The 49ers add a quarterback, bring in Thad Lewis

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The 49ers have a quarterback who other teams might want, and who apparently wants out himself.

But when the curtain fell on the first day of the league year, they didn’t subtract, they added.

According to Matt Maiocco of, the 49ers signed quarterback Thad Lewis Wednesday, adding a guy who knows new coach Chip Kelly’s system.

Kelly brought Lewis to Philadelphia last fall, though he didn’t appear in a game.

He joins Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert and Dylan Thompson on the roster at the moment.

Lewis last played in 2013 with the Bills, and has also done time with the Browns.

Of course, the future of Kaepernick will be the main topic of concern there. As soon as Brock Osweiler left Denver, the possibility of a Kaepernick trade popped up, which is probably fine with him since his agents started spreading the word they wanted a trade last month.

13 responses to “The 49ers add a quarterback, bring in Thad Lewis

  1. Funny, everyone criticizes the Browns but the 49er’s have no problem picking up their cast off coaches and players.

  2. I don’t understand why teams bring in people like this.

    Say their #1 and #2 go down during the week before the game. They’re not starting Thad Lewis. They look at other free agent options.

    Say their #1 and #2 go down during the game. You have to have an emergency running back or wide receiver that played some QB in their life. It’s a waste of a a roster space. Chances are you’ll probably lose the game anyway.

    I’d rather take a risk on a college style QB. Not necessarily Tebow, but someone who had a fast-paced offense. In the event you do lose both QBs you’d actually be able to throw something different at the opposing defense, not someone who could barely complete more passes than me.

  3. Great move Chip! Way to snap Thad up before Denver had a chance to grab him for their vacant quarterback spot.
    Lol… You SF fans are in trouble!! Haha!

  4. They don’t have to ditch SackOrPick until 3/31, so they have plenty of time to try to finagle a trade with some poor sucker.

  5. Thad Lewis was a quiet surprise for the Bills. When we lost EJ Manuel in 2012 he picked up the playbook in days and carried a less than talented offense to an even record over a 4 game stretch. Hes like a poor mans Fitzpatrick. He really shouldnt be your starter, but it isnt the end of the world if he is.

  6. Thad was good with Buffalo a few years ago then fell apart the next TC. Glad he’s getting a shot. He is a gamer that plays hard and smart

  7. Thad Lewis is a practice QB. Knows Chip’s system so they hit the ground running when OTA’s start in May. Time is of the essence.

  8. I agree with jeffreyshulenburger….Lewis played well off the bench for Buffalo and is a lot better than some of the stiffs caring clipboards in 2015.

  9. Um, uh, um…..does uh, Thad know who the coach is? Maybe he and Lesean McCoy should have talked….right everybody?

  10. Here’s what I’m thinking: the Niners know they play Miami this year, and the Niners also know that Miami has never beaten Thad Lewis (whether in Buffalo or Cleveland), so it makes sense: the Niners refise to trade Kap to the Broncos, and keep Lewis for when they play the Dolphins.

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