Giants sign Keenan Robinson

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The Giants have added another new face to their defense.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that the Giants have signed linebacker Keenan Robinson. Robinson joins defensive end Olivier Vernon, defensive tackle Damon Harrison and cornerback Janoris Jenkins as additions to a unit that struggled throughout the 2015 season. Terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed, but it’s safe to assume that Robinson’s payout won’t approach what those three are getting from the Giants.

The Giants know Robinson well as he spent the first four years of his career with the Redskins. He was a fourth-round pick in 2012 and has played 36 games in his career after missing the entire 2013 season with a torn pectoral.

Robinson started 21 games the last two seasons, although he dealt with injuries again in 2015, and recorded 172 tackles, 1.5 sacks and two interceptions while playing inside on the Washington defense. The Giants are thin in that area with Jon Beason gone and Jasper Brinkley a free agent. In a perfect world, Robinson would solidify that spot in a similar way that Antonio Pierce did after the Giants signed him away from the Redskins.

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  1. Pretty busy free agency period for a team that “builds the team through the draft”. I remember all the giants fans preaching how you can’t buy championships in free agency prior to this.

  2. I hope we can sign back Brinkley on the cheap in addition to this move. I like where we’re headed, givin Spags the motors to run that nasty Nascar!!!!

  3. It’s true, you can’t buy championships. But when your roster is ravaged by injury and little quality depth you need to fill holes so that your draft day isn’t consumed by need picks. Factor in the $60M they had to play with and it only makes sense that they aggressively pursue quality players. It’s not a dream team, it’s replenishing a bad roster.

  4. I always liked Robinson and he shows flashes with his speed but if you put anyone between him and the ball carrier he gets gobbled up and lost. Wish him all the best against the other 2 teams in the division.

  5. Remember when the Eagles said Chip would revolutionize their franchise. Those are the same dump trucks that are so mad about the Giants dominating free agency.

  6. Wasted money all around. This team will be at best 3rd in the division. Bad coach, dumb QB, and becoming the new “dream team” is a massive mistake. Keep it up swamp land North Jersey team.

  7. He’s horrid against the run but may very well succeed in a different defense if he can stay healthy. But don’t be surprised if he comes on, flashes potential and then gets hurt.

  8. Thanks you so much for your common sense. This is no dream team. As a Giants fan, it was hard watching a defense that wasn’t good enough to compete on the college level. ZERO QB pressure. Horrible secondary play minus DRC. He played lights out.

    They had to spend the money, but the details of the Vernon deal shows that Reese put together a savvy deal. This deal is really a 2 year 40 million dollar signing, with the Giants being able to cut him after year 2 if he goes bust, with a minimal cap hit.

    Also, the cap is increasing, so the signings are in sync with the increase in cap space. More cap space, higher spending. For those saying the Giants can’t build a SB team, they are doing that.

    They are filling major holes on the roster. Now, they will have great flexibility in the draft. Reports still show that they have about 17 million more in cap space to spend.

  9. We’re a dream team to you eagles fans that’s for sure. 1 Lombardi a decade is in your dreams.

  10. did this year superbowl champs build via the draft of free agency? Pats and the Steelers are the only two consistent winning teams that can claim winning via the draft in this era

  11. I don’t understand everyone bashing the Giants . Should they just sit out of free agency & not spend any money? Like seriously , they have the money , they have needs , you can’t draft someone for every damn position & expect your team to turn around . You have to sign free agents . Yes they are overpaying but I applaud they fact that they are committed to making a change in the franchise . We needed players to improve the roster & a solid draft will be a great complimentary to this active free agency .

  12. Writing blank checks is not dominating free agency, son. Giving a guy 52.5 million who had 7.5 sacks in a contract year is just desperate. Giving a guy, who, at his introductory press conference said “I should probably stop being so lazy at the end of games” (lol) 29 million guaranteed and 40 million over the first three years is not dominating. Just because you had the most money and spend it, doesn’t mean you dominated anything. You know what it means? You gotta DREAM TEAM HAHAHA.

    Hey, thenewyorker718, why wasn’t that your philosophy when the Eagles were the ones spending money. Just a few years ago, it was idiotic to break the bank in free agency and it was all about building through the draft.

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