Texans add Lamar Miller, too

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The Houston Texans will look a lot different in 2016, primarily in the backfield.

Joining quarterback Brock Osweiler in Houston will be running back Lamar Miller, per a league source.

Miller will sign a four-year deal, worth $26 million. Of that amount, $14 million is fully guaranteed at signing.

He had an opportunity to sign with another team at a $7 million annual average, but on a five-year deal. Miller opted for the shorter contract.

Miller, who has spent all four career seasons with the Dolphins, has said he wants to average 20 touches per game. The investment suggests the Texans are willing to give him that shot.

32 responses to “Texans add Lamar Miller, too

  1. Miller is a good RB with elite speed, would have really excelled in Dallas with that o-line and Romo….He’ll be ok with the Texans and Malle…I mean Osweiler.

  2. I like Miller but he isn’t worth 6.5 million a year. Even at 5 million would be to much. He will be cut after 2 years when everyone realizes that he runs scared. To me he looks like he’s scared to make contact and always looks to run to the sideline. Good luck Houston.

  3. Lamar is great when the waters part in front of him, otherwise he only gets to the line of scrimmage or worse, tackled for a loss. This is the real reason he didn’t get more carries in Miami, he often didn’t pick up yards on 1st and 2nd down, and was not effective in short yardage situations. That truth revealed, best of luck to Lamar, he’s a really good guy.

  4. The Dolphins never ever used Miller correctly, every time he got hot they would bench him, wasted 4 years of his NFL career.
    I’m happy for you Lamar best wishes always!
    A long time Dolphins and Canes fan!

  5. so he turned down 5 for $35, for 4 for $26? RBs aren’t WRs, they don’t put up #2 wr stats and get $8-10mil per year for 5 years.

  6. Texans add Lamar Miller, too
    At first glance I thought the Texans got another Bronco…. Von Miller lol

  7. Crazy money- he’ll be cut after 2 years. He is a good one-cut RB but he’ll frustrate you with multiple runs for less than a yard. Used properly he’s a good back but not $6.5m good. Glad we didn’t resign him.

  8. To me he looks like he’s scared to make contact and always looks to run to the sideline

    You couldn’t be more incorrect if you tried. Go look at highlight video, he hit’s the holes hard. He just has the speed to bounce outside.

  9. Watch out for the AFC South. They won’t be a joke for much longer. They’re making moves. Texans look to be better with Osweiler and Miller, Jaguars and Titans look to be on the rise (lots of cap room and draft choices), and the Colts have Andrew Luck (but they really could be the weakest link here).

    It might become one of the toughest divisions like it was in the last decade.

  10. The dolphins once again are the most dysfunctional team in all pro sports.
    Well at least they’re consistent!
    3-13 in 2016 and i’m being optimistic here!

  11. doggeatdogg says:
    Mar 9, 2016 3:46 PM
    Miami looking sillier by the minute. Good grief we are in football hell.
    Really. Apparently you don’t know much about the NFL, player value, and free agency in general. As much as I like Lamar and I’m glad he got paid, it’s too much for a running back in general, and Lamar specifically, because another Lamar can be found in the later rounds of the draft.

  12. Got 1.5M more per year and maybe more carriers/touches. Wonder if that o-line is any better? Which would help (Dallas). The fans will enjoy him breaking out at times, getting first down not so much. Godspeed LM.

  13. scmems07 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 4:47 PM

    Jay Ajayi will have a better season than Miller.

    That’s a bold statement. We don’t even knowshon who he will be paired up with yet. Maybe the teams looks toward the Den. RB’s.

  14. Jay Ajayi will have a better season than Miller.

    That’s a bold statement. We don’t even knowshon who he will be paired up with yet. Maybe the teams looks toward the Den. RB’s.

    Knowshon? I’m assuming that’s the auto correct. lol

    I don’t think they break the bank on a RB, I’m sure they will bring in another free agent, I’d like to see Powell, but I believe Ajayi is the guy going forward.

  15. So many fellow Phins fans being salty!

    He is worth it and if you give him the right amount of touches he is comfortably a 1000 yd rush, 500 yard rec 10 total TD player.

  16. Miller will get the carries, but is not the durable back that you would think. The only way he could break the runs was when the pitiful Dolphins O-line would actually block a play right. Otherwise, he was average to sub-par. But now we are talking the Texans’ … so he will be lucky to get the ball because the opposing team’s offense will be on the field more than 65% of the game due to the overall sucky TX defense. Good luck Lamar, I saw it coming, and now time to move on. Time to get a power back like Derrick Henry for the tough yards, and line him up in a split backfield with Ajayi. Remembances of the old Csonka/(Morris/Kiick) backfield. FINS UP!

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