Report: Broncos have been in touch with Ryan Fitzpatrick

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With Brock Osweiler in Houston and Peyton Manning retired, the Broncos need a quarterback.

The early word has been that a trade for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is a move they’d like to make to remedy that rather significant hole in their roster, but it’s far from a guarantee that they’ll be able to make that happen. As a result, they’re reportedly keeping tabs on other options.

Michael Silver of NFL Media reports that the Broncos have “been in touch” with the agent for Ryan Fitzpatrick, who tops the list of available free agent quarterbacks. In a twist that happens often in the NFL around this time of year, Fitzpatrick’s agent Jimmy Sexton also represents Osweiler.

Fitzpatrick has been talking to the Jets about returning after a strong 2015 season, but the two sides are reportedly “nowhere close” to agreeing on numbers that would keep him in Jersey.

Should the Jets lose Fitzpatrick to the Broncos, they might replace the Broncos as bidders for Kaepernick’s services in a trade. They could also consider signing Robert Griffin III, trying to swing a trade for another quarterback or turn the offense back over to Geno Smith, all of which are options likely to met with something less than glee by portions of the Jets fan base.

79 responses to “Report: Broncos have been in touch with Ryan Fitzpatrick

  1. Fitzpatrick is all of sudden Joe Montana, comedy.

    Here’s a little tidbit for the dopey talking heads and scribes, the jets played no one last year, a schedule that was clock full of creampuffs, with the playoffs on the line against Buffalo Fitzpatrick laid a giant egg.

    He is what we thought he was, a back-up qb in the NFL.

    Geno Smith, RG3, Kapernick are all better than Fitzpatrick, all of them.

  2. the jets can get something for geno if mr bill of QBs sam bradford can get all that money. as a jets fan I wouldnt mind RG3 paired up with chan gailey. gailey has gotten more out of a lot less. plus he has weapons with the jets he never had with the skins. pay RG3 3 years for 15 mil with incentives if he wins the starting job with petty and a vet.

  3. While probably true, this is agent PR designed to “trump” up a little war and get the Jets to pay Fitz’s asking price. I doubt the Jets will fall for it and pay. Jets’ management isn’t the same group of old we are used to in the past. These guys are a little smarter than that. They will give a bit and so will Fitz. Can’t believe Bronco’s/Elway really want Fitz.

  4. Fitzpatrick is way better than Geno Smith, better than RG3 and had a better season than Kaepernick his numbers are better than all 3 combined…..let’s get Fitzpatrick…..Elway will make it happen!!!… GO BRONCOS!!!

  5. He is PERFECT for Denver…they have a great D…he is very smart…will not have to win games on his own…just convert about 5 3rd downs a game…

    I hope they get him. I am not a fan but for both sides I think it is a really good fit.

    I think he (Fitz) is smart enough to know that…

  6. As a Jets & NFL fan for over 40 yrs I can say with all honesty & certainty that I would rather Geno (God forbid) & Kaep or RG III (Lord help) compete for the position, with all the talent on offense & more importantly in “Chan Gailey’s” system than overpay Fitzpatrick. Again, Elway has played in multiple SB & has been GM on 2 SB teams, he knows a thing or two about QBs. No way will he overpay for Fitz (who was originally brought to be Geno’s backup) who has neither the skill, talent, pedigree or youth of Brock or any of those other QBs recently signed. Elway is no fool. Neither is the Jets GM, Jets iMaster Mi-Kel Macc! Look what Chase Daniels got. Please people… Relax.

  7. They need a game-manager. Fitz is certainly that. He had a better season than Peyton and Brock combined, so I don’t get the hate being thrown his way. The Jets may have been pretenders, but the Broncos aren’t. He could help them.

  8. It’s just hysterical that Denver doesn’t have a QB! What’s more hysterical are the candidates they have to choose from. Should be interesting to see who ends up there.
    Defense may win championships, but the team still needs a decent QB.

  9. Fitz threw for 3,900 yards and 31 TD’s last year. You can’t just throw that out because it doesn’t conform to your prior opinion of him. Be a little objective.

  10. The nice thing is the Broncos and Jets aren’t going to engage in a bidding war — they’ll offer him what he’s worth, and it will be up to him to decide whether he wants to play for the Champions or the Jets.

  11. Chase daniel is most overpaid nfl player in history , never even been a starter, that will end Horribly for Philly.

  12. Brock getting 18 Million per season for playing in 7 games has had a ripple effect. Every back up or marginal starter wants huge money now.

  13. What has the NFL become when teams are fighting over Ryan Fitzpatrick? Thank God my team has a HOF Quarterback. He’s going to go out in win #7 for the city of Pittsburgh this season just to prove it.

