What about Tebow in Denver?

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No, this isn’t click bait or trolling or whatever other term the cool kids have come up with. It’s a legitimate question given the current state of the Denver roster.

Should they bring back Tim Tebow?

Four years ago, the Broncos had an involuntary case of Tebowmania, thanks to a first-round quarterback John Elway inherited and couldn’t wait to unload, as evidenced by his infamous slow clap after Tebow won a Thursday night game against the Jets with an Antonio Cromartie don’t-raze-me-bro rampage to the end zone. Enter Peyton Manning, exit Tim Tebow, and that was the end of the story.

But the new story has had plenty of twists, with Manning leading the Broncos to the Super Bowl by turning around the passing game, the Broncos getting obliterated by a team with a dominant defense, and Elway deciding he needed to build a dominant defense of his own. He now has, and he’s done such a good job that the Broncos won the Super Bowl with an underwhelming performance from Manning, who finished the year averaging 6.8 yards per pass and throwing nine touchdown passes against 17 interceptions, with a passer rating of 67.9. In 2011, Tebow averaged 6.4 yards per pass, threw 12 touchdown passes against six interceptions, and had a passer rating of 72.9.

He also added 660 rushing yards and six touchdowns; that’s 666 more rushing yards that Manning (minus-6) had this year.

The Broncos’ official website recently declared that the team managed to win a Super Bowl with “sub-optimal, near-replacement-level quarterbacking.” Isn’t that also the official Tim Tebow scouting report?

The fact that Tebow previously played for the Broncos would make it very hard to justify bringing him back. But as Dolphins coach Adam Gase (and Broncos quarterbacks coach in 2011) explained it earlier this year on PFT Live, the key to using Tebow properly is to go all in with him. If the Broncos believe they can win with no passing game — and given the manner in which Tebow can enhance the running game — why not at least consider turning the offense over to Tebow and trusting the defense to keep things close?

The chances of it happening are incredibly slim to non-existent. But the fact that the Broncos believe they don’t have to reach to fill out the depth chart makes it far more likely that they’ll sign a free agent (like Ryan Fitzpatrick or Robert Griffin III), use the draft pick that otherwise would go to San Francisco for Colin Kaepernick on a young, cheap player, and maybe even give Trever Siemian a chance to earn the job.

Still, the fact that Tebow could be suggested with a semi-straight face shows how low the bar currently is for the Broncos at the quarterback position.

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  1. Just because a team won the SB with poor QB play doesn’t mean they should aim to bring in a terrible QB to continue that trend. Keep in mind they lost some players on both sides of the ball in the past few days. Having the best QB they can get their hands on should be a priority. Right now, that’s probably Fitzpatrick.

  2. Tebow did win… it never looked pretty… but honestly Denver won a lot of games this season that didn’t “look pretty” either… at least when it came to the offensive side of the ball.

  3. Broncos have come full circle from needing a QB to win the Superbowl to winning a superbowl despite having a below average QB. I say roll the dice with Tebow!

  4. If Tebow had swallowed his pride, gone up to the CFL and been successful, he may actually have had a chance to return by now. He didn’t, he doesn’t.

  5. They did ride their defense all year this year but that doesnt mean they will do it every year. They have to face the defense wont get better then this, especialy with free agency and players getting older. So sooner then later they will need a stable franchise QB just like every other top franchise. Tebow is a thing of the past anyway.

  6. Tim Tebow DESTROYED the pittsburgh steelers in 2012.

    Vontaze Burfict DESTROYED the pittsburgh steelers in 2015

  7. Tebow was literally the worst QB to come out of the draft in a decade… it is the most remarkable flub in NFL history that he won those games and he can thank the lights out D that year for it… they kept nearly all their games within a TD and Tebow got lucky a few times in coming up with a last minute TD or FG… Tebow routinely passed for less than 175 yards and 1 TD a game

    No way anybody ever brings back a QB who is going 175 yards/ 1 TD / and 1INT per game

  8. This is crazy. Just because Denver won the Super Bowl with suboptimal qb play doesn’t mean you go out looking to do it again by design. The intent this year was to return to 2013 form after a poor finish in 2014. Next year the intent is to pick up o-line and QB play to go along with great defense.

