Jermaine Kearse stays in Seattle


Seahawks receiver Jermaine Kearse said just before the start of free agency that he didn’t plan to stay in Seattle. But sometimes plans change.

Kearse and the Seahawks have agreed to a three-year contract, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

As a native of Lakewood, Washington, who played his college football at Washington, it only makes sense for Kearse and the Seahawks to find a way to make it work, and now they have. It’s unclear what transpired in the last couple of days to get the surprising move done, but it keeps Kearse in the only place he’s called home.

Last season Kearse started all 16 games and had career highs in catches (49), yards (685) and touchdowns (five).

29 responses to “Jermaine Kearse stays in Seattle

  1. I like Kearse – he came up the Seahawk way. Undrafted rookie, earned a spot with special teams, gradually got better each year. Not to mention he was a part of that offense that exploded the last half of the season. You hate to mess too much with that.

    However, I hope they paid no more than $4M/year.

  2. Kind of disappointed as a Seahawks fan. I like Kearse but he is so inconsistent and will disappear for stretches. Wanted to see what our other receivers like Richardson could do. Hopefully we didn’t pay over 4 million a year.

  3. They lost a lot of good players someone said? Their replacements have already been drafted in hill and Clark.
    We retained our best defensive free agents Rubin and lane. Note kearse stays as our top 3 receiver. 3yr/13 mill. Worth I every penny to see him throw into the stands again

  4. What happened the last couple days is that no one wanted him. He’s inconsistent and needs Wilson to extend plays brfore he gets open.

  5. I think there is really good chemistry between Kearse and Wilson – I don’t think he would be as valuable to another team. Looks like other teams didn’t want to overpay for someone who might not be as good with a different team.

  6. The only reason I can think that we resigned him is cause he’s always healthy. I’m forever grateful for all he has done for the Hawks but I thought we shouldve let him walk.

    Nothing about Kearse stands out and I thought we could get his production out of a rookie or one of the other 15 UDFA receivers from UW on our roster currently. I think the worst part is that he’s taking snaps away from other receivers that probably, more than likely have higher ceilings.

  7. Saw how it worked out for Tate. Grass is far from greener.

    Some money freed with Mebane, Sweezy and Irvin. Defense has some holes to fill through the draft, but Avril and Bennett up front are still fine. And fully confident in JS and PC to find those next great stories.

  8. Just let Okung walk whatever you do. He’s a false start machine waiting to happen.

    Kearse scored big time. $3.3M a year beats holding down a regular job. Nothing to sneeze at. But I’d have rather developed a younger speedier receiver that can get open. Some of my the Hawks moves are head scratching. Like the play call from the 1 yard line. Fire Bevel already! No other team wants Bevel either. Like Kearse.

  9. I’m sure his new contract wasn’t because of his performance in the 2014-15 NFC Championship game…


    Was that the one where he caught the game winning TD in OT?

  10. Plans change when you realize that everyone else in the NFL views you as a #4 WR on a team that doesn’t have garbage at the position.


    Says the guy who is a fan of the team he torched in the NFC championship game.

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