Dolphins craft “pretty vanilla” offer sheet for C.J. Anderson


The Broncos lost quarterback Brock Osweiler because they didn’t want to pay him $18 million per year on a four-year deal. The Broncos now may lose running back C.J. Anderson on an offer sheet worth $18 million over four.

The $4.5 million average dwarfs the $2.553 million, one-year tender the Broncos could have applied to keep Anderson with a tender that would have given them a second-round pick as compensation. Which surely would have kept the Dolphins from trying to snatch him.

The offer sheet, as a source with knowledge of its terms told PFT, is “pretty vanilla.” The first-year cap payout is believed to be in the neighborhood of $6 million. Regardless of how it’s structured, the fact that Denver wouldn’t offer Anderson $2.553 million per year to protect against a team trying to grab suggests they won’t pay $4.5 million per year to keep him.

For the Dolphins, they watched running back Lamar Miller leave on a deal that pays out, on average, $6.5 million per year. While Anderson may not be the tailback Miller is, at $2 million less per year that could be the right balance for Miami.

However it turns out, Anderson will be a Bronco or a Dolphin in 2016. The Broncos will make the decision.

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  1. Getting him to sign an offer sheet means he will be a dolphin or bronco absent a trade. At best Miami adds a decent running back. At worst they keep him from going to the Pats because he had a great game against miami. I wouldn’t want that potential twice a year.

  2. Broncos brass must know something we don’t. There is some reason they’re letting him go. We just don’t know what it is just yet. Something tells me there’s someone else out there that they’re looking at. Maybe Alfred Morris or in a few months Arian Foster.

    We’ll miss CJ and we know he’ll do well w Gase. Congrats on the Money CJ.

  3. “While Anderson may not be the tailback Miller is, at $2 million less per year that could be the right balance for Miami.”
    He may not have as much speed as Miller, but at least he doesn’t go down on first contact. Oh, and he was a pro bowler when Gase was his OC. Sorry, but I don’t see how Miller is a better back, statistically or otherwise.

  4. Anderson was a bum all year until the playoffs and was outplayed pretty dramatically by Ronnie Hillman all year.

  5. It sounds like the Broncos already made the decision. They weren’t going to offer CJ $2.553 million for 2016 and get with it the right to a second round pick if someone signed him. So what makes anyone think they’re going to pay him $6 million for 2016 with no potential right to any draft picks?

  6. “Broncos brass must know something we don’t. There is some reason they’re letting him go. ”

    Nothing hidden about it: Only four 100 yard games in 3 seasons. He was at 2.5 yards per carry through 6 games last season and was held under 50 yards 10 times.

  7. Elway must not be completely sold on CJ.
    He hasn’t proved he can be the number one back for an entire season whether through consistency or injury.
    He was weak at pass protection as well but improved a bit this year.
    He doesn’t quit and has a lot of heart though.
    I think Elway may regret not keeping CJ at a $2.5 million tender? we’ll see.

  8. Happy to have him along with Jay Ajayi. I think he Ajayi will surprise a lot. He can catch a wheel route like no other. Ever watch him in College? Philbum and Lasor were so stubborn. Great job so far in FA. Picking up much needed players and not breaking the bank for a sound $ future. Yes, some are a risk, but the Contracts aren’t. If Kiko performs at near Bills Rookie year for $991K, we got the steal of the FA. If not, he gets no new Contract. I like it.

  9. Team needing a starting QB with $17M in cap space likely isn’t matching that.

    If Colin Kaepernick’s contract is kept intact when traded, it’ll be a 5 yr/$89.2M deal w/ a $13.425M cap in 2016.

  10. Broncos seem miserly. Won’t resign your own after a SB? Ok, we’ll see if you’re just smarter than everyone else who has ever won one.

  11. a HUGE misstep by Elway in not giving him the second rd tender. couldve had him for under $3 mil for next year. nobody wouldve given up a 2nd rd pick for him with other competent backs still on the market. big mistake.

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