Mohamed Sanu signs with Falcons

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Mohamed Sanu has officially joined Marvin Jones as a former Bengals wide receiver.

The Falcons announced that they signed Sanu on Thursday afternoon. According to multiple reports, it’s a five-year deal for Sanu worth up to $32.5 million with $14 million fully guaranteed.

Sanu, who was ranked as the No. 38 free agent on PFT’s list, gives the Falcons a new receiver to pair with Julio Jones after parting ways with Roddy White this month. Sanu started 27 games for the Bengals in 2013 and 2014, but made only four starts last season. He caught 33 passes for 394 yards and ran for a pair of touchdowns a year after a 56-catch, 790-yard campaign.

Sanu joins center Alex Mack as significant offensive additions to the Falcons after their hopes for the 2015 season faded along with their offense in the middle of the season. After his release, White said he felt offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan “literally cost us two games” with poor coaching and the Falcons likely hope the new faces voice fewer complaints during the 2016 season.

34 responses to “Mohamed Sanu signs with Falcons

  1. Wow! Add another often injured player to the roster. Get out the wheelchairs Arthur! They’re going to need you down on the sidelines.

  2. well I’m going to miss Mo and his trick plays and occasional wildcats, but truth be told, he had the chance a couple years ago to step up and prove himself when everyone else was hurt and he didn’t.

  3. Glad he gets his money, but other than a few wildcat plays, I can’t remember a time where I thought “boy I’m glad that guy’s on The Bengals”. He’s a nice guy, a team first guy from what I know, but he’s at best a #3 WR. He had his chance a few times (Marvin Jones injury, AJ Green injuries) to step up and be a #2, never did it though.

  4. Auto starting video sucks. And you wonder why so many people use ad blockers? If I want to see the video, I’ll let you know.

  5. Look at that contract.

    These GMs are just giving themselves more rope to hang themselves with here.

    My goodness.

    Giants, ATL, Miami, etc, all cooked for years to come with such unhealthy contracts all over the place.

  6. $6.5 mil per year, 2+ years fully guaranteed for a #3 WR?!? Falcons are crazy. Just go draft a guy in 2nd or 3rd round, will produce same numbers for a whole lot less.

  7. Quinn, Shannahan and Dimitroff are standing by the dumpster fire warming their hands as Arthur’s money goes up in flames.

  8. Roddy white is a loser. They win 8 games last year, 6 and 4 wins the previous 2 years and Roddy White has the worst yards after catch in the NFL. Roddy seams to have all the answers as well.You will be lucky to get signed by another team. Thank the lord the Falcons were smart enough to get a true number 2 that will practice and make some plays after the catch.

  9. That’s a lot of moola for a marginally productive, no successful track record in big games receiver.

    Spending cap space just to spend is the shortcut to another losing season.

  10. No wonder he blew off the trip to New England, Pats never would have overpaid him like that.

  11. I love mo he is a great dude and I’m happy for him but mark my words: this will go down as o s of the worst signi vs in free agency this year. Mo is nothing my more than a solid 3 re reciever that is a jack of all trades. You paid him like a top tier #2. I don think He even caught a td last year. I had the feeling Atlanta was many players away not an overpaid wr and center. Horrible signing

  12. The Incredible, Disappearing, Invisible Mohamed Sanu.

    In four season… Mohamed Sanu ONLY had EIGHT GAMES with more than 60 yards.

    Out of 60 total career games… Sanu had 40 games with 3 receptions or less.

    Sanu is high character, hard worker… but… could rarely get separation against the opposing team’s #3 cornerback.

    Good luck, Mohamed.

  13. Wont matter who plays WR for Failcons, pressure Matty Ice and watch the happy feet and the obligatory turnovers.

  14. Sanu is a great character guy but that does not transfer over to the field. He is an average number 3 receiver at best. To pay him 6.5 million a year is the definition of overpaying a player to fill a need. All he really has ever been is a gimmick player who was brought in for wildcat formations. I am glad that Katie and the Bengals front office decided to pass on him because his replacement will be easily found in the draft at about 1/10th the cost of what he is being paid now. All I can say is good luck Sanu but honestly you will not be missed on the field.

  15. This proves why the Bengals have become better as an organization. Someone said it earlier. Why pay that, when you can get same production from someone out of the draft for cheaper. And that’s EXACTLY what the Bengals will do

  16. As a Bengals fan, I once had high hopes for Sanu. After 4 years of watching every game, the guy is nothing more than a possession receiver with questionable hands. You’ll love him on trick plays though. He can sling it pretty good for a WR. Is that worth 7 million though? Yikes.

  17. Sanu is low-level WR 2 who couldn’t step into his own even with Green and Eifert drawing heavy coverage. The Falcons way overpaid for him. Good for him though, but I doubt he’ll see even half that money.

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