  14. as a Raider fan, I’d rather seem them sign one of the hood QBs, Fitz will actually give them a shot at being good again

  15. mattwalshvideo says:
    Mar 10, 2016 6:54 PM
    Fitzpatrick is all of sudden Joe Montana, comedy.

    Here’s a little tidbit for the dopey talking heads and scribes, the jets played no one last year, a schedule that was clock full of creampuffs, with the playoffs on the line against Buffalo Fitzpatrick laid a giant egg.

    He is what we thought he was, a back-up qb in the NFL.

    Geno Smith, RG3, Kapernick are all better than Fitzpatrick, all of them.

    Maybe you missed it but the Broncos got very little from the QB position last year and still managed to win the SB. While Fitz didn’t exactly tear it up neither did he screw it up. The Broncos may not be returning exactly the same team but taking away the names and going purely on performance Fitz would be an upgrade.

  16. Smart move.

    Fitzpatrick is far better then RGIII, Kaepernick, or Manziel. (three guys linked to the Broncos in recent days)

    It’s not even close. Fitzpatrick is a gamer, warrior, witty, and can lead a team with his desire and fire.

    He won’t be missing practices to party. He won’t be blaming OL’men for sacks. He will make more then one read.

    RGIII/Kaepernick/Manziel are mental midgets who simply cannot command the respect of anyone…. let alone that they can’t perform on the field as well.

    Fitz can do both. These guys neither.

    It’s hilarious people think these other guys are better. They aren’t.

    Denver should be thanking their lucky stars he is even available. With Fitz they have a chance to repeat. Probably don’t, but they have a legit shot.

    With any of these other guys they easily miss the playoffs due to complete incompetence at the QB position.

    Not to mention Manziel/RGIII can tear a team apart, and Kaepernick simply sucks so bad and is so mentally fragile he could too.

    Fitz would be a decent upgrade over a degraded Manning. These others would be a massive downgrade to a falling apart Manning.

  17. Fitz might be their best fit. Kap has more talent but will make more mistakes. Fitz just might have problems if cj Anderson signs elsewhere and always dealing with D Thomas disappearing in big games. Over then that he can rely on his d keeping him in games. Denver still needs a smart qb that wont throw the game away. For all the talk that Denver got nothing from their qbs last year and could win with anyone, Brock doesn’t win that afc title game vs pats. They needed manning.

  18. Build on something you had a part in. Fitzy, come back to the Jets and build on the success you had throwing to B. Marshall and Decker. Now you can hand the ball off to Forte and Bilal Powell is BACK. Plus we have an entire draft and Devin Smith will be healthy. The Jets are a now team how on earth can you possibly pass up this opportunity and Chan Gailey?

  19. I would take him 10 times out of 10 over Kaepernick. And I can’t believe I just typed that.

  20. Forget all three (Kaep, Fitz, or RGIII), let Siemian grow into the position, and save the $$ for picking up quality OL next year. The kid has a ton of talent, and is super quick with reads and decision-making.

  21. So if Denver ends up paying 18 mil a year for Fitz instead of Osweiler how do they feel? So much butt hurt from Denver so far for a guy they apparently didn’t want…

  22. Denver just needs a QB who can play at the same level Peyton did last year and that shouldn’t be 2 hard to find. Yhe D is still intact except dor 2 2nd tier players who other teams overpayed for. The big name guys like Von, Ware, Wolfe, Marshall, Talib, Harris Jr., Ward and Roby are still there. We hace proven we can not only beat our Divion but win the whole thing with below mediocre QB

  23. They only have 17M cap space. They have to get Kap with his $13.425M cap hit in 2016.

  24. The mallard is a fool. Let me guess fitz was in your plan b? Right, this guy just became available. Denver is scurrying due to low balling BO. I think they will suffer with kap, grif, or whomever. They should trade a 1 & 2 to move up to get a qb. They are going to be a team with a good d and no qb and then be 8-8 or 7-9 for years that keeps them from getting a top 5 or 10 draft pick that limits them from what they could be and should be. When you have a great d and or team and suffer due to the qb position this is when you have to sell the farm to get what you need. Nice job mallard- errr Elway.

  25. You Donkeys fans that think you can get by with a mediocre quarterback are delusional.

    Seattle has a pretty good quarterback and a defense that was basically even with the Donkeys defense last season, and they weren’t able to get back to the Super Bowl.

  26. The Broncos only need a game manager. A Trent Dilfer type quarterback can be enough if the defense is good enough. Look at how good Kaeernick appeared when the defense gave the offense several extra possessions per game. That s what it is all about with a defers first team. Low scoring by your opponent and extra possessions for your offense.