  9. I don’t think you’re crazy for considering this, however I do remember how John Elway was never on board with the Tebow thing and every Tebow win was merely making Elway mad as he looked for any reason to get rid of him.

    THAT is the primary reason why I don’t think it’d happen.

  10. There are some smoke and mirrors, but Denver’s not that crazy. Either they are drafting a QB in the first round or getting a big name. Why? Remember what happened the last time they had a Super Bowl winning QB retire? They started Bubby Brister. And that lasted 5 games, and then Brian Griese took over.

  11. No. Just no. Yes Denver won the sb with avg at best qb play. But they needed manning in the afc title game.

  12. It is not a legitimate question, Tebow could not make any team for the last 3 yrs and now he is going to be good enough to play for SB Champs? This just proves that 50 yrs from now we still will hear the what about Tebow when it comes to a open QB position even though the guy didn’t have one good season in the NFL

  13. The better question is: Why on earth would Tebow go back to work for John Elway after THAT went down how it did? Tebow doesn’t need to worry about putting food on his table. He’s fine.

  14. Actually, I think Tebow in Miami could make some sense.

    They need a back up to Tannehill now that Matt Moore has moved on, he’s from Florida, and the last time he was a starting QB in the NFL he was being coached by Adam Gase.

    Just a thought

  15. He did well in Denver because Adam Gase called every coach he had worked with and asked bluntly, “what the heck can I do to get the best out of him and what do I specifically NOT do with this kid”.

    That’s why he was serviceable.

    This is clickbait. You know this because I know this, and you know more about football than I do Florio.

    C’mon man.

  16. Tebow was sent packing because Big Head Elway couldn’t deal with Tebow mania, nor Elway being the toast of the town. Coach Fox changed his offense to Tebow’s stenghts and it took him to the AFC championship. If a QB is not a pocket QB (most college WAs aren’t) then adjust to what the QB does best. 49ers ruined Kap trying to make him a pocket QB. Same with the Eagles when they had Vick.
    Elway was jealous and ruined Tebows career.
    He can play, but let him play his offense, not within some 1950 pocket passing attack. With the right coach Kap, Tebow, RG3, Vick could lead their teams to victory.

  17. wayneflores says:
    Mar 10, 2016 10:06 PM
    Tebow was sent packing because Big Head Elway couldn’t deal with Tebow mania, nor Elway being the toast of the town. Coach Fox changed his offense to Tebow’s stenghts and it took him to the AFC championship.
    Tebow’s Broncos were blown out by the Patriots in the Divisional round sfter a miracle Wild Card round victory. The magic wore off by the end of the year with a 3 game losing streak. We backed into the playoffs with an 8-8 record because everyone in our division lost down the stretch. If Marion Barber doesn’t run out of bounds in the Bears game or Prater misses one of his 50+ FG, no one is talking about Tebow.

  18. Tebow proved it’s not about football when he refused to play in Canada to try and get better. You talk get better at QB by being a talking head.

  19. Available Free Agents

    Tim Tebow scored 34 times in his first 16 games of playing time
    Ryan Fitpatrick scored 33 times in 2015.
    RG3 scored 27 times in his best season
    Kaepernick scored 25 times in his best season.
    Glennon scored 24 times in his first 16
    Moore scored 18 TDs in his first 16
    Keenum has 16 TDs in 15 starts

  20. Didn’t Tebow throw for almost 300 yards in the 2nd half vs the Texans that year? I think he should get a shot, probably not in Denver. I like the Miami idea

  21. The problem with Tebow is that the offense must be redesigned to exploit his style. If the Broncos come up short on a QB, perhaps Tebow could get an opportunity. He was very entertaining in 2012. Tebow may have had a starting opportunity the following year if the Broncos had not signed Peyton Manning. At best, Tebow is a very long shot.

