Marcus Sherels set for visit with Jets

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The Jets released Jeremy Kerley on Wednesday, which meant that they moved into the new league year without their primary punt returner from last season.

They may have their eyes on Marcus Sherels to fill that void on the roster. Matt Vensel of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Wednesday night that Sherels is set for a visit with the Jets on Thursday.

Sherels made the Vikings practice squad as an undrafted free agent in 2010 and played one game for them late that season. He’s played every game in the last five seasons and while he has seen some time at cornerback, his primary role has been as Minnesota’s punt returner.

He’s had success in the role, returning punts for touchdowns in three of the last four seasons and averaging over 10 yards per return over the course of his career.

26 responses to “Marcus Sherels set for visit with Jets

  1. Marcus, please stay. We need you to secure our special teams. You’re sure handed with punts and you’re an excellent gunner. With the Vikings playing in close games, your play can really help the team. I hope Rick brings you back.

  2. As a Viking fan, I can only ask why he hasn’t been signed yet.

    Sherels a fantastic punt returner who is as sure-handed as any returner in the league, but he also does a great job on coverage, makes a lot of special teams tackles. He’ll even do a decent job as a DB when asked. This is one player who will be missed if he ends up leaving.

  3. I’d be sorry to see him leave the Vikes.

    He’s from Rochester, MN and it’s always great to have a local kid do well for the team he grew up cheering for.

    If the Jets get him – they’re getting a very good punt returner and depth guy for their defensive backfield.

  4. He is a special team player only. Not sure that the Vikings can afford to have him on the team. He is not a NFL cb. He is a solid punt returner.

  5. I hate the business side of this sport.

    Marcus is a great underdog story and a great player. His name never comes up in the media complaining or creating a stir. You always think you are set with a punt returner until he fumbles one at a crucial time. This guy is solid, hangs on to the ball and runs smart. He’s a keeper.

  6. I’m sure the green & gold “experts” will be quick to comment that he’s “overrated”.

  7. I’m sure Mike Priefer wants to keep him. If the Jets make him an offer and the Vikes match it or come close, I’d think he would stay. Every year he’s an underdog to make the team and every year he makes it without question.

  8. Marcus will be missed more as a gunner and has been a really good teammate. I think they’ll let him go. Diggs could be an explosive upgrade on punt returns. We’ll find out as soon as the preseason opener on the virgin turf of the brand new spectacular U.S. Bank Stadium.

  9. can’t patterson return punts? Or is he trade bait. Sherel’s was always solid except in the games he helped win and then lose.

    Happy to have him back, if it happens.

  10. Seriously, why are the Vikings even letting this happen? They better match the Jets or make a better offer (which at that point I think he will stay with his teammates/friends and fans in MN). This guy is a TEAM player and a true asset. I really hope they don’t let this happen. But, if it does, I wish him ALL THE BEST.

  11. Great special teams player overall, not just a great punt returner. If he signs, Jets fans will love the guy.

  12. This poor guy has been in the league 5 years and never won a single playoff game. Frankly, he never will if he stays with the hapless and tasteless Vikings. He should be considering more competitive franchises.

  13. “Can’t afford him”? the Vikings have over 20 million in cap space left!
    He doesn’t fumble, he makes smart decisions, and mostly he is a great teammate.
    I hope he doesn’t, but if he goes to the Jets I wish him well. he will add character to your team..

  14. This would be a shame…. How often is a team’s return man also an excellent coverage guy? From a strictly roster standpoint, he covers two depth positions, freeing up space for other needs. He’s worth it. Bring him back.

  15. WTF… I thought this was a local guy… I didn’t think he’d actually go somewhere else?? That’s like letting Mauer go almost… We’ll hear it all season how the new guy isn’t cutting the mustard.. I can hear it already… I hope they give him a bag of money though because I think the secrets out and we aint keeping him anyway.. unless he doesn’t like money or something…

  16. We have to remember the words of Bud Grant. He called them kick teams and not special teams.

    “If there was anything special about them, they would be playing on regular teams.”

  17. If he goes I’ll hate it but hope he makes a bunch of $$ if it happens. Seriously hard working guy that has fought adversity from day one. He has been a great Viking IMO and a Minnesotan as well. Really want him to stay. I’d be much happier to give Patterson the boot and re-sign Sherels

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