Texans add Brock Osweiler


The Houston Texans have their starting quarterback. The Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos do not.

Brock Osweiler has agreed to a deal with the Texans, according to reports on ESPN, NFL Network and 9 News in Denver.

The Texans have wanted to bolster their quarterback position after last year’s primary starter, Brian Hoyer, laid an egg in their playoff loss to the Chiefs. They now think Osweiler is the man to lead them not just to the playoffs, but deep into the playoffs.

But as big a story as the Texans getting their quarterback is, the bigger story may be the Broncos’ search for a quarterback. With Peyton Manning retiring, the defending champs now have neither of their quarterbacks from last season. They’ll have to start over from scratch on offense, and hope their defense can keep them on top.

118 responses to “Texans add Brock Osweiler

  1. And now we know why Peyton was put on reserve/retired instead of being cut outright.

  2. So Broncos…it’s not so easy to sign Free Agents when you can’t pay players under the table anymore. Truth hurts.

  3. Brock is a moron. He leaves a Superbowl team with a world class defense for what? The Texans? He just put a ton of pressure on himself, where he could have had a legit crack at another ring. I guess the butthurt of having to watch the GOAT win it was too much for him. Idiotic decision, and he’ll be on his way out of the league when his next contract rolls around.

  4. I thought Brock didn’t mind being benched, LOL. Denver is back down to zero.

  5. That was the correct move for Osweiler. Takes away what would have been the inevitable comparisons to Manning.

    Kubiak will now experience what Shanahan did after winning the SB with a HOF QB. . .

    Two years from now we’ll probably be talking about a new Denver HC.

  6. Do we know that the Texans really got their guy? I mean he’s looked alright at times, but I’m guessing he got way more money than he’s worth.

  7. Elway…we got Ryan Nassib. Young, affordable, Manning-taught, just as promising as Osweiler. Make us an offer.

  8. Man, I would be nervous if I were a Texan fan. Anytime a QB’s current team doesn’t go to the ends of the earth to keep him I think it’s a really bad sign. The Brocos are in dire need of a QB. They have spent 20 million per seqason the past 4 years and yet they won’t go anywhere near that with Osweiller? It may all work out but if Elway is that willing to let a QB just walk out the door it shows he has very little confidence in him.

  9. Good call by Elway. Better to invest that $15m/year in the defense and offensive line than to pour it into an unproven QB that you might need to cut in a couple of years. Kaep, Fitzpatrick, RG3, and Siemian are all as qualified Osweiler and will be far cheaper so that Denver can spend its money improving the rest of the team. At this point, all Denver needs to do is find anybody better than the QB that was ranked last in the NFL last year (34/34 amongst qualified QBs in terms of QB rating).

  10. Remember all those stories on how Mallet could be the answer for the Texans, then all the failure stories after…..well just remove Mallet and insert Osweiler.

  11. Only one thing makes sense here. Trade for Kaepernick. You have a team that can make another run at a Super Bowl. Can’t depend on a rookie or what’s left in Free Agency

  12. I think this was a good move for Brock. Denver has a world class D, but repeating last year’s performance is a tall order.

    Meanwhile, the Texans did allright with no real QB, have a good defense, and should be HUNGRY.

  13. shackdelrio says:
    Mar 9, 2016 3:18 PM

    Matt Schaub 2.0


    Osweiler is nowhere near as good as Schaub was in his prime.

  14. Many here will disagree but Ryan Fitzpatrick might not be a horrible idea……the jets cant afford him and he’s gotta be better than manning was last year.

  15. Denver is going to look very different. I think the raiders might have a shot at the west

  16. “rock is a moron.”

    You have no idea what the difference in offers between Houston and Denver was.

    Many of these QBs that shine briefly often fail when they get their big chance and its all on them. This might be his one and only chance for a bigtime payday and if got millions more from Houston then he was smart to go there.

  17. Maybe the Broncos will do what the Colts did after losing Peyton Manning — tank for a season to get the next “sure thing” at QB.