  22. Elway should make it right by bring Tebow back.
    Tebow can run, protect the ball, throw when it matters. Besides, he has been training with Brady’s throwing coach for the past 3 years, so he should be better as a passer. The Broncos can get him for cheap too

  23. Osweiler is 1-0 against Brady, so he should not be mentioned alongside Tebow who is 0-2 against Brady.

  24. Tebow’s career stats are 8-6 W/L record in the regular season, and 1-1 in the playoffs. 17 TDs, just 9 picks, 989 rushing yards and 12 rushing TDs, with 5 4th quarter comebacks and an OT win in the post-season. If he wasn’t a bold Christian and had a ‘traditional’ drop-back style, we aren’t even having this discussion right now, because he’d probably just finished leading the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl. Ask the Eagles how that roster move worked out…..

  25. Except for the fact that around the league there are at least another 32 more competent practice squad players they could sign instead.

    Would you please just let it go already?

  26. What could it hurt although it does appear that Elway loves to be at the center of attention and that would not be possible during T E B O W time.

  27. When are people going to admit that Tebow isn’t good enough to be a starting QB? His legend far exceeds his actual abilities.

  28. Pipe dreams. Tebow is done in the NFL. He doesn’t fit in with any team’s offense.

  29. “The chances of it happening are incredibly slim to non-existent.”

    Your own sentence admitted this was click bait.

    Sloooowwwww news day.

  30. “Remember what happened the last time they had a Super Bowl winning QB retire? They started Bubby Brister. And that lasted 5 games, and then Brian Griese took over.”

    Incorrect. Just before the season-opener against Miami in 1999, Mike Shanahan named Brian Griese the starting quarterback. The Broncos promptly went 0-4. Brister was then named the starter but he got hurt in practice, Griese started on the road against Oakland and the Broncos went 6-6 the rest of the season.

  31. Elway will never bring back Tebow. He ran Tebow out of town four years ago when Denver signed Manning. Elway got what he wanted out of Manning–a Super Bowl title–and now Elway has to work to rebuild the team. But, now that a few years have gone by, I’ve come to the conclusion that Elway ordered the coaching staff to play Tebow, hoping that the Broncos would lose the rest of their games in 2011 and the Broncos would be able to draft Andrew Luck. (Remember the “suck for Luck” sweepstakes?) Unfortunately, the Broncos started winning games with Tebow at quarterback and Luck was drafted by the Colts and we know the rest. I distinctly remember Elway’s “slow clap” when Tebow scored the winning touchdown against the Jets and it became obvious that Elway was not happy that the Broncos were winning with Tebow under center. Elway was happy with Tebow at quarterback when Denver beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs. No, Tebow isn’t coming back to Denver and Tebow probably isn’t playing in the NFL again. He probably had his last chance with the Eagles last season.

  32. Obviously this was just click bait and we all clicked on it.

    That season was something out of a movie. It was obvious Elway and Fox wanted to give the middle finger to the Denver fans and said “You keep chanting for him? Here you got him! Enjoy the train wreck!”

    Then a funny thing happened.

    Fox and Elway were sheepish in every post game press conference after any win in which Tebow was the QB (“Aww shucks, it was all luck anyway” type of crap).

    That being said. The guy is a very good college football analyst and if you follow the game and watch him it is obvious he does his homework.

    You would hope he doesn’t chuck a great career to chase the NFL dream which is not unlike a lot of other guys out there who are not as financially secure and are successful in another career like Tebow.

  33. Manning didn’t earn the job in Denver, Tebow did, and it was given to Manning.
    In 2010,
    Tebow scored every 8.2 completions and 16.4 attempts and led the league for TDs per completion. Manning wasn’t in the top 5.
    Manning scored every 13.6 completions and 20.5 attempts.
    Tebow scored every 9.3 completions and 19.6 attempts in his first 15.5 games and 13 plays in 2010/2011.
    Tebow scored 32 TDs and 2 two point conversions in 549 touches as a first time starter.
    Manning scored 33 TDs in 697 touches in 2010 as a 13 year veteran.
    How did he get Tebow’s job when Tebow threw more TDs per pass attempt and scored more times in 148 fewer plays?

