Bears, Patriots want to bring in Anderson, too


As restricted free agent running back C.J. Anderson visits the Dolphins, two other teams hope to bring him in for a sit-down, too.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Bears and Patriots both want to entertain Anderson. According to the source, Anderson could be presented with an offer sheet from someone on Thursday.

Usually, the RFA market takes off after the unrestricted free agency market slows down. But with the Broncos applying the lowest tender to Anderson, giving them only a right to match and nothing more, and with several teams interested, Anderson will be the subject of a land rush that rarely happens with restricted free agents.

The end result could be an offer sheet that the Broncos simply won’t match, allowing Anderson to join his former offensive coordinator in Miami, his former head coach in Chicago, or a quarterback in New England whose praise has made Anderson one of the rare Broncos who doesn’t despise Tom Brady.

27 responses to “Bears, Patriots want to bring in Anderson, too

  1. Broncos have plenty of money to keep their restricted free agents after letting all their other players walk.

  2. stupid move by my Broncos, could of gave him the 2nd round tender for $2.53 mil vs the no rights tender at $1.67 mil. $900k is peanuts for a NFL team now might loose Anderson with no compensation.

  3. I don’t get this from the Bears at all. If you weren’t happy starting Langford, why let Forte walk? Why get into a race for a guy who might be younger but just isn’t that good? Anderson was splitting carries almost the entire season because he was playing like absolute garbage, not because they had two HOFers in the backfield in Denver. Why spend money where you have two players that can both already play in Langford and Carey when you still need upgrades at every level of defense, the offensive line, and tight end? This makes almost zero sense.

  4. The Broncos defense hates Tom Brady and that disrespect is partly how they managed to beat him. You can’t beat a guy if you are in awe. That’s how San Diego managed to beat Manning so many times too. If the Broncos defensive players were on the Patriots they would say how much they like Brady, just like Talib did when he was there. It’s all hooey. To win you have to take out the best, and Denver prepped to beat the Patriots in that seemingly inevitable AFCCG the whole year.

  5. “Broncos have plenty of money to keep their restricted free agents after letting all their other players walk.”
    Whatever gets you through the day. Keep on dreaming!

  6. johnniemayes says:
    Mar 10, 2016 11:13 AM

    Broncos have plenty of money to keep their restricted free agents after letting all their other players walk.


    Unitil a team writes in the contract he gets a 1 mil bonus for every game played in Denver in 2016.

  7. I’d love to see him on the Bears, but I don’t see it happening. The lure of playing for Fox again is offset by the competition offered by Gase and Brady. Hope I’m wrong.

  8. Denver fans can say whatever they feel like, it’s hard to imagine that you’ll remain relevant after this season.

    No Anderson, Jackson, Trevathon, or Osweiller. Let’s not pretend like these are all replacable guys and that someone is going to fit right in the system.

    Yes you won the Super Bowl, NO you are not New England. This is where you will separate yourselves as either a perennial contender, or another one and done for a decade.

    Oh and I don’t blame Brock for ditching ship. He was better than Manning last year, and Elways main priority was to coddle Manning all the way until the last second. On top of that, Kubiak has a suspect offense at very best.

    Brock may have seemed like a high price, that is until you’re paying $12M to have Colin “deer in headlights” Kaepernick back there trying to run the ball when Thomas is wide open in the end zone.

  9. I’m not sure any player in Denver hates Tom Brady. They do respect him. When Peyton Manning was asked to comment on Deflategate, all he told the media was Brady is my friend and I will support him.
    Now the Raiders are a different story.

  10. Hard to argue Osweiler was better than Manning. Manning had twice as many TDs as Brady in AFCC game. Nobody had done that all season.

  11. I can hear it now……Patriots sign him and immediately the cry from coast to coast will be….Brady guilty of tampering.

  12. WoW! Donkeys are cleaning house.

    Apparently the idea in Denver is to buy a SB (Manning, Ware, Talib, Ward, Sanders), raise ticket prices and depend on fans paying more and more in the next 10 years for an inferior product on the field.
    Way to go Elway/Bowlen. How to show loyalty to your fans

  13. No way New England signs him. They only acquire RBs in the draft or from the scrap heap.

    I like the earlier thought that they are bidding him up so the Dolphins overpay him. Or maybe Belichick is just trying to gleam some inside information from him.

  14. Elway just an absolute moron. Sold his soul to get a cheating Fetus Head another ring, but ironically, Gomer sucked as a QB in 2015 and may have used roids from the Guyer Institute in the process.

    And, we haven’t even talked about the cap cheating potential with all of this.

    Kinda odd he structured everyone to be a FA all at once, but somehow they were all under the cap in 2015?


    Proven cap cheats in 1995, 1996 and 1997 per Tagliabue, but why can’t this monitored more closely?

  15. The Patriots never break the bank, plus CJ likes to chat, and that will keep him from New England. Along with play 11 games at a minimum on plastic-covered concrete each year.

    I look for Anderson to re-sign. With Miami & Chicago, they also play far more games on plastic than Denver. Two, he’ll run the ball more in Denver than in under Gase’ pass-happy system. Three, the zone-block system is perfect for his running style.

  16. Lets check in on that ‘cap hell’ shall we?

    Dolphins have most cap space of any AFC East team, by a lot. Next after Miami’s $39.5M is NE at $11.2M, Buffalo at $7.1M, NYJ at $5.3M.

    Fear not Den. fans you still may get a pick/player or both to make the deal sweat enough not to match.

  17. I’m not excited about him as a Patriot at all …just an ok back nothing special about this guy at all….

  18. Bears need to quit wasting time on this guy and get another quality starter for their D… either a beast 5-technique or an upgrade at CB and S.

    Honestly as a fan, RB is among the least of my worries and if they really feel they need more depth at that position, that’s what the 3rd and 4th round of the draft is for.

  19. wth is it with denver lowballing everyone? below mkt offer for osweiller and now they’re going to lose a starting rb for $900k???

    elway blew that tender offer big time; he should have protected denver so they would at least get draft pick compensation

    now they need a qb and a rb

    elway has been brilliant in putting team together but this was a mistake

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