  18. Well, I guess Denver really does believe they can win the SB with anyone at QB.

  19. Texans betting SIXTEEN MILLION that he is better than Hoyer. Sure, he probably is better, but THAT much better….hmm…

  20. billytodd2013blbaad says:
    Mar 9, 2016 3:20 PM
    enjoy that super bowl Denver. last one you’ll see for a very very long time!

    C’mon……the Broncos won the SB with the worst QB in the league last season. They were smart to keep their options open and not break the bank to pay Ossweiler. Believe me, at a Pats fan I wish they had. Their team is predicated on defense and they need to keep that together to remain competitive.

  21. Ppl a ring like Brock won the Super Bowl for the Broncos lol last I checked he didn’t play in it and the defense won it. So welcome rg3 or kaep #GoBroncos

  22. Because the QB’s in Denver carried them right? The over reactions are hilarious.

  23. Not too sure what to think of this as a Broncos fan. He looked good at times being a first time starter in the NFL, other times looked average. Not sure what they will get will be any better, and wont have experience in the offense.
    I was never super excited about him, but with this defense, even a game manager could be good enough.

  24. What did people expect? Denver benched him for the worst quarterback in the league last season, only so that Manning could have his fairy tale ending.

  25. Uh, Peyton….please come back! If he doesn’t, they might set the worse record from a defending SB champ. 1999 Broncos went 6-10 after winning the SB. Might be another synergy moment between Elway and Manning. Both of their follow-up teams were awful. Peyton might win this contest too. (5-11 vs 6-10).

  26. It’s all good for the Broncos, he DEFINITELY isn’t worth the big money. It’s a business move 100%. Who’s gonna show him how to be a professional in Houston? Enjoy the money Brock, the Broncos will survive without you. Houston will be looking AGAIN in two years for their QB solution. Get outta the way Kubiak, let a guru call the offense. Yours stinks. Bring in RG3, leave Kapernick(Tebow2) alone.

    WORLD CHAMPION BRONCOS will survive!!!!

  27. Why not call the Fins — Just get another #17 Tannehill and his wife would enjoy the Rockies . Take a second and third this year and a 3rd and 4th next year.

  28. Denver, “Broncos” or “Browns”???? Get this ‘B’s’ confused sometimes…

  29. If I am Ryan Fitzpatrick, Im telling my agent to book the first flight to Denver…

  30. I don’t think Denver is counting on a repeat anyway…they didn’t seem to try too hard to keep their FAs

  31. Osweiler will get a lot less benefit of the doubt in Texas. He’s built up a lot of sympathy in Denver, but on the new team, he’s just another guy who will be problem #1 the minute he doesn’t perform up to standards.

    I’m sure he didn’t like being benched in Denver. I’m sure he has good reasons for going to Houston – he may have felt his job there wasn’t safe, and it may not be. It’s a big risk. But I guess betting on yourself usually is.

  32. The mallard messed this up. Ok go get Colin or Bob grif that will make the rest of your players leave next year. Players can’t stand these two underachievers. Oh yea trevathan is rumored to the Bears and what qb is going to do well with the OL you don’t have. What’s that, the band is in the field again Elway.

  33. it’s hard if not impossible to believe that Denver would go RG3… whatever team ends up with RG3 is going to be really sorry they did that

  34. If there was any question to whether or not there was major drama going on in Denver, this decision simply confirms it.

    He didn’t even engage in negotiations after receiving an offer from Denver. Brock must have been really ticked off. But with whom..?

  35. That’s crazy money for a guy that hasn’t really showed what he’s capable of yet.

    Osweiler was smart to cash in, but I honestly think they could be getting a Matt Flynn (good showings in limited play) not an Aaron Rodgers that has been maturing on the bench.

    Hoyer, Mallet, and Cassell (although he did become an average QB that deserved to start) have really not panned out being bench groomed QBs so what makes you think Ossweiler is that different?

  36. Well, they won the Super Bowl without a quarterback. Shouldn’t hurt them much.

  37. Wow, the deal is 4 years for $72 million! Brock would have been an idiot to turn down that kind of money. Kudos to Elway though for not being an idiot and paying that kind of money. QB play didn’t even rank in the Top 10 of the reasons why Denver won the Super Bowl last year. Brock wasn’t going to suddenly carry this team. It’s much better to spend the money filling holes on the OL and recharging the defense than paying an unproven QB when other QBs just as good are available.

