The full Brock Osweiler details


The specific terms of the offer made by the Broncos to quarterback Brock Osweiler aren’t known. The terms of the offer made by the Texans are known, because they’re now available.

Per a source with knowledge of the terms, Osweiler received a $12 million signing bonus. He also has a $4 million fully-guaranteed base salary in 2016, a $5 million roster bonus due in March 2016, a fully-guaranteed base salary of $16 million in 2017, an $18 million non-guaranteed base salary for 2018, a $4 million roster bonus due in March 2019, and a non-guaranteed base salary of $13 million in 2019.

That’s $37 fully-guaranteed at signing, with no other injury guarantees and no guarantees in 2018 and 2019. The deal pays out $21 million in 2016, $37 million through 2017, and $55 million through 2018.

The cap numbers are $12 million in 2016, $19 million in 2017, $21 million in 2018, and $20 million in 2019.

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  1. reminds me of when Cassel looked great for a stacked team then went off in free agency got paid and did nothing.

  2. I dont blame Osweiler for taking the money. He got benched for a QB he was better than and then he was given a low ball offer. Thy didnt really seem yo committed to him in the long run. What would have happened if he struggled, would he have been benched again?

    The Texans at least garunteed he would be the guy. If the Broncos were really committed to this guy, they would have worked a contract out with him before the season ended. They KNEW that this wouls be Peytons last year with them, even if Peyton didnt How do you groom a guy to be the successor, then let him walk? Osweiler dodnt screw the Broncos, the Broncos screwed themselves.

  3. So for folks ripping this deal (and Bradford’s deal): These teams are out $16-18m a year for just the next two years. That is not going to impact them long term like some contracts in the past. What else should they have done?

  4. Great deal. Only locked in for two years and get a chance to see if Os is legit. Remember Bradford was guaranteed $52 million 6 years ago. This is a new market inefficiency. I would not be shocked if they spent on a 3rd round pick on a qb to groom in addition to this signing. Number one priority for any NFL is to find an above average QB. This was a shot the Texans had to take.

  5. More proof Green Bay, New England, Seattle, Pittsburgh and maybe a few others should be happy they have the QB’s they got. I’d rather pay those guys 20 to 25 mill then have to pay this guy 17.

  6. So in actual guaranteed dollars he received $5.29 million for every career start he’s made.

    Good luck in Houston, glad you helped Denver win enough games to get the number 1 seed which ultimately helped them get the Super Bowl. But I’m glad they didn’t pay you that much money, that’s an awful lot for a small sample size.

  7. Let’s face it, at least the Texans aren’t trading for him. If he is a bust, and there is a chance he will be, then they can cut him and their cap space is penalized. Desperate times call for desperate measures. But seriously overpaid if he is anything average or below.

  8. Will Denver trade up to get Goff? Unless they sign Fitzpatrick, they don’t have many other ‘real’ options right now.

  9. As a Bronco fan I wanted him to stay but not for that amount. Good for you Brock and best of luck in your career. As far as the Broncos go every single person is stating the QB will be the obvious one that everyone is saying Kap, RG3 and Fitz….But this is Elway we are talking about and I’m sure he knew Brock wasn’t happy and was prob going elsewhere..I personally think the next Bronco QB is someone young who Elway and the Denver organization saw first hand. They played against him and he showed true potential and is probably available cause he has no chance of taking the starting job and his name is AJ McCarron

  10. Denver didn’t have as much room. Bill O’Brien’s scheme suits him better. Brock is a natural pocket passer. He will be required to roll out a lot less with O’Briens scheme. He reminds me of a more consistent Ryan Mallet without the insane arm – but a strong one nonetheless.

  11. So it’s really a guaranteed 2 yr, $37 mil deal with team options for years 4 & 5. It’s arguably a better deal than Philly got w/ Bradford. But the Texans back-up (Hoyer) won’t make anywhere near what Philly’s back-up (Daniels) will make. A lot of money tied up in the QB position there. This Osweiler deal doesn’t preclude the Texans from drafting a QB to groom this year.

  12. That much money for a qb who has only started 7 games ? I’m an Arizona State fan and watched Brock in college, he was average and thought he could use another year in college. He’s an average qb and holds the ball way too long sometimes. Texans shouldn’t think they are somehow getting the second coming of Peyton Manning, even though he’s getting paid like he is.

  13. Osweiler has a winning record against Brady and Belichick. That gets you paid in this league.

  14. This guy might be good throughout a full season, but odds are he’ll end up being a stiff! At least he got paid.

  15. So it’s a $37M for 2 year deal. Then $18M for year 3, and $17M for year 4….

    If this contract makes it through 4 years, the team is going to look like the put together a great contract, If the Brock hits the fan, they get out after two years.

    Can’t believe the Broncos couldn’t have matched that, team friendly, contract.

  16. They are ripping the deals for paying unproven QBs.
    Its one thing to overpay a QB who has a couple of years of at least average production over 30+ games in teh past 2 years.
    These contracts amount to “wishful thinking”.
    If I pay player X a lot of money, I sure hope he produces.

    Pay me the veterans minimum to play in the NFL and wish that I can perform. 🙂

    >.So for folks ripping this deal (and Bradford’s deal): These teams are out $16-18m a year for just the next two years. That is not going to impact them long term like some contracts in the past. What else should they have done?

  17. blacknole08 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 10:50 PM
    I dont blame Osweiler for taking the money…..


    The statement should end there. These guys may only get one shot at a big contract, collect what you can when you can.

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