Chiefs discipline may have been effort to shock other teams, coaches

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While the reason for the timing of the announcement regarding discipline imposed on the Chiefs for violating the rules of the 2015 legal tampering period remains unclear, the broader purpose of the punishment has become more obvious.

The decision to discipline the Chiefs and coach Andy Reid for communicating directly with then-Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin during the three-day window last March is being viewed throughout the league as an attempt to shock teams other than the Chiefs, and coaches not named Andy Reid.

By hitting the Chiefs, one of the “establishment” franchises, and Reid, one of the most respected and tenured coaches in the game, all other teams and coaches could decide that they need to dot every “i” and cross every “t” as to each and every mandate, big and small, from 345 Park Avenue.

The next question becomes whether the NFL, which announced the violation and the consequences not before the 2016 legal tampering period but after it, will scour over phone records and press conference transcripts and other public statements and reports in an effort to show that teams violated the rules by, among other things, communicating directly with players.

25 responses to “Chiefs discipline may have been effort to shock other teams, coaches

  1. If they really wanted to punish the Chiefs, the league could make them rehire Scott Pioli as their GM.

  2. And somehow they determined that the Dolphins didn’t tamper with Suh. Even though it was announced days in advance of the beginning of free agency. Good call there though NFL

  3. Take note league teams! Don’t take part in hiring well thought of coaches or strive to be an upstanding franchise. Or there will be penalties…

  4. Consistency. A concept foreign to the thought process of Goodell. This punishment would probably be overturned in court for being inherently unfair when measured against recent similar transgressions and the paltry sanctions handed out to other franchises who also tampered. Hunt’s screwed, the draft picks are lost and the fines will stick because the owner’s didn’t think ahead when they themselves gave the commissioner totalitarian powers. Now that being said if Goodell continues his march through the franchises he most assuredly will find himself on the outside looking in. Hell hath no fury like a couple dozen billionaires scorned.

  5. Good thing they didn’t use the jets to make an example last year with revis, in sure there is no coincidence that the jets are mr goodells ex employer, after all he holds integrity too such high standards

  6. The way the NFL office did this is more like how political enemies or a police sting would operate. To me, the timing of the announcement is designed to catch other teams in the act so they can be punished. It is as if they WANT to find teams breaking the rules instead of just enforcing them.

    That tells me the NFL league office cares more about asserting its authority and being the biggest, baddest bully on the block more than it cares about rules enforcement. this is not how you treat your “own people”. Heck, I treat my enemies with more direct communication than this.

  7. If there was a crime, shouldn’t the victim (Philly) be compensated, along with punishing the criminal? I know Chip deserves blame too, but the Eagles were the only ones actually hurt by KC’s tampering.

  8. Goodell. Rhymes with What The Hell.

    Continuing on his “Random Discipline Tour” of the league, ticking off fans one city at a time. Dallas, New Orleans, Washington, New England, St.Louis, KansasCity.

  9. And you thought that the blatant lying and favoritism wouldn’t affect your team.

    You thought it would only affect the Patriots.

    Think again.

    It won’t stop until the former Jets in the league office have secured a championship for the Jets.

  10. For those that think NFL believes “fairness” is required. NO, the word fair, equitable, evenhanded, and any other terms you choose do not appear in the CBA at any level.

    In other words, he doesn’t have to be fair. He’s God!

  11. To those claiming that the Eagles are the aggrieved party here: didn’t they just tamper with the Chiefs to get their head coach by announcing Pederson before the Chiefs were out of the playoffs? If the Eagles get the Chiefs’ forfeited draft picks this year, do the Eagles lose them next year and give them back to the Chiefs?

  12. The NFL waited until the start of the league year, hoping that they could catch the Patriots. If they made the announcement 2 weeks ago, 32 teams would be on alert. So they waited, I’m sure they were trying to find impropriety in Foxboro. When they didn’t see anything illegal in Foxboro, they went ahead and announced the penalty. Everything the NFL does is assumed to be nefarious. And THAT is a shame. Thanks Roger.

  13. It’s beyond me how Miami didn’t get hit with a tampering charge then because the Suh deal was announced days in advance of FA starting. If that isn’t tampering I don’t know what is.

    Let’s face the fact that ALL of these teams are basically tampering in the lead up to the start of FA anyway. If GMs and agents are kicking the tires to see who might be available and for what they aren’t doing their job.

  14. These guys have no idea how discipline is supposed to work. You can’t slap one wrist and then slam another for the same violation. In order to do that they should communicate what the enhanced punishment for the NEXT violation would be. They seem to make stuff up on a whim and then change it every other time something happens. I could fix their problems very easily. The first step is to ignore PR when it comes to discipline. If you don’t then the fans, media and cause of the day will dictate what you do. That process guarantees inconsistencies and the inevitable lawsuits that follow. Work with the NFLPA and spell things out adequately by categories, identify what constitutes a repeat offender and how normal progressive discipline will escalate. Allow for special circumstances that call for stiffer initial penalties and the lawyers won’t have much left to argue as long as you stick to the plan. Modify it on a whim and you get precisely what we have now. A joke of a program.

  15. The NFL chooses to rush another ambulance to the bottom of the cliff, instead of strengthening the fence at the top.

    Deterrence works a tad better if the deterrent is put in place before the unwanted actions are set in motion.

  16. Typical NFL punishment. Turn a blind eye to egrious crimes but prosecute petty crimes to the fullest extent. Hey, at least they’re consistent!
    And as an Eagles fan, I see no problem with Reid talking to Maclin first. Despite what the rules say. Reid made Maclin feel wanted which was inevitably the reason he left Philly. Chip Kelly wouldn’t even return his phone calls! It wasn’t tampering that led Maclin out of Philly. It was Chip Kelly and the horrible decsion by Jeff Lurie to give that clown full control of the roster.

  17. Roger is just trying to anger all of the owners, one by one?

    Dude asking to get canned … just pull a Mike Tabalgoauoko and sit in the boat, don’t rock the boat.

    Don’t rock the boat baby…

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