  38. I figured it was only a matter of time before a team did something like this. The conventional wisdom is to pay your mediocre QB because he’s better than the alternative.

    Elway is rolling the dice big time, but I can’t wait to see how this experiment works out.

  39. Wow! Who do the Broncos go to now? Looks like Ryan Fitzpatrick is the best QB available.

    This will either go down as a gutsy move by John Elway by letting Osweiler walk (probably because he was asking for far too much money), or a severe miscalculation that costs the Broncos a chance to repeat. Osweiler was not the second coming of Manning or Elway, but he was a known commodity.

  40. ctiggs says:
    Mar 9, 2016 3:21 PM
    What is Osweiler thinking? Why would you leave a Lambo for a Honda Civiv


    To cut down on the insurance bill?

  41. Don’t blame Brock a bit. Few QB’s want to run Kubiak’s college offense. Schaub wasn’t even allowed to audible. At least Brock will get a chance to succeed (or fail) making plays in O’Brien schemes.

  42. Funny how people think Denver will just fall off the map. You do realize they won the title in spite of Manning!! They can plug in Fitz or Matt Moore for that matter and still be a title contender.

  43. As Broncos fan, Brockster holds onto the ball WAY TOO LONG and is a product of having a great team around him. He’s an average NFL QB with a big arm. Houston overpaid, but that is what the market is dictating. Elway was smart, get a game manager and win on defense. They have a replacement for Travathian already, need to draft Jackson’s replacement. Kubiak’s offense is Shanahan’s offense. run first, second and foremost. Eat clock and win on defense. Elway was smart, he doesn’t have to cut him in two years and eat the cap hit. I hope he keeps spending on defense, that’s what wins SB’s….

  44. Best of luck to you Brock. Hell of a year last year. Take all the money you can, it’s not a long career. To all thinking we’re sunk…stay tuned.


  45. Why do some clueless buffoons always say the Texans defense is so great? They gave up 49 points to the freaking dolphins, got blasted by the Chies at home in the playoffs, and yet you bozos keep saying they are only a QB away from contending?

  46. If I had drunks accosting me when I was out getting a pizza, I’d get out of Denver as well.

  47. Hey, a lot warmer in Houston then Denver and he played in Arizona in College. Bet that mattered a bit. Changing out cold mile high for the comfy confines the dome.

  48. Is everyone forgetting that the Broncos just won the Superbowl with piss poor to average quarterback play from Manning and Osweiler?

    The Broncos are not going to implode like all the haters on here are suggesting. They may just get even better next year, regardless of who is at QB.

  49. While still being good, the Texans defense isn’t as strong as Denver had last season which means a lot more will be expected from Osweiler than what the Broncos asked of him. And he stretches in Denver where he failed to live up to even those lower expectations. Not faulting the Texans for making this move, but it’s still a gamble.

  50. All you bronco fans who say they will be fine.
    Remember this is basically the same defense that was blown out in the Super Bowl with Seattle.
    Take away Jackson now and you’re weaker.

  51. Titans Zach Mettenberger……he’s still cheap, has a rifle for an arm, is big and mobile. Kinda like B ig Ben. Titans would love to take one of the LB’s or DT’s from that D.

  52. “Brock is a moron.”

    If that is the definition of a moron we should all be a moron.

  53. thermanmerman99 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 3:50 PM
    Why do some clueless buffoons always say the Texans defense is so great? They gave up 49 points to the freaking dolphins, got blasted by the Chies at home in the playoffs, and yet you bozos keep saying they are only a QB away from contending?
    Not great but above average. Yeah, they stunk against the Dolphins but bounced back and won a bunch of games. The Chiefs offense stunk against the Texans. It was Hoyer’s turnovers and a ST-TD that got them points.

  54. mmack66 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 3:50 PM

    If I had drunks accosting me when I was out getting a pizza, I’d get out of Denver as well.


    That was in Arizona.

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