Osweiler channels Peyton Manning at introductory press conference


It wasn’t as smooth or as polished, and it didn’t flow with the same Elvis-style drawl. But quarterback Brock Osweiler’s first press conference with the Texans seemed a lot like quarterback Peyton Manning’s last press conference with the Broncos.

Osweiler, the only one of the four players introduced by the Texans to show up in a suit, emphasized his intention to work hard. Three days after Manning, voice breaking with emotion and pride, talked wistfully about the fact that no one could outprepare him, Osweiler said, “I promise you that I will come in this building every single day, rain or shine, and I will give it everything I have. Nobody will outwork me and nobody will outprepare me.”

With Manning, it felt raw and real. With Osweiler, and with all due respect, it felt like words, at least for now.

But it will feel like words until there are deeds to back it up. Peyton Manning didn’t become known for working hard because he told people he plans to work hard. Peyton Manning worked extremely hard, and people noticed it.

Osweiler won’t have a choice but to work hard, given the presence of coach Bill O’Brien. The quarterback said he embraces O’Brien’s R-rated temperament.

“I love it,” Osweiler said. “In fact that’s one of the reasons that I came here. . . . One of the notes I made about Coach O’Brien was passion and fire.”

Osweiler’s ability to placate O’Brien can be attributed to lessons learned from former Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase, who is known for a much less exuberant demeanor. Osweiler said Gase “taught me how to work and prepare on a daily basis every single day in the National Football League.”

It’s what Osweiler will need to do immediately as a member of the Texans, even if he can’t directly work with O’Brien and the rest of the coaching staff until the offseason program begins. Osweiler said he wishes that was coming tomorrow.

The day will come quickly enough, as will the 16 days this year when he’ll have an opportunity to prove that he has indeed as hard as anyone to get ready for the challenge of consistently winning NFL games.

By paying him $18 million per year, the Texans are betting that he will. And while Osweiler is working hard throughout the offseason and into training camp, the little silver ball will be rolling around the boundary of the roulette wheel.

42 responses to “Osweiler channels Peyton Manning at introductory press conference

  1. He showed nothing but class. He presented himself much, much, much better then the other three…

  2. He’ll be at least better than the garbage trove of QB’s they had in there for the last decade….

    Just makes me think… is Matt Schaub the best QB in Texans history? Honestly?

  3. -Took 27 sacks in 7 games
    -Mid 50s QBR (lower then Hoyer in that same span)
    -Routinely had balls batted down at the line of scrimmage- despite being 6’8″
    -Went 3 straight games without scoring in the second half. (An NFL record)

    Best of luck Brock.

  4. Nobody knows how this will turn out so let’s wait and see. Glass half empty or full. Choose your level.

  5. He is not a team player seriously his feeling got hurt for being benched by a better player so he has cry about it.
    Wow it’s all about me … reminds me of RGme.

  6. It’s entirely hypocritical when a player expresses emotions unpopular emotions and people say he needs to act professional or classy, but when a player tries to say the right things, he’s picked apart by fans and the media for blowing smoke.

  7. raideralex99 says:
    Mar 10, 2016 6:14 PM

    He is not a team player seriously his feeling got hurt for being benched by a better player so he has cry about it.
    Wow it’s all about me … reminds me of RGme.

    He got benched so that the worst quarterback in the league, last season, could come in and hand the ball off.

  8. Good Luck Brock. Broncos have shown they can win the SB with the worst QB play in NFL history and will be a contender again no matter who they bring in because they all ready did it last year with Manning being the worst QB in the league and you not being able to find the endzone. The Texans have never shown anything except their O-Line ruining QBs careers (Carr and Schaub). Should go well with your 20 sacks in 7 games. Possibly the first record you break will be Carrs QB sacks in a season

  9. mandings36 says:
    Mar 10, 2016 5:46 PM
    He’ll be at least better than the garbage trove of QB’s they had in there for the last decade….

    Ya know, mandings36, being the 4th best ballet dancer in Galveston is no prize. Having a QB @$18,000,000/year that are better than other knuckleheads is silly.

    Brock was apparently insulted by Denver for pulling him in San Diego.

    Good, Brock. Go! Be Free. 6’7″, 5-2, lifetime, I’ll eat my hat if he ever sniffs another Super Bowl. In fact, Cammy will see another Super Bowl before Brock.

  10. Its too bad that Osweiler didn’t follow the Bronco karma that blessed this team in 2015. There are a lot of Hard core Bronco fans that would have been far more patient than Texan fans.

  11. I don’t think Brock would have been replaced if the team was responding to his leadership. The Broncos needed to have home field throughout the playoffs, and Brock was giving it away.

  12. Good move Brock.
    Now brace yourself for the Jay Cutler treatment / character assination by the Broncos media.


    Yes, because Cutler is loved, praised, and respected in Chicago, oh no, wait a minute…

  13. I can’t believe Houston gave this guy $18 mill per without even meeting him first.

    Wouldn’t it be something if O’Brien and Brock don’t get along.

  14. “One of the notes I made about Coach O’Brien was passion and fire.”

    Yes, he’s shown he’s ready to fire his QBs at the drop of a hat. Risky jump for Osweiler.

  15. Got to laugh like crazy at the jilted and desperate Broncos fans who see a losing season ahead with a diluted defense and no offense.

    Perhaps Elway is already speed dialing Tebow?

    Opps, Tebow refuses to answer to help an already sinking ship.

    The Broncos will be not even beat out the Raiders, Chargers, and KC next season.

    Welcome to the cellar, donkey fans! My, the fall from the penthouse to the bottom outhouse was QUICK!!!

  16. I am not a Broncos fan so no crying here. I just don’t see what is so special about this kid. IMO mediocre or less. Ni think Houston fans are going to be booing him and Obrien before the season is over and Brock will be laughing all the way to the bank. At least this time when he is benched he will be collecting over a mil a game for sitting there. Unreal

  17. Reminds me in every way of Rob Johnson, has bust written all over his play, but if you’re a team with no QB, whats choices do you really have?

  18. hopefully he absorbed a lot of knowledge from Peyton on how to be a pro, he’d be following one of the best from a preparation perspective

  19. As far as time spent on the field, Brock Osweiler is a very young QB. He’ll only get better. He will be everything the Texans hoped he be. A great QB. This is a bright day for the Texans.

  20. How exactly is Denvers D diluted? They lost 2 2nd tier players and all the big names are still there. You people (take that how you want) wouldn’t even know who Malik and Danny T. were if it were not for these “experts” calling them big time FA.

  21. I don’t know who to laugh at the hardest, the Texans or Broncos.

    Well….the Texans, cuz at least Denver has their trophy now. Houston is gonna get a rude awakening come fall when they see Brock play! ha!

  22. Osweiler is 1-0 against Brady. He maybe the only QB with a winning record against Brady this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if that record improves to 2-0 this season.

  23. gonakgod says:
    Mar 10, 2016 9:09 PM
    Peyton Manning is rolling in his grave…
    Really??? Peyton Manning is rolling in dough and I don’t mean the pizza kind.
    This kid is nothing and I mean nothing. Just hide and watch when he does not get his way or gets hurt or us lets see stung by a bee while on the bench.
    He treated his teammates badly by ignoring their calls and he couldn’t spot a blitz if it were coming at him labeled blitz.

  24. randomguy9999 says:
    Mar 10, 2016 7:08 PM
    Osweiler is a really expensive mistake… get ready for mediocrity
    The Texans aim for mediocrity.

  25. It’s a risk worth taking for Houston. Did you people see Hoyer v KC? What was the next best option?

    Believe them or not, Broncos can’t be happy about having no QB.

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