Browns make it official, waive Johnny Manziel

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The Browns made it official Friday with a 117-word press release, or one per headache Johnny Manziel caused them.

The team announced they had waived Manziel, which everyone knew was coming from the time they washed their hands of him the week of the Super Bowl.

The release was straightforward, with no quotes from anyone involved with the team, mentioning only his stats, and those left behind on the quarterback depth chart.

At the moment, that includes Josh McCown, Austin Davis and Connor Shaw, though more are doubtless coming soon.

They did not specify in the release whether they retained the rights to the homeless guy who advised owner Jimmy Haslam to use a first-round pick on Manziel two years ago.

116 responses to “Browns make it official, waive Johnny Manziel

  1. Good, get him out of that dumpster fire. He needs a team with leaders, a team with a championship culture, a team like the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS who will groom him into a respectable young man and rob the cheats blind in three years for two first round draft picks when they are desperate to have a QB.

  2. The dude clearly needs some help – but first he needs to be willing to admit he has a problem and allow others to help him.

    This current tire fire was obviously coming from the moment the Browns drafted him. It was one of the most Browns things that ever did Browns.

  3. What a complete waste. Feel sorry for him, pray for him. Get help, young man. Life’s not only about partying and you’re about to learn that tough life lesson.

  4. Expensive lesson for the Brownies who don’t seem to be able to see these things coming. Hopefully they’re turning a corner to right their ship (but hard to say for sure with their owner).

    Now Jerruh Jones can fight John-the-Genius-Elway for Johnny Football.

    Jerruh wants Man-woman-beater-ziel to excite the Texas fanbase and Elway needs him – needs anyone who can play QB.

  5. Goff intentionally “bombed” his interview so the Browns wouldn’t draft him. Manzel is probably partying at the news the Browns cut him. Poor Carson.

  6. wait, you mean johnny manziel whose top intangibles coming out of college had nothing to do with throwing hasn’t panned out as a qb? shocking

  7. Likely out of the league for good. He didnt show enough for someone to take a risk signing him, after all the drugs, partying, lying to his employer, beating up women. Its not like he was lighting up defenses or anything. Good riddance.

  8. @ctiggs says:
    Mar 11, 2016 11:47 AM

    “we lol at the browns #GoNiners”

    We lol at the Browns and 49ers.


    The Rest of the NFL

  9. Well, if only Cleveland would have been as confident. prepared, and decisive in trying to retain some of their top free agents as they were in drafting and then releasing Manziel, they would have been a lot better off. Poor, long-suffering Browns fans.

  10. The chickens are coming home to roost, Johnny Manziel!!! You’ll heed to fruit of your selfish ways!!! And lose all of your fancy foosball friends!!!!

  11. Hope he gets all his issues behind him and has a decent career in the NFL. Somebody will take a chance on a one year prove it deal, they have to. Kid has too high a ceiling to completely ignore. Now, will the NFL PR people choose to toss him on the roadside? Stay tuned.

  12. I can’t wait to see the Browns draft a QB in the first round. Its been a couple of years and they are right on schedule.
    Cook looks like a bust, why not reach for him?
    Then in 2-3 years they can repeat the process.

  13. Some QB desperate team needs to sign both RGIII and Johnny Football so that I can be entertained in my daily PFT readings.

  14. Manziel obviously has some issues that need to be addressed.

    Also – how is making fun of someone being homeless relevant to this article? That’s pretty low brow humor and definitely unnecessary.

  15. And they spent 2 days waiting for someone to call with a trade offer?


  16. It only too the Browns’ Big Brain front office two days to lose 4 of their own free agents who were all starters, including 40% of their offensive line…

    …and to finally accept the fact that Haslam screwed up big time by listening to the homeless man, who told Flying J Jimmy to draft Johnny Freaking Football.

    Nice job, Jimmy..only in Cleveland

  17. Couldn’t happen to a nicer abusive alcoholic drug-addicted spoiled plutocrat son of a millionaire polluter.

    Let’s get rid of the inheritence tax so we can have as many manziels as possible in america.

  18. Brown’s HC Hue Jackson certainly did not see any resemblance to his former QB, Andy Dalton in Cincy, in Johnny Manziel, off-the-field nor on. Chip Kelly loves former top-flight collegiate QBs, so Manziel may resurrect his young career out on the West Coast with the 49ers. Chip Kelly’s ideal QB is still one who can run. The question is: can RGIII stay afloat for a rigorous 16-game (and beyond) season, passing and running?

  19. Has Johnny been seen in public or made any statements af any kind since his gf beating police run-in?

    Not trying to be funny, I’m genuinely asking: Is he confirmed to be alive and okay, or is he lying in a ditch in Tijuana somewhere?