    Tebow was 21% more efficient at scoring than Peyton Manning in 2010/2011. Tebow was also more efficient than Manning’s 2007-2009 seasons. Mannng didn’t score more times than Tebow until his 7th season in the NFL. Only 4 of his 18 seasons had more scores per touch than Tebow had in his first 16 games of playing time.

    The only stat that Manning excelled in was completion percentage which was because he was throwing 10.4 yards per completion and Tebow was throwing 15.95 yards per completion in 2010 and scoring more often passing.
    Manning didn’t earn the job in Denver, Tebow did, and it was given to Manning. They would have won the super bowl sooner if they had built a team around Tebow.
    In the end, a one dimentional quarterback that can’t run couldn’t win in the playoffs. The defense won the super bowl with the worst starting QB in the NFL in 2015. Manning had 9 TDs wth 17 Ints and committed 2 turnovers in the super bowl with no scores and was useless in the red zone. The field goal kicker was the highest scoring player on the team and the defense was tied for second. Manning scored 8 points in 2 super bowl appearances because NFL defenses have caught up with pure passing QBs. The Peyton Manning experiment was a failure. Congratulations to the defense and field goal squad who won the game in spite of Manning. Elway was wrong to place the fortunes of the team in the hands of an aging and injured one dimentional QB that can’t run when he had a young dual threat QB that was scoring 21% more often. Now, he’s looking at Kaepernick who is also injured and has never scored more than 25 times in a season while Tebow scored 34 times. If you think that the NFL isn’t blacklisting Tim Tebow, you aren’t paying attention.

  34. Tebow and his agent should be getting calls. End of story. No, he is not great. He may not be good, but he is definately “statistically” on par with or even better than the other free agents available. (completion % is lower but you MUST consider rushing production)

    Tebow is average at best. Flashes of “good” play. Extremely fun and exciting to watch. No character issues, but crazy fans.

    Hard to imagine the list of QB’s that are thought of as “TOP” free agent Qb’s available. I can see value in Fitz and Cap because they have been

    Case Keenum has a 1st round tender? wow
    Chase Daniels?
    Brian Hoyer?
    Osweiler got 18 million a year? wow

    To quote Mugatu:

  35. As long as John Elway is GM, this WILL NEVER HAPPEN, nor should it!! And yes, this is click bate/ trolling. All that’s going to happen is that the Tebow crazies are going to get all work up and excited for something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place and that’s Tebow being a starting QB in the NFL!! He got lucky that the Denver defense was good enough to keep us in all those games. STOP with the Tebow s_it!!! It’s ridiculous. I just read that the Broncos just signed Mark Sanchez, which is also ridiculous. Now they REALLY ARE coming across as desperate!!

  36. If Tebow was in Dallas they would have survived a Tony Romo injury. The scrubs they tried didn’t work. Tebow is a tank. He doesn’t need to practice being a tank. He’s just a tank. He shows up and wins enough of those games. Also, would the Broncos have won the SuperBowl with Tebow against Newton. Yes, and Tebow would have better numbers than Manning did. Beating Cam Newton comes naturally to Tebow.

  37. Vontaze burfict, the gift that kept on giving.and dr rust bucket,thank pacman and the fumbler that we appreciate them losing the game for the bungles!!

  38. This is how Osweiler compares to Tebow
    Tim Tebow threw 16 TDs with 5 ints in his first 271 attempts in 2010/2011. 7 rushing scores in 8.5 games.
    Brock Osweiler threw 10 TDs with 6 ints in 275 attempts in almost 8 games this year. 1 rushing score.
    Tebow 23 scores
    Osweiler 11 scores
    Tebow, with a much weaker team, threw 62.5% more TDs per pass attempt and outscored
    Osweiler by more than 2 to 1.
    Osweiler has thrown a TD every 17 completions and 27.7 attempts
    Tebow threw a TD every 9.3 completions and 19.6 attempts in his first 15.5 games and 13 plays.

