Report: Jets, Dolphins interested in Matt Forte


Tuesday brought word that the Packers were showing interest in running back Matt Forte, who will become a free agent on Wednesday afternoon and has already been told that he won’t be returning to the Bears for the 2016 season.

As you’d expect with a player with Forte’s resume, the Packers aren’t the only team that has him on their radar. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Jets and Dolphins are also interested in the veteran back and adds that his market could “heat up” once other backs sign deals.

Both AFC East teams appear to be on the verge of losing their leading rushers from last season in free agency. Chris Ivory has reportedly agreed to a deal with the Jaguars and the Jets could also lose Bilal Powell once the new league year gets underway. Meanwhile, Lamar Miller has been linked with a move from Miami to Houston.

At this point in his career, Forte should probably be paired with another back to keep the wear and tear from catching up with him over the course of the season. He’s remained effective as both a runner and receiver, though, and would make sense as a short-term option for many teams.

17 responses to “Report: Jets, Dolphins interested in Matt Forte

  1. He’s got some left in the tank. He’d be a great fit in Green Bay splitting time with Lacy. GB needs a passing threat out of the backfield. GO TO GB, Matt!

  2. He’d look good in Black and Gold! Especially after Tomlin runs the wheels off of Le’Veon Bell and then DeAngelo Williams …. like always, every year, always.


  3. Wow, first I heard about Ivory to the Jags. The Jags are serious about their rebuilding the last couple of years.

    Ivory has been awesome for the Jets. That has to sting.

  4. This is a great move for Miami. It will allow defenses to beat up and pound Forte and stay off of Tannehill allowing him to stay in Miami another 2-3 years. Brilliant!!!

  5. If he wants to go to a contender the decision really isn’t too hard from those choices.

  6. …………….as always the FINS are winning the off- season free-agent contest……..but somehow it NEVER pans out during the ACTUAL season. Same ol’ Dolphins……but lets give them a participation trophy for trying !

  7. He’d be a great fit in GB. He’d catch 100+ passes this year will all of Rodgers check downs and screens. Hopefully Ted will hibernate again this year. After all, he drafted a QB in 2005 and has coasted ever since.

  8. Everyone wants to go to a winner until someone throws and absurd amount of money at them (looking at you Miami and Jacksonville).

  9. If Forte truly wants to end his career with a ring, that would eliminate both the Jets and Dolphins who have not sniffed the Super Bowl since before Matt Forte was born.

  10. michaelrubino819 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 2:02 PM
    He said he wanted to go to a winner, so I’m thinking he’s not as interested in the Jets and Dolphins as they are in him


    How true, two teams in such flux that they’re locked in a tailspin to see who occupies the cellar.

    There are better options in NE/GB definitely. Would like to see him in NE, but after so many years in Chicago, he deserves to be on a winner.


  11. So much of this is smoke screens. If the Dolphins heard the Jets were interested they’d be foolish not to say the same. Not cause they want him but, to drive the price up since the Jets have limited cap space & the phins have lots of cash on hand.

    People should lay off the fins. I’ve been hearing about their cap problems for years. When they signed Ellerbe, Wheeler, Hartine, Gibson & Wallace then again w/Suh. Yet are 23 million under the cap AFTER signing Mario. And after the trade & grimes is cut, they will have 2 more players & the same cap space. Have added talent, gotten younger & didn’t destroy the cap.

    Before posting stupid comments, posters should get informed or better yet, just comment on your own teams.

  12. xpensivewinos says:
    Mar 9, 2016 1:55 PM

    He’s a 1.5 yard a carry back behind Miami’s offensive line……


    Too bad he was a 4.5 yard a carry back behind Miami’s offensive line……

  13. Thank you for reminding us of that ampats. Tigerlilac was kind enough to remind us of this yesterday. Therefore, this is a good time to remind both of you and Tiger that any time anyone outside of NE hears the word Patriots, the first word that comes to their minds is ‘Cheaters’. That is your legacy.

  14. @flapjack123

    Thinking you’re better off with Maxwell and Alonso (over Grimes) is a…stupid comment

    Not too mention the fact they gave up/swapped picks for them!

  15. Forte went to the Green and White not the Green and Gold.
    The sounds of Packers free agency = crickets

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