Hoyer likely out in Houston “sooner than later”


With the Texans signing quarterback Brock Osweiler to a four-year, $72 million contract, the quarterback they signed last year at this time is likely on his last legs in Houston.

Per a league source, veteran Brian Hoyer is expected to exit the roster “sooner than later.”

Signed through 2016 at the very affordable rate of $4 million (especially in light of the current market), the Texans could try to trade Hoyer. They specifically could try to trade him to the Jets, especially since the Jets were the other team Hoyer was considering last year as a free agent.

The Broncos also could be interested, along with any other team that doesn’t have a clear-cut starter. Even those that do would be wise to consider whether Hoyer makes sense as a backup, especially at $4 million.

Hoyer has shown significant flashes at times, but injuries (including concussions) have prevented him from reaching his full potential. Last year’s run to the postseason ended with an ugly home loss to the Chiefs in the wild-card round, which undoubtedly set the stage for Houston’s decision to go all in for Osweiler.

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  1. Hoyer might not be the guy that you sign to a five year $125 million contract, but at $4 million a year he’s even cheaper than Mark Sanchez. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t really much better, and is going to be MUCH more costly, and Kaepernick is three times as costly for a guy that is a project.

    In an environment where Chase Daniels just signed for $36 million as a backup, why not take a flyer on a cheap QB?

  2. Look at it as an upgrade for the Jets. Rather than a QB who chokes just to get to the playoffs, they can have a 0 points/5 turnover QB once they get TO the playoffs.

    Baby steps…

  3. Here’s a fun game — guess which of these Texans QB just got a $72 million contract to be the “franchise” QB and which one (with a $4.8m cap number in 2016) is about to get cut?

    Texans QB A (with 1 Pro Bowl WR): 11 games, 224/369 (60.7%), 2,606 yards (237 yds/gm), 7.06 yds/attempt, 19 TDs, 7 INTs, 25 sacks, 15 rushes for 44 yards, 91.4 QB rating, 59.6 QBR

    Texans QB B (with 2 Pro Bowl WRs): 8 games, 170/275 (61.8%), 1,967 yards (246 yds/gm), 7.15 yards/attempt, 10 TDs, 6 INTs, 23 sacks, 21 rushes for 61 yards, 86.4 rating, 48.8 QBR

    Good luck!

  4. Everything happens sooner than later. Because whenever it happens, it is sooner than later.

  5. Hoyer has shown significant flashes at times, but injuries (including concussions) have prevented him from reaching his full potential….

    No, Hoyer has reached his full potential, first in Cleveland and then in Houston – that’s just who he is. That said, once he realizes he’s a back-up, he could be a good one for some team.

  6. Hoyer got a legitimate chance to lead a team and failed, making one bad decision after another. He was bailed out by a good defense the final half of the season. I have to think Houston has a backup plan beyond Hoyer. Savage looked pretty good up until his injury. Maybe he’s the backup. Heck, Yates played well enough to earn a look.

  7. With a capable QB Houston is going to be a real contender this season!

    If they’re smart they’ll move Clowney for a good draft pick and get some value for him while they still can. Two years in and the guy hasn’t made any difference at all.

  8. He was given every opportunity in Houston and never took advantage. The playoff game was atrocious with the turnovers.

  9. They’ll dump Hoyer and replace him with Christian Hackenburg in the 3rd round.

  10. Houston shouldn’t worry about the sooner than later thing at all. Don’t get rid of him until you can get a 4th or 5th round pick. If nobody offers you one now, wait until after the 2nd or 3rd preseason game when panic starts setting in for someone. Cutting him would be dumb.

  11. Like his NFL colleague Ryan Fitzpatrick, Hoyer has reached his personal ceiling as a quarterback and is not likely to go any further. Prepare for life as a backup, Brian and Ryan.

  12. The Texans don’t HAVE to cut Hoyer. They can see if someone is willing to trade for him or he can stay on the roster for 1 more year as the backup.

  13. Texans would be foolish to cut ties with an affordable
    back up QB, who might not be great, but is competent.

  14. Word is Baltimore is bringing Hoyer in to compete with Mallett for the second string job behind Flacco

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