  39. These are the quarterbacks that played in the years that Tebow was benched, started, traded or cut and how they compared to Tebow’s scoring efficiency in his first 16 games of playing time.
    In 2010/2011, Tim Tebow scored 34 times in 549 touches(passing or rushing) in his first 15.5 games and 13 plays.
    In 2010, Peyton Manning scored 33 times in 697 touches
    Tebow was 21% more efficient scoring than Manning.
    In 2010, Orton scored 20 times in 520 touches
    In 2010, Tebow scored 11 times in 123 touches.
    In 2010, Tebow was 2.32 times, 232% more efficent scoring than Orton with the same team. He was 61% more efficient scoring in his first 16 games.
    In 2011, with the same team, Tebow scored 21.9% more often per touch than Orton.
    In 2012, Sanchez scored 13 times in 475 touches
    Tebow scored 226% more often per touch. That’s 2.26 times more scores per touch.
    In 2012, Manning scored 37 times in 606 touches.
    Tebow scored 1.4% more often per touch.
    In 2013, Brady scored 25 times in 660 touches.
    Tebow scored 63.5% more often per touch.
    In 2014, G. Smith scored 18 times in 515 touches.
    Tebow scored 77% more often per touch.
    In 2015, Bradford scored 19 times in 558 touches.
    Tebow scored 81.9% more often per touch.
    Per touch, Tim Tebow was more efficient scoring than all of them.

    Tebow threw a TD every 19.6 attempts in his first 16 in 2010/2011
    Orton threw a TD every 20 attempts in 2010 and 2011
    Manning threw a TD every 20.5 attempts in 2010
    Sanchez threw a TD every 34.8 attempts in 2012
    Brady threw a TD every 25.12 attempts in 2013
    G. Smith threw a TD every 36.9 attempts in 2014.
    Bradford threw a TD every 28 attempts in 2015
    Tebow threw more TDs per pass attempt in his first 16 than all of them and scored rushing every 11.6 carries.

  40. Love the people that think he should have went to the CFL….um they pass more up there……I dont see that as an improvement….Tebow sucks

  41. Someone is having fun spamming a lot of cherry picked stats that make Tebow look better than he was. That someone is praising Tebow’s INT rate while conveniently ignoring his fumbles. That someone is also forgetting the historically bad playoff performance against New England.

  42. I love how people forget the Broncos were 1-4 before he took over, in terms of “8-8 backing into the playoffs”. I love how they forget he had 3 starts ever and no offseason (lockout) before that year, a year he was demoted to 3rd string in practice even though he had a rating over 80 the year before. I love how people forget the defense was ranked 24. And I love how Andrew Luck, a guy with a QB rating a few points higher, got destroyed on the road in the playoffs at NE too, but he had three times the experience. If you think Fitzpatrick is leading you anywhere you’ve witnessed no football. Tebow is the OPPOSITE of “replacement level” in terms of intangible.

  43. He sucks as an NFL QB; PERIOD!!! You can spout off all of the stats that you want to but he didn’t pass the EYE, or any other PRO tests. If he is SOOOOO great, why is it that he is not playing in the league at all??!! We get it; Tebow is a great guy, but that doesn’t mean that he should get a pass. When he got the boot for Peyton, ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE who cried foul was more of a Tebow fan, than a Broncos, or even a pro football fan. It really is time to move on. Geez, this is waaay past ridiculous!!!

  44. That’s all this stuff ever is with Tebow. Kid failed to impress anyone in the NFL and that’s what it is. Sad thing is he was told what to fix and change about how he plays before day 1 and either he couldn’t or wouldn’t. He wanted to prove people wrong instead of doing what he was suppose to if he wanted to keep a job in the NFL. It’s sad for him but it’s not like he wasn’t told what to do if he wanted to play. Gotta own or coach the team if you wanna do it your way and Tebow didn’t seem to understand that and his fans haven’t the slighest chance to understand that. No one wants a power running QB in the NFL who’s first thought is to run the football. No one is investing money in that.

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