  20. Love all the knuckleheads on here giving life advice, the guys 23 and enjoys the nightlife. I was 23 once and lived the same way. Does he need to take it down a notch, of course! Don’t throw stones at glass houses!

  21. Does this mean that Jimmy Haslam won’t be responding to text messages from players in this year’s Draft instructing the Browns to take them?

  22. Bring him to Green Bay. We’ll brain wash him into shape.

  23. I saw this coming the minute he flashed that money sign after he got drafted. He’s to immature and volatile to be an NFL quarterback. The sad thing is some team is going to take a flyer on this guy…

  24. Take a seat over there on that bench Johnny, next to Jamarcus Russell.

    I’m looking forward to picking up Sports Illustrated’s “Where Are They Now?” issue 20 years from now to read about how Johnny TrainWreck is on wife #3 and selling paper products for Dunder Mifflin.

  25. I bet he parties it up tonight for a fifth day in a row.

    It was well known that he had anger issues, was a drunk, and a drug addict before he was drafted. People looked the other way. They said he could handle it and as long as it didn’t affect him on the field who cares. Well it did and it was obvious that it would.

    The Browns paid a huge sum to evaluate the QB’s that draft, and it red flagged Manziel. They still drafted him.

    He made the Browns look like fools over and over and over again. They took it far too long.

    They have the new ‘smartest guys in the room’ front office and as dumb and inexperienced as they looked like at the start of FA (which also should of been predicted), even THEY couldn’t get THIS wrong.

    They cut Johnny, which might end up being their best move, but they still did it, and now that they did it, he’s just Johnny Unemployed .

  26. People wonder why there’s such little parity in the NFL. The Browns have had 8 first round picks in the last 5 years. Four of them don’t play for the Browns anymore.

    Three of the four are unemployed, and the fourth is Brandon Weeden… and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  27. What a disaster. You can file this one under the title, “biggest bus ever”.
    That’s right. Manziel is the biggest bust ever. He trumps everyone else.
    The reasons are simple. He is the biggest bust ever because the Browns were apparently the only people in the country who didn’t know this kid was a train wreck waiting to happen and marginal talent in the first place.
    I called Manziel Johnny “Busto” even before the draft. I knew he was going to be a disaster. Who didn’t?
    The Browns were already the laughing stock of the NFL and they made it even worse by drafting Manziel. This is the first step for them in heading in the right direction.
    Now if other misguided owners (see Jerruh Jones, for example) will stay away from him until he goes somewhere and truly gets his life in order, it will help him point in the right direction.
    But NFL owners, GM’s, and coaches are often foolish. I’m sure Manziel’s phone is already ringing, and one of those callers will probably be Chip Kelly.
    And I’m sure Jerruh Jones will be calling, too. We all know how fond of guys with off the field problems Jones is.

  28. Good Luck Johnny ! You got out of LOSERLAND. Go play for a REAL NFL team and you’ll be fine.
    Best Wishes Always.
    It’s your time now.
    Your out of football hell.

  29. Great line about homeless people there, Darin.
    Because we all know homelessness = terrible football acumen.

  30. Congratulations, Browns fans. The owner owes you a lot more good news after the crap-fest he has presided over. You deserve it.

  31. Love that flushing sound! Could hear it all the way across Lake Erie.
    I’ve said it more than once, he is a proto-typical CFL quarterback, but, in all honesty, not sure any one in the Canadian League would want him.

  32. Did the announcement include the following obligatory statement:

    “We thank him for his contributions and wish him success in his future endeavors”

    Somehow, I’m thinking not.

  33. bubbybrisket says:
    Mar 11, 2016 12:09 PM

    I saw this coming the minute he flashed that money sign after he got drafted. He’s to immature and volatile to be an NFL quarterback. The sad thing is some team is going to take a flyer on this guy…like Chip Kelly’s ’49 ers

  34. Johnny needs to go to Dallas, rumor has it that some nut of a GM has the perfect support group for troubled players and is able to maximize their skills with his tutoring and leadership.

  35. Maybe Johnny Manzarita should go over to Merrill Hoge’s house to ask how Hoge had him pegged by the time Johnny left The Dry Bean Saloon in College Station! Just like the concoctions he favors, Manziel is a tantalizing party/felonious mix of Joe Namath, Ryan Leaf, and Art Schlicter all rolled up into one. Godspeed Monsieur Manziel, and good luck in whatever halfway-house you stagger into.

  36. I think they kept him around to see if a team got desperate for the way FA started for them, the first team that comes to mind is the Broncos with an college teammate there.

    When coming out of college I was looking forward to seeing him on the NFL field. I personally didn’t think his skills translated tot he Pros… either way it would have been entertaining for me to watch.

    It looks like I won’t be able to see much of that, if he doesn’t get his act together.

  37. Hey the never ever used term “dumpster fire” was used. Gosh I really hope that comes back in style as it is the best term/quote ever. Said nobody….

