Titans sign wideout Rishard Matthews to three-year deal

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The Titans began the process of putting together their “exotic smashmouth” offense by focusing on the second half of that phrase.

Wednesday night, they gave Marcus Mariota someone to throw to who could help them toward the first part.

According to Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com, the Titans have agreed to a three-year deal with Dolphins wide receiver Rishard Matthews.

Matthews averaged 15.4 yards per reception for the Dolphins last year, but he didn’t get as many opportunities (43 receptions) as he might have deserved in a crowded depth chart.

But with the Titans, he should get more chances.

Coupled with the acquisition of running back DeMarco Murray and center Ben Jones, it’s a significant boost for quarterback Marcus Mariota, and a good start for a team which also has the first pick in the draft.

11 responses to “Titans sign wideout Rishard Matthews to three-year deal

  1. Matthews developed very nicely last year. His climb up the depth chart was not only hindered by good talent in front of him but he couldn’t get out of Philbin’s dog house. Titans got a good WR. Best of luck to Rishard.

  2. Dolphins fans know this is a very nice pickup for Titans. This guy has great hands, a really solid player with a big upside.

  3. “Patriots were trying to hard to land him”
    Points and LOL..glad you didn’t go there. Godspeed RM.

  4. I am as excited as I have been in years for my team. We have a franchise caliber QB, a solid o-line to build on, a good downhill running back, the 1st pick in the draft, a belichik tree GM, and oh yeah…dick “fn” le beau running our defense!!!

    Go Blue!!

  5. Sorry to see him leave Miami. The bottom line is he was buried by other WR depth and when he got his chance he did well. He wants to be a #2 and with the Phins he is a 3 maybe 4. Ironically, the only depth the Dolphins have. I wish him well and just glad he left the AFC East as this was departure was inevitable. Good Signing Titans.

  6. I will say Matthews has upside, as he made some incredible plays for the Fins last year. But to say he has great hands is just untrue. The reason he had trouble staying on the field was consistency. If he can shore up his hands and dropped passes, the Titans will surely have a guy that can grow with Mariotta for years to come.

  7. Matthews had to fight for everything despite being one of Tannehills favourites. Philbin disliked him despite making big plays whenever he came in.

    The only reason he got a chance to fight his way up the depth chart was because of Tannehills contract and a couple injuries.

    Hate the way we treated him as he is brilliant! Wish him the best and MM should help there!

  8. bluenose1965 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 10:32 PM

    Titans are making good offense moves. Too bad the D sucks.


    There’s always at least 1 commentor who has no idea what they’re talking about. Our D was actually pretty solid last year, even without our top CB for most of the year. It was our stagnant offense that couldn’t score that cost us so many games.

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