleepover.

    Yeah, I forgot about that. Elway’s kid was a backup QB at ASU when Osweiler was there.

  35. Maybe the Texans won’t be as bad as a lot of people think.
    Houston has a good defense, and they upgraded their running game by signing Lamar Miller from the Dolphins.

  36. imo they didnt pay him enough. ridiculous for him to be making less then $cam newton, who his team just beat in the superbowl! really makes u wonder if there isnt something more going here…

  37. I am sure the money was a big factor, but what about being benched for Peyton prior to playoffs and during? It worked out in the end, but doesn’t mean he was happy staying on the sidelines.


    So you are saying that he is leaving Denver because he got his feelings hurt and not because he is getting extra $2 million? Let’s see, Kubiak let Brock in the San Diego game, they lose and are a wild card, do you think that Denver was going three games on the road to win a SB?

  38. This may be the most watch worthy QB situation in the NFL for 2016. It’s literally the least predictable and it’s just as likely to be awesome as awful. Stay tuned.

  39. So he would rather make an extra $2 million a year than contend for championships? Wow. This is what I hate about the NFL. No team loyalty. It’s all about the money. Hope he doesn’t regret that decision when he’s retired (just kidding, I hope he does)

  40. Can you really blame Brock, when it came down to it, they yanked him from the championship team for Peyton.

    The vote of no confidence has already been established by John Elway

  41. Going to Texas will save him at least 600,00 a year in state taxes that will stay in his giant bank account,very smart and financially prudent.

  42. So he would rather make an extra $2 million a year than contend for championships? Wow. This is what I hate about the NFL. No team loyalty. It’s all about the money. Hope he doesn’t regret that decision when he’s retired (just kidding, I hope he does)

    He makes a lot more in Houston when you consider that he’ll pay no income taxes for at least 10 of the 16 games (Houston home games, TEN & JAX away games) each season.

  43. I know that I may get lot of down arrows, but I think that Kaepernick is a good fit for the Broncos. They just need to improve their OL a little bit, and they will be contenders again. They just need to work with Kap, and he may surprise a few doubters.

  44. @coltzfan166
    No team loyalty? What about player loyalty!

    Didn’t your Colts dump Peyton Manning after his neck injury?

  45. Brock Osweiler is a good QB, but don’t be surprised if Trevor Siemian is even better. I don’t recall anyone from Denver saying that the job was Osweiler’s. He was going to come to camp to compete with Siemian and whoever they draft or trade for. Just for kicks, get a hold of the Northwestern vs. Ohio State game when Siemian was a senior. You’ll be smiling if you’re a Broncos fan.

  46. As a rival fan, I want what’s worst for Denver. So it pains me to say that the Broncos are much better off not overpaying what looks like a mediocre-type QB like Osweiler. Especially if they can make a guy like RG3 a successful reclamation project.

  47. This is a buyer beware red flag special.It’s alarming enough the Broncos didn’t offer him a big long term contract however the biggest red flag is they didn’t franchise him. This would have given them one year to sort things out and they felt he wasn’t even worth that.

  48. First, lets hear about how Brees isn’t worth his asking price.

    Next, Fitz to Denver to hold the job down for a year or two. With that defense, and considering the way Manning played last year, he could just be OK and win some games. I don’t know the implications, but with Fitz in place Denver could work the draft for a couple of years, or see how Cousins does this year in DC and maybe go after him next year if he’s worth it. Good move by the Broncos, they just pulled off the same bait and switch that Green Bay managed with Flynn and NE with Cassel. Elway might just know what he’s doing…

  49. You know what this deal is? A coach killer. When Osweiler plays like the Nick Foles clone that he is, it will get O’Brien fired. Which is unfortunate for Texans fans, because he’s a great coach. To go 9-7 twice with the absolute trash they have given him at QB is amazing. With that much guaranteed money, they will fire the coach before they can cut the QB when this all blows up in their faces.

  50. IMHO: As a casual fan of both teams, I hope this works out for both. I realize $18m is a lot of money, but honestly the Texans looked inept at QB for much of last year so I understand the signing. And I worry that Denver will have a tough time finding a ready substitute. Is there any way the NFL can serious about some kind of QB development process? There seems to be a widening gulf between the Haves and Have Nots.

  51. The Texans are going to be the new Bills!

    Bad spending and gonna cost them a long time to get back to the playoffs!

  52. Smart move by the Broncos. They can get 90% of Osweiler’s 2016 production from Ryan Fitzpatrick for 10% of the money, challenge to repeat as SB Champs because their defense will still be great, and reassess their options next winter.

    That’s why teams like the Broncos are consistently competitive and teams like the Texans aren’t.

  53. As John is really saying – it’s a business. Brock’s agent was smart enough to realize that. $6million can go a long way in retirement.

    Elway wasn’t going to paint Brock’s house for him. There was no loyalty on either side.

    Though I hate to see ANYONE end up in the swamp that is Houston.

    Good luck kid.

  54. This is why I am getting to hate sports! When I was a kid I saw our defensive end doing summer Road Constuction! Football was better then!

  55. I don’t know how you can get upset at being benched for the best QB to ever play the game. Even if he’s a washed up shell. It’s still Peyton freaking Manning.

  56. Osweiler is making $18M
    Flacco is making $22.5M.

    Witht he way the contracts are moving, the Ravens got a steal. I’d pay the extra $4.5 to get the playoff assasin, January Joe.

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