Akiem Hicks scheduled to visit Lions after Bears

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Defensive lineman Akiem Hicks will visit with the Bears on Saturday, which could set up a reunion with General Manager Ryan Pace as Pace was in the Saints front office when they drafted Hicks in the third round of the 2012 draft.

Hicks remained with the Saints until he was traded to the Patriots a few weeks into last season. Lions General Manager Bob Quinn was in New England’s front office at the time of the trade and he also appears to be in the market for a reunion.

According to multiple reports, Hicks is scheduled to visit with the Lions after he meets with the Bears. The Lions re-signed defensive tackle Tyrunn Walker, but Jason Jones, Darryl Tapp and Corey Wootton are all free agents so the team has some openings up front on defense.

Of course, Hicks’ visit will only take place if he leaves Chicago without a contract and the prospect of the Lions signing him might make a deal with the Bears more likely.

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  1. It would be a really bad double whammy if he gets out of Chicago and signs with the Lions. I hope Pace has the checkbook ready and ink in the pen.

  2. Yeah, the prospect of having to sign with the Lions over the Bears would definitely be terrible. Why would he want to sign with the better team?

  3. He was really solid any time he got on the field for the Pats last year….holding out the long shot hope he resigns but probably out of price range. Hard to hate a guy getting his family some $, if you aren’t back in NE good luck big fella!!

  4. I thought he went under the radar last year with the Pats. I really liked what he brought and it seemed like whenever they have him some playing time he was consistently around the ball and making plays. I was really looking forward to watching him play this year so I don’t understand why the Pats would just let him go. I never heard any talk about offering him a deal. Whether he goes to Detroit or Chicago or wherever they’re gonna really like what he can do. Best of luck to him.

  5. Seriously, as a Bears fan, I can see him wanting to go with the Lions: better (at least now) defense and playing on a faster surface.

    But it always seems to come down to money in free agency. And Pace is will NOT overpay. (Though in this market that concept is getting tough to define.)

    Since the Lions are the Lions, I’m sure they will.

  6. He won’t get to Detroit. Pace will sign him. Then he won’t have the unpleasant experience of a Saturday night in Motown. Makes me puke just thinking of it

  7. Hey Smitri, the Lions have been the better of the 2 teams the past 2 years. Lions 4-0 v them. Nice try, though.

  8. Hey Smitri, the Lions have been the better of the 2 teams the past 2 years. Lions 4-0 v them. Nice try, though.


    Actually the Lions have beaten the Bears the last 6 times (3 years) but it’s irrelevant because the Bears are in rebuild mode, everyone beats them. Plus the Bears really only lost one game last season cuz the first game was given to the Lions by the refs and it was a 3 point game, like 3 of the other victories. The Lions may have swept them 3 years in a row, but they barely did and beating the Bears is nothing to brag about since their team has been such a disaster the past 3 years.

    Vikings own the Lions!!!!

  9. nels1959: You know nothing of football or Detroit. Cracking wise about Detroit is beyond passé and makes you look foolish. If you are not illiterate, why don’t you try reading a story about Detroit that was written in the last 3 years? The city is a hotbed of positive energy, international investment, architectural innovation and enough diversity in cuisine to satisfy any discerning palate. Or you could stay home and eat your cold meatloaf while watching reruns on TV Land.

  10. Why don’t the Patriots hold on to solid players like this. Bill will look for a deal on a guy on the cheap that most likely will have little or no impact on the team. They don’t exactly have a Bronco’s defense.

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