Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung to visit the Giants and Lions

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Russell Okung’s agent has finally lined up a couple of visits for him.

The Seahawks left tackle will visit with the Giants and the Lions, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

The self-representing tackle may have a slower entry to the market than others since he couldn’t participate in the legal tampering period without an agent — since talking to the player would be, well, tampering.

But he’s now identified a pair of teams with needs for an edge protector.

In New York, he’d likely play right tackle, since they just invested last year’s first-rounder in Ereck Flowers. But Detroit has a need on either side, as Riley Reiff has some flexibility.

Either way, he has some interest, and found teams with money to spend.

18 responses to “Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung to visit the Giants and Lions

  1. Seriously how do the Giants have any money left at all?

    As for Okung it looks like the Seahawks have given up on him. Just wondering what their plan is since starting LTs are usually not around by the time they’ll be drafting.

  2. The NFL and NFLPA need to amend the CBA . A player who represents himself (formally noticed the league and Player’s Association) should be allowed to act as his agent the same as other agents. A player who is without representation, but not registered as his own agent, would remain restricted.

  3. RT won’t result in much of an offer from the Giants. Seahawks could beat the offer, and it would still be considered a bargain.

    Rieff is already making $8M, moving him to the other side? That’s way more than RT makes. Dumping $16M+ into the two tackles is a bit too much, and the Lions need to spend on defense.

    This is probably just posturing by Okung. But hey, he’s trying, and anything could happen…

  4. He’d play on the left side in NY.

    As far as any team ‘overpaying’: Who cares? It is not your money. Would it make you feel better if the Giants paid less?
    It’s all monopoly money to the working class.

    Guaranteed money can put you in cap hell if you don’t draft well. If the Giants have 2 positive drafts, it will all be fine.

    Otherwise, they will have a serious rebuild on their hands. So stop judging until the chubby lady warms up…

  5. this would be a great signing for the Lions if he can stay healthy. Rieff can move to RT for the final year of his contact to see how he does, they can also draft his replacement this year or next

  6. corbinxplosion says:

    this would be a great signing for the Lions if he can stay healthy.
    He can’t stay healthy. He’s not healthy now.

  7. I’d love to see Okung or Beachum land on the Lions. They need to make it a priority to improve the OL. That will make a major difference in protecting Stafford and improving the run game. Go get’em Quinn!

  8. When a temperamental sports car is running well, it’s a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, it’s usually in the shop more than it’s in your garage. THAT is Okung. He’s just too injury-prone to be any good to any team, no matter how well he plays when he’s healthy. I hope someone takes him off Seattle’s hands, but I doubt it.

  9. Yes we need another lineman in NY . Spend that money Reese! The deals the Giants made will not look so bad in a couple of years I wish people would understand that .

  10. This site really shows how little football fans know about the Financials and market of the nfl. The guy is a starting offensive lineman. The Giants need a lineman now. They could draft one in the first round, and then you’d say he’s a rookie – so good luck with that. They could sign this free agent, and he’ll start immediately. He has a past of being injured – he’s not commanding top market value, but he’s a great % add for this team, it’s not a reach whatsoever. The Giants have plenty of money. The Giants needed so many bodies this off-season – they addressed that better than any team in the NFL this offseason.

    Your tears taste so delicious right now.

    Richie the Greek – you mad broooo?

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