What’s next for the Broncos at quarterback?


The defending Super Bowl champions will now enter 2016 without either of their top two quarterbacks.

With Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler both gone from Denver, the Broncos now need a new plan at the quarterback position heading into 2016.

So what will they do next? A year ago, they had interest in Tyrod Taylor, which is a clue as to what the Broncos may be thinking about for the Manning/Osweiler replacement: A mobile guy who can run the Gary Kubiak offense, primarily because he can run.

The primary options will be Colin Kaepernick (who’s under contract with the 49ers at $12 million for 2016) and Robert Griffin III (who is available to be signed by anyone, free and clear). In theory, they could trade for Taylor, but it likely won’t be easy to pry him away from Buffalo.

The other alternative for the Broncos will be the draft. The only problem with drafting a quarterback in round is that Denver will be at the bottom, and anyone drafting behind the Broncos at the top of round two will know it.

Whatever the Broncos do, they don’t seem to be worried. And maybe they shouldn’t be. As one league source recently observed, “The Broncos already won the Super Bowl without a passing game.”

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  1. If the Rams are done with Nick Foles I think he would do well there…

    A Good defense around him with Pro-Bowl WRs.

    I think he could be VERY good in that system.

  2. Never get into a bidding war with losing franchises, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. Pay what they are worth and not more is the key to championships.

  3. The Broncos have always been my favorite AFC team. I thank the stars Scot McCloughan is here because the Redskins would have crumbled without RGIII. Kirk Cousins is a F-R-A-U-D.

  4. Denver has a few years to bask in the SB glow. Kind of smart not getting stuck with a QB they were not in love with.

    Texas is built to win now and they HAD to roll the dice.

    Smart moves by both teams.

    Denver can win with Fitzpatrick or Moore and groom a draft pick. Or sign RG3 or trade for Kaep.

    Plenty of options but the point is, odds are they would not repeat unless they had someone like Brady.

  5. Watch out for Trevor Siemian too. He has a strong arm, moves well, put up pretty good numbers in the preseason last year, and obviously knows the system too. Denver seems to really like him.

  6. Baalke wins. He will get draft pick(s) for a QB he was done with

  7. The fight over who gets to be backup between RG111 and Johnny Loko will be comedy gold.

    This is exactly the scenario that the entire NFL knew was going to happen the moment Peyton was signed years ago.

    The fall from Super Bowl champion to a top 15 draft pick in 2017 is going to be epic – and hilarious to watch Elway try to explain his way out of.

  8. RG3 he’s rested and could fit well with the pistol offense that Denver does. You got two good running backs and an elite receiver you don’t have to ask RG3 to be Peyton Manning just let him manage the game.

    Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if someone offered a 2nd rounder for McCarron with the way this qb market is looking he could probably make at least 10 million on the open market if he was a free agent today.

    Not sure if it’s just me but I don’t trust any qb in this draft that’s why guys like Osweiler Fitzpatrick Cousins and Bradford are making just under 20 million because of being marginally good.

    Denver would be smart to try and jump on RG3 he wouldn’t be asked to do much.

  9. Kansas City Chiefs 2016 AFC West Champions!!! Please sweet Baby Jesus have the Donkeys trade for Colin so Alex and the Chiefs can beat them both twice in 16!!

  10. RGIII looks like the best bet. They can offer him an incentive laden deal and wait for Texas to sign somebody new next year. Osweiler will be cheaper after getting bashed around in Houston for a year and Kaepernick will probably be a free agent either this year or next. Or, they could sign Hoyer, who will be looking for work soon.

  11. In my opinion, this whole “waiting on Peyton to decide” thing was a stall tactic to allow Denver to probe other options. I’ve seen every pass Brock has thrown for Denver and he is not an 18 million dollar QB right now. Maybe he will get there, but I would prefer Kap, talent wise.

  12. Tolzien is the smart move, he has a gun for an arm and is ready to step in, plus he’s a Free Agent so you don’t have to trade away draft picks.

  13. Draft a franchise QB really isn’t an option unless they trade up…..

    RGIII/Kap seems to be in order, but not sure either would “manage” the game and let the DEF win games…….I wonder if Fitz would work?

    I can’t wait to hear what Elway does……..

  14. The Broncos won it all last year without getting much from the QB position and that’s exactly what RGme and Kap represent, not much. But this is not last year

  15. Taylor isn’t going anywhere, so you can forget about that. Denver doesn’t even have enough to offer the Bills since they pick last in the first round……….you can cross him off your list.

  16. They need to offer a 2nd rounder for Mike Glennon. He would excel behind that offensive line…and he is a pocket passing QB like Manning.

  17. The calls for Bob Griffin in Denver are making me laugh. After about a month of his antics – especially the way he approaches film study, how it affects his brand rather than improving and making the team better – Von Miller will get a hold of him, and there will be a grease spot in front of a locker where Bob Griffin used to be.

  18. jgedgar70 says:
    Mar 9, 2016 4:38 PM
    The calls for Bob Griffin in Denver are making me laugh. After about a month of his antics – especially the way he approaches film study, how it affects his brand rather than improving and making the team better – Von Miller will get a hold of him, and there will be a grease spot in front of a locker where Bob Griffin used to be.


    The guy graduated from Baylor A YEAR EARLY MAGNA CUM LAUDE. Can you please stop embarrassing yourself trying to infer that RG3 was somehow intellectually inept. i don’t recall anyone mentioning his study skills or lackthereof during that HISTORIC 2012 Season……..

    RG3 is gonna make a lot of the naysayers look silly in 2016………

  19. Not a Manning fan at all; he just looked awkward, couldn’t run, and threw wounded ducks long before he had his neck surgery. But … you couldn’t out-think him, and when teams tried to guess, they inevitably got burned. So … that “The Broncos already won the Super Bowl without a passing game” argument doesn’t work for me. I’m don’t believe Osweiler is worth $18M, but what happens now? Denver is already getting hurt by the notion that the Super Bowl winners always have the best players (see Malik Jackson, Danny Travathan and Osweiler), but then to have to go to a quarterback they’ve never worked with before, whomever that might be? I don’t know what they should have done differently, but the new season hasn’t started out all that nicely for the Broncos.

  20. Who is next: who cares. They should have had a back up plan like everyone else says they did. They thought B O was staying. And if they did their homework they would have known CK wasn’t available from SF. They will scurry and find some a TV and claim that their “d” will save them. I would t be surprised when they go 4-12 next year VM leaves. This team will be depleted in two years. Ware, Talib, Ward, old and gone and they wasted their competitive chance losing BO. Nice job mallard.

  21. Osweiler was a bit of a pouter. So is RG3. So is Kaepernick. Can’t see Smellway wanting any of these guys. Also, if T Simian is the future then wouldn’t you want a similar style QB to be the bridge guy? This is why I think a pocket passer with underrated mobility would be best: Glennon, or FitzTastic. Mettenberger is said to have great arm, but negative mobility. Jimmy Garoppolo is the real deal, but Pats are holding him for ransom. McCarron good too. The Back up in Green Bay, Hundley is it? He’d be great too.

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