Dolphins sign C.J. Anderson to offer sheet

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The Super Bowl champion Broncos will lose yet another key player if they don’t match the Dolphins’ offer sheet to running back C.J. Anderson.

Anderson has signed a four-year contract offer sheet with Miami, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. Anderson played for Dolphins coach Adam Gase while Gase was the Broncos’ offensive coordinator, so he knows the offense in Miami.

There’s no immediate financial detail on the offer, but the Broncos will get five days to match the Dolphins’ offer. Anderson is a restricted free agent whom the Broncos chose to tender at the lowest level, which means Denver will not get any compensation if it chooses not to match the offer.

Last year Anderson had a good regular season in Denver and an even better postseason. The Dolphins would like to sign him to replace running back Lamar Miller, who signed with the Texans in free agency.

36 responses to “Dolphins sign C.J. Anderson to offer sheet

  1. The Broncos will probably let him walk… Don’t overpay Elway, we can get another RB…

  2. Dolphins constantly over pay…they have to or they won’t draw players.

    I think Denver matches this one.

  3. I’m betting Elway re-signs Anderson. They have more cap room with anybody they sign to play QB, than had Osweiller stayed. The guy has quick feet and don’t forget, he ran into Kuechly, then bulldozed his way into the endzone.

  4. Elway you’ve got slim pickings in the QB department / RB’s might a dime a dozen but good luck with the self centered cry babies that left to lead your squad … Elway has always been a pompous D-bag I hope he doesn’t see a playoff game the rest of his career ….. Nothing against the players at all but he’s the first spoiled brat to get his own way – cuz he didn’t wanna play in Baltimore …. Here’s to 2-14 – CHEERS

  5. Reportedly, 18 mil for 4 years. He’s very familiar with and admires Gase, who was his OC when he went to the pro bowl. I like that he doesn’t go down on the first tackle attempt.

  6. Denver can plug in just about anyone in that system, Alfred Morris ran the same one in Washinton. Alf to Denver!

  7. mistrezzrachael says:
    Mar 10, 2016 5:02 PM
    Dolphins constantly over pay…they have to or they won’t draw players.

    I think Denver matches this one.
    They didn’t over pay for Mario Williams. And if that’s the case with CJ (which it doesn’t appear to be the case), what makes you so sure the Bronco’s will match. They haven’t for anyone else on that was on their roster thus far.

  8. They waasaaay over paid for Mario Williams He will be a beast in camp and the first few games of the season the. He punches the time card out.

  9. CJ is every bit as good as Miller and better yet can break tackles. Miller is getting 6.5 a yr and CJ 4mil. A steal!

  10. Steve Ross must have taken a vacation with Dan Snyder to learn his ways of building an instant championship team (LOL!) But Dan hasn’t been playing that game the last two years! Your going to have to put away those Snyder comments soon since he got him a GM to run his team and look what it got us, we won the NFC East division. Yes, the other teams were injury ridden but so were the Skins. I’m not saying the Skins will be playoff contenders every year, what I’m saying is that we have a responsible adult building the team now.

  11. I wanted Lamar back, but even though he’s explosive and a game-changer, he has his weaknesses.
    CJ can pass-protect, something Miller wasn’t great at. Knows Gases’ system, and Tannehill will need the help this year since this is his last real year to show he’s the starting QB.
    Also means they don’t have to spend a draft pick on a RB.

  12. Dolphins didn’t overpay for Mario Williams ($8.5) when you consider they lost Vernon to a contract with more guaranteed money than JJ Watt’s and will also most likely get a 3rd round compensatory pick next year because of the size of the contract.

  13. Williams had close to 40 sacks in the 4-3 defense the 1st 3 years and the 3-4 Rex used and he dropped down to 5 sacks. Fins play 4-3 so lets see @ 8 mill a year it might be a great deal.

  14. He’s deceptively injury prone. The media and dramatic pft comments will make a big deal out of him leaving, but the running game wasn’t exactly amazing last year. Some long runs really skew their stats

    But they better sign Brandon Marshall and get another d-lineman with the money they aren’t spending

  15. What seems different in this offseason for Miami is that they are picking up bargains. That’s smart, I like.

  16. It’s gotta suck being a Bills fan – no titles , rotten weather , no QB , most players REALLY don’t want to play there , plus the last time you were in the playoffs next high school graduates were just being born…

  17. mistrezzrachael says:
    Mar 10, 2016 5:02 PM

    Dolphins constantly over pay…they have to or they won’t draw players.

    I think Denver matches this one.
    We only want players who want to be here….John Elway. Signing an offer sheet seems like strong evidence of a player wanting to be somewhere else besides Denver. Let’s see how committed to his words Elway really is.

  18. if the broncos had tendered him at higher level they would be looking at a comp draft pick; diff is $900k so for $900k bronchos loses a starting rb with no draft compensation

    elway blew this over chump change

  19. pastanow says:
    Mar 10, 2016 5:04 PM
    Dolphins are perennial offseason champs then the seaso begins…
    Doesn’t look like they’re going for that distinction this year, in fact, quite the opposite.

  20. Been saying for the last 2 years that the Broncos sold their future and went all out for the short term success. It worked, they won a Super Bowl but for the next 2-3 years they will be lucky if they don’t finish last in the division. It’s the Raiders and Chiefs battling for the division for the next 2-3 years.

  21. Never overpay for a running back.

    How many times do we have to see a) a running back sign a huge deal and then regress and b) see teams lose running backs in free agency and easily replace them.

    I’ve come to the belief that RB production, with a few obvious exceptions, is 25% talent and 75% OL/scheme.

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