Report: Byron Maxwell shoulder issue may scuttle trade

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The Dolphins and Eagles agreed to a trade earlier this week that would send cornerback Byron Maxwell and linebacker Kiko Alonso to Miami pending physicals and a reworked contract for Maxwell.

The trade can’t become official until 4 p.m. ET and it might not become official at all. Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen of ESPN report that the Dolphins have a concern about Maxwell’s shoulder and that the trade may be scrapped as a result.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald said on PFT Live Wednesday that Maxwell did not fail the physical, but that the Dolphins will have to get comfortable with the condition of Maxwell’s shoulder for the trade to go through.

Maxwell ended the 2015 season on injured reserve because of a shoulder injury, so an issue wouldn’t be coming totally out of left field even if conventional wisdom was that Alonso’s knee might be problematic when it came to getting through the physical.

There’s sure to be more on this as the day develops, but one of the moves we anticipated getting made at the start of the league year may not come to fruition.

UPDATE 8:13 a.m. ET: Werder adds that “as of now” the deal should be considered dead and that it would have also included a swap of 2016 first round picks that would have moved the Eagles’ No. 13 pick to Miami for the No. 8 pick.

32 responses to “Report: Byron Maxwell shoulder issue may scuttle trade

  1. Or perhaps Tannenbaum suddenly got whacked in the face with a common sense stick and realized he was trading for Byron Maxwell, who makes Elvis ‘Toast’ Patterson look like Deion Sanders.

  2. Well if that doesn’t do it then the fact that he literally cannot play worth a damn should be enough to scuttle it

  3. What is Miami doing? They Tag Olivier Vernon and then they sign Mario Williams. Now they’re talking about taking the tag off. They pay for Phili’s “Free to a Good Home” box of Chip players. Now they’re backing out.


  4. This news saddens me, and leaves me with a pain in my stomach reminiscent of being kicked in the plums. A feeling all too familiar to Eagles fans.

  5. they may leverage Maxwell into redoing deal for less money. Not sure where else Miami would go having already dropped grimes, Jenkins already signing in NY and birds picking up Mckelvin. Not much left for them as a cb.

  6. It will be fun to watch Philly fans break their ankles back pedaling on how great Maxwell and Alonso will be for their team and how this is perfect for their team.

  7. Phins realized they were owned, using physical as a way to back out, sweeten deal for them

  8. I had no idea that Miami swapped first Rd picks. That’s a steep price for a young LB that has been mediocre outside of his rookie season and a CB that is at best a #2. Hopefully Miami is using the process to negotiate a better deal. If not, walk away….Please walk away

  9. doriangray927 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 8:01 AM
    What is Miami doing? They Tag Olivier Vernon and then they sign Mario Williams. Now they’re talking about taking the tag off. They pay for Phili’s “Free to a Good Home” box of Chip players. Now they’re backing out
    Giving up the 8th pick in the draft is free? I think that’s a pretty steep price.

  10. Who in their right freaking mind would consider doing anything with a pick higher than a fourth rounder for these 2 players? Only Tannenbaum! What a joke! Very difficult to be a Dolphin fan seeing Tannenbaum try to do to the Fins what he did to the Yets.

    If anything, trade down from 8 during the draft for more picks, not for more injured or injury prone players. Have they not learned anything?

  11. miami got cold feet after being ridiculed in the press for making this deal and after seeing eagles nation celebrating wildy in the streets

  12. He’s fine please take him Miami he’s a great player who you will enjoy watching shut #1 receivers down over the next decade.

    Eagles fan

  13. Why do I get the feeling that this is more about the fact they got the guys they wanted in free agency and now want to back away adding that salary.

    I agree this issue should of been known early on, and if it was a ‘concern’, the trade should not of be submitted. Another point is that he didn’t fail a physical. Seems to me they just got cold feet.

    Though it would be funny if Mario Williams now backed out of signing with Miami because of it (not being reunited with his boy Kiko).

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