  27. this is a heady move by the broncos. think about it, who better to fill peyton mannings helmet then a guy with a big harvard brain. sadly it will all be mush one day if u actually beleive concussions are real

  28. As more days have passed it is becoming clear that Elway blew it with Osweiler. Despite the delusions of many Denver fans about a great defense, they were few plays away from missing the playoffs all together despite the so called great defense. Elway should have signed Osweiler.

  29. Philadelphia is waiting to hear from Denver; Bradford for their first rounder. Denver moves forward with a QB better than either of the guys who just left (Manning was limited at the end and Osweiler is over rated), at little of no premium over what Houston paid Denver’s back up. If not the their 1st rounder, Howie will take a 2nd and 4th.

  30. This is hilarious! The guy that the Jets got for a lowly 7th rounder last year because the QB starved Texans couldn’t stand to have him around is the Denver Broncos “savior” for a second SB!

    News Flash: this game manager journeyman has never been in a playoff game!

    The commenters today were the same ones that said the Jets were desperate last year… I hope he signs for 12mil a year so I can read all the donkey fans comments about how much he sucks!

  31. The Jets aren’t going after him harder because they have 2 really good young quarterbacks in Geno Smith and Bryce Petty.

  32. Fitz is not better than Timmy Tebow, who threw a PASS to best the Steelers/Big Ben; nor better than VY10 who is currently still 3-0 versus Eli[te] Manning/G-Men (“over .500 team”). Jets should unload Fitz-fizzle, draft Brandon Doughty, a kid with real upside, give Geno “the keys to the Ferrari” but make him promise not to crash it like Fitz did, and gradually have Petty (Bryce) compete for the starting job. Take that cash-saving$ and bring in a Greg Olsen-like TE, a solid dink/dunk-style slot WR and an up-and-coming CB who Revis can tutor up. Then the Jets will be true contenders.

  33. No one that has watched RG3 play on a regular basis would suggest that he is the solution in Denver. He can’t play under center, he is confused by multiple reads, and he doesn’t keep his eyes upfield when he scrambles (which he will do unnecessarily). He does have some upside with arm strength and dynamic ability, but he needs much more polish than he currently has to be an effective quarterback.

    Fitzpatrick, Sanchez, Hoyer, McGloin, and Glennon would all be better suited to run Denver’s offense. The idea of a mobile quarterback playing in a system that is bootleg heavy is certainly attractive, but they have to be quarterback first and mobile second.

  34. The reason Fitz is available is because everywhere he goes he raises hopes then disappoints. If he were a reliable starter he would still be in Buffalo, Tennessee or Houston. He is trying to get a contract based on last season but teams realize last season was an outlier. He is a lot closer to a Hoyer level journeyman than a legit starter.

  35. mmack66 says:
    Mar 10, 2016 10:24 PM

    You Donkeys fans that think you can get by with a mediocre quarterback are delusional.

    Seattle has a pretty good quarterback and a defense that was basically even with the Donkeys defense last season, and they weren’t able to
    Dude, they had a less than mediocre QB this year….his name was Peyton Manning…

  36. Fitzmagic ran out of fairy dust at the most inopportune moment – as usual – last year.

    He’d fit right in at Denver, because they just spent 4 years with the greatest Regular Season QB of all time. Fitzy is just like Pey-me, because he can’t win when it matters most.


  37. I’m a Broncos fan and y’all need to stop saying all we need is a game manager. That’s absurd. We want a great QB and we won’t stop till we find one.

    Kaepernick suffered from poor coaching and a bad organization. I think he’ll flourish with Gary Kubiak and playing for his childhood hero John Elway. We know he has the athletic ability and has been to a Super Bowl. He’s the Broncos best option right now.

  38. To Fitzpatrick’s credit, he stomped Brady in one game and was one Brandon Marshall’s drop away from stomping Brady twice to sweep their divisional series in 2015.

  39. I remember when Matt Cassell had a great year and some Pats fans wanted to trade Brady and keep him. There’s a reason Fitz is on his 6th team.

  40. Honestly, I tried very hard NOT to read to other posts here. I have a very strong opinion of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte. I think they can work REALLY well together in NY. The Jets would be remiss in letting Mr. Fitz go. I really like him and the Broncos would be getting a quality guy. However, The Broncs really need a QB and Yikes the options are pretty slim pickins. Kap and RG3 might have to come in as a team and compete for the job with the way things are looking……

  41. I think AJ McCarron would be a good option. I don’t like Kap or RGIII, they don’t seem like good leaders. If Broncos are going to waste draft picks by trading for Kap, why don’t they go after Matthew Stafford or what about trading a third round pick to Saints for the CSU kid Grayson?

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