Jaguars cut Toby Gerhart

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If you’re looking for an argument against signing veteran running backs in free agency, look no further than Toby Gerhart.

The Jaguars cut Gerhart today, bringing to an end a disappointing tenure in Jacksonville that began when they signed him to a three-year, $10.5 million contract two years ago.

As it turned out, Gerhart made $7 million for his two years in Jacksonville, and in that time he totaled 370 rushing yards and averaged 3.06 yards a carry.

Now the Jaguars have signed running back Chris Ivory, so Gerhart is expendable. The Jaguars have to hope Ivory proves to be a better signing than Gerhart. He could hardly be worse.

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  1. I don’t think that’s so much an indictment of getting RBs in free agency as it is an indictment of the Jaguars’ pro scouting department.

    Opinions differ, sure, but I don’t know anyone who looked at Toby Gerhart’s tenure with the Vikings and said, “That guy is worth a lot of money! I want him on my team!”

    Trent Richardson already made the case against expensive RB signings anyway.

  2. Had. We’re fools to offer Toby a chance period. He was nothing special in Minnesota. Who didn’t kno he was going to be a flop? I dunno of any team who needs his service. Maybe in Canada but Toby is so bad, that even Canada would be a stretch. I hope was wise with his money.

  3. His career was a mystery to me as to how he ever made it this far, including getting a FA contract. He never looked particularly good backing up Peterson in Minnesota, and I thought he was a mediocre prospect coming out of Stanford. It would be like somebody overpaying for Taylor in Arizona who is rightfully a 3rd stringer and ST guy for them.

  4. This guy was a joke on Minnesota..made no sense why jags signed him..and do i really need to say why he sucked?..come on ..everyone knows why

  5. He did better as a backup in minnesota. Maybe the jaguars being a terrible team with a terrible o line had something to do with it. I bet hed do well with a decent or good team.

  6. He essentially stole the money from Jacksonville and was replaced by T.J. Yeldon who was MUCH more productive. That was when Gerhart wasn’t injured. I hope he saved some of that money he got from those two pathetic years because after that effort, no team is going to pay him anything more than the minimum unless they’re stupid.

  7. Rick Spielman makes great picks in the first round but his second round picks might be the worst in league history.

    Ryan Cook, Cedric Griffin, Tyrell Johnson, Chris Cook, Toby Gerhart.


  8. I don’t think it’s so much as his age that made him a bad running back. I think it’s more likely his race. I would never sign a white RB, and I’m white.

  9. I liked him in Mpls but he literally fell off the map in Jax. His options realistically at this point are either a veteran minimum deal or a TV gig. Wouldn’t surprise me if he is doing color commentary for Pac-10 games this fall.

  10. Jags were correct in signing him, you thought he could give you one good year before it became Bortles’ team, but he fell apart.

  11. Minnesota sucked the life and passion out of this player, as it does most Vikings. Unfortunately they go right into the egos of the team’s most blowhard fans.

  12. He did well as a backup in Minnesota, but he wasn’t cut out to be a primary running back. His ego got ahead of him and he thought he was better than he really was. So did the Jags. Both he and the Jags would have been better off if he had recognized his limitations and stayed with the Vikings. He’d still be better than anyone playing running back for the Packers.

  13. Decent back-up, but not a starter; however, the thing that sticks with me is the time late in a game with the Vikes when he fumbled on like 3 successive plays.

    I suppose he could put on an extra 80 pounds and become a feature back for the Packers.

  14. You’d think after this many years away from the Vikings, the stink would wear off with guys like him, Harvin, Berrian, Jennings, Ponder, Cassel (even Walsh was a good kicker when he arrived there). As Rocky’s manager once said, it’s poymanent!

  15. He’s not a 3rd down back: see Jags vs. Buffalo last season.

    This may be it for the guy.

  16. firerogergoodell says:
    Mar 10, 2016 8:40 PM

    Rick Spielman makes great picks in the first round but his second round picks might be the worst in league history.

    Ryan Cook, Cedric Griffin, Tyrell Johnson, Chris Cook, Toby Gerhart.


    Those picks were all before he became GM and were largely influenced by Brad Childress. Last year it was Eric Kendricks. He traded away his second round pick the three years before that to get back into the first round and got Harrison Smith, Teddy Bridgewater, and some wide receiver whose name slips my mind.

  17. ……the JAGS have no excuse NOT to make the playoff…..they have the players and now for the most part the experience. .The olny thing holding them bavk now is that go awful multi colored helmet and those Nike , “i’m a college football team”uniforms.

  18. It just goes to show you how far his daddy got him. His dad was his high school coach and my son played against him. If you look at this kids stats when he broke the high school rushing record , he got the BALL on “every play”, hell even the talented wide outs were simply pass blockers. Even in fourth quarter blow-outs this guy was still in running the rock. Mission accomplished, just another average Joe with an incredible amount of carries. It got him to college and got him “into” the NFL. At the end of the day, he’s got a nice degree from Stanford and Million$$ in the bank. I hope he paid daddy his cut after getting exposed. It could have been a lot worse………………

  19. Dude got FOUR chances to get it in from the 1 yard line and repeatedly ran into his own blockers – no vision or lateral ability whatsoever – Nice guy – not a good running back. Go Jags!

  20. I’ll never forget the GIF I saw on Grantland of Gerhart ignoring a wide open hole to the left and charging straight into a pile of bodies up the middle for no gain. Not quite as easy as Stanford I guess (even though I think he should’ve got the Heisman over Ingram).

  21. If Asiata decides to play elsewhere this season, then the Vikings should seriously consider bringing Toby Smash back. He was a solid backup to Peterson and offers good pass protection on 3rd down when needed.

    He only had that one bad game against the 49ers where he fumbled 3 times, yet I believe the Vikings still won.

  22. NFL…Not For Long. Toby terrific at Stanford, consistency all around: coach, players, team. Not so in the pro’s, super crappy O line with Jags. He’ll catch on elsewhere if he’s still game, terrific person.

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