Mario Williams expects the dogs to hunt in Miami

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Defensive end Mario Williams was available to sign with the Dolphins this week because things went very wrong for him with the Bills last season.

Williams recorded just five sacks in coach Rex Ryan’s first season with the Bills, something he wasn’t shy about blaming on the way he was being used in Ryan’s scheme. Some with the Bills were equally forthcoming with their feeling that Williams was playing at less than full effort, although Williams was a bit more focused on the defensive scheme when discussing what will be different now that he’s in Miami.

“Honestly, when you get down to it, to what they have me doing, I think for a 4-3, it really doesn’t… to me I think they are both beneficial in their own ways,” Williams said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “It’s just all about utilization. And I know [defensive coordinator Vance Joseph] and his mindset as that coordinator. It’s going to be… the dogs are going to hunt. Guys who get after the quarterback are going to get after the quarterback.”

Last season looks like an aberration when you look at Williams’ overall NFL career, which is why the Dolphins are banking that a change of scenery will lead to a return to pass rushing success. Williams was selling that notion on Wednesday, making several references to the energy and excitement around the Dolphins but it will be a while before we know if that bet pays off.

18 responses to “Mario Williams expects the dogs to hunt in Miami

  1. Top 5 defense to a bottom 1/3 defense. That’s on that over rated DC known as Rex Ryan. When he was with the Jets they had issues getting to the QB. Same thing in Buffalo. Even smart Bills fans saw that coming.

    Here’s another prediction for the Bills. Rex will continue his bravado and 2016 will be another season of no playoffs. Rex will make excuses and the Pegula’s will probably let him talk them into a contract extension. The clown show goes on.

  2. He’s going to have massive games against the Bills and it’s gonna be fun to watch.

  3. I tend to believe him on the scheme thing. After all he was productive the other 9 years in the League and Yes the Dolphins are banking on him doing this. By Banking I think you mean for literally less than half what Olivier Vernon was about to get. Vernon only had 7 sacks to Williams’ 5. Under the circumstances, I am glad he is in Miami.

  4. U better “hunt” because you cut 1 CB and traded for another that cant do a push-up yet. The secondary is gonna last about 2 seconds. It is amazing how a lapse in a good GM can destroy a franchise wow.

  5. maybe one of those dogs can hunt down TannenBUM and gnaw into his carotid artery until he dies from blood loss because these clowns in Davie are the most incompetent administrators in all of football.
    What other football program that struggles to acquire talent loses 4 of their best players in their 20’s entering the prime of their careers and replace them with broken down 30 somethings with commitment questions or injury concerns?

    Chris Grier, you talked about dysfunction being over? You are wrong! The dysfunction has exponentially gotten worse. You guys suck at your jobs and the clueless billionaire sucks at holding you guys accountable.

    Screw off

  6. Lets take the suspense out of it now…

    Jets, Bills, Dolphins….8-8


  7. Boom-or-bust, but next to Suh I think he’ll boom.
    Have to address the LB’s and CB’s harder though, or opposing QB’s are going to just toss it up quickly before the pressure comes, and always beat a defense that cant cover well.

  8. Last year i hated Miami for trying to buy a superbowl. This year I loathe them. Sometimes you cant fix stupid. Love watching a team like this crash and burn.

  9. I’m not about to make any predictions, especially with a new coach, staff, and essentially players, but I will say one thing. I’ll take the 4 time pro bowler for half of what the giants paid for an average DE any day of the week. Usually it’s “the Dolphins are trying to buy a championship” now with them thinking outside the box, the haters have to think of some other issue. On the other hand, I will make one prediction, I think you will see Mario return to pro bowl form.

  10. He had 1 tackle and no sacks in 2 wins against Miami….I know that kind of production will be sorely missed. Enjoy watching and overpaying a player who dogs it 70% of the time. He will also quickly find out Dareus is far more effective than Suh.

  11. The video evidence clearly show Mario slacking last year on a significant number of snaps. He is capable of being dominant, but has never consistently done so. He has always feasted on weak players, and usually gets shut down by anyone even slightly above average.

    As a Bills fan I will miss his talent, but never his ability to sustain effort play in and play out. His own teammates called him out for his effort, and not just last year. Mario is useful when happy and focused, but he is a cancer when he is disgruntled as people making 10% of his salary are putting double the effort in. I think Miami paid about the right price for someone of his talent, and he will produce in Miami some times, but if they think Mario is a true consistent game changer they will be disappointed.

  12. If anyone thinks Mario is going to have a great game against the Bills because he’s playing them twice a year better think again. I’m sure he has revenge on his mind especially on Rex but don’t forget one thing…he dogged it last year on his team mates and they are more pissed at him for letting them down with his no effort attitude! the 100 million dollar man ! I know I would be pissed if I was his team mate! . I would be gunning for him. Go Bills !

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