  38. First.. I accidentally REPORTED a comment on this thread with a slip. Please ignore that report. I actually liked the comment as it was very true,

    as to the article I hear Atlanta has grown tired of Matt Ryan sucking so he could land there.

  39. I hope Dallas makes the move. His parents being rich is way overblown, a lot of players party harder than him, the girlfriend incident(s) is terrible, and make a contract to ensure that if he screws up again they can cut him immediately with no money

  40. Get help Young man, take some time to recover from your personal issues, everybody has a second chance, you will, but not now, maybe in some time.

  41. To all the Browns fans who last year overwhelmingly down-thumbed my dire predictions for Manziel, it does NOT give me any pleasure to say “I told you so”, for you’ve suffered too long already. Here’s hoping to a better future for your franchise.

  42. 4 first round qbs during Peyton Manning’s career and didn’t get anything out of any of them. Wentz and Goff are both praying the Browns draft the other one.

  43. The saddest part is not that Manziel has no regard for his football future. By all accounts he can retreat to a life of great comfort with his family’s money.

    No, the saddest part is that there are still Browns fans who think he was just a kid who has done nothing to indicate he should not be handed the keys to the team and that greatness awaits if only he is given a(nother) chance.

  44. He probably doesn’t care anyway. I heard he is at this time on a plane heading to Vegas. The hotel room is ready and the Champagne is chilled.

  45. For God Sake teams don’t pick him up.
    This guy needs help.
    Landing on another team isn’t going to do him any good. he is young enough to be out of the League for a year or two.
    Thank God My Vikings didn’t pick him up. They were thinking about it.

  46. Too bad the Browns aren’t giving Connor Shaw much of a chance. He had a better final collegiate season that Manziel did, and showed more promise than Manziel before getting hurt last year.

    McCown and Davis are known commodities. There’s no reason not to give Shaw a shot.

  47. 99% of us saw this coming before he was drafted…how did the Cleveland Browns, a professional sports franchise….NOT see this?

  48. tb12bestqbevah says:
    Mar 11, 2016 12:10 PM

    I’m looking forward to picking up Sports Illustrated’s “Where Are They Now?” issue 20 years from now to read about how Johnny TrainWreck is on wife #3 and selling paper products for Dunder Mifflin.

    His dad would sure be happy.

  49. Like others have said, when he flashed money sign at the draft, we all knew. How did the “experts” not know?

  50. Spuds McKenzie, the original party animal, is now a free agent to do whatever it is that he does. Good riddance and good luck with that.

  51. Very few wealthy kids want to go out on the feild and get his brains rattled by over 300 pound players each week of the pro season??

  52. lambeaudungbarn says:
    Mar 11, 2016 1:10 PM
    For God Sake teams don’t pick him up.
    This guy needs help.
    Landing on another team isn’t going to do him any good. he is young enough to be out of the League for a year or two.
    Thank God My Vikings didn’t pick him up. They were thinking about it.


    Yeah, instead you have a dude who can’t throw a ball accurately past 7 yards. Good luck with that.

  53. We all like to have fun, but….
    Get some help and get rid of the enabler’s in your life while you still have one. In the meantime, I will help and go console your ex-girlfriend

  54. thought this guy was over scrutinized and getting a raw deal just for partying. then he started beating women and i lost all respect. any team would be stupid to sign him

  55. Remember how everybody was saying the Browns got over on the Colts for getting a #1 for T-Rich…. after giving up their entire draft to move up to take him?
    Remember how the Browns used that #1 to take Lil’ Johnny?
    The Colts got way more out of T-Rich than the Browns did with Lil’ Johnny, and lost way more picks.

  56. Sometimes a longterm relationship isn’t in the cards and both sides need to go their separate ways. This goes for Manziel and the Browns, too.

  57. Zero sympathy for Cleveland. From the second this guy was drafted, everyone KNEW exactly how it would pan out. Everyone, that is, except the Browns front office.

    And now, after just two years, here we are … just where pretty much EVERYONE who follows the NFL thought we’d be with this clown.

    No wonder Cleveland is such a mess.

  58. Times like this are when I wish the NFL had a minor league, or that the World League was still around. With that said, obviously staying alive and sober is the main concern, then the Arena League(even Marinovich did that), then a training camp look.

  59. People can blame Manziel all they want, but this whole fiasco didn’t make the Browns any better. The Browns are the ones that drafted this kid and the same guy still owns the team. Nothing is going to change except now they have a baseball guy in charge. So now if this baseball guy makes a mistake in the draft, who are you going to blame? The kid or the baseball guy? Meanwhile, the same guy owns the team.

  60. I am supremely confident that this guy just simply wanted out of Cleveland. I mean Jesus, who was the last football player, not even just QB, to have true success with the Browns aside from Joe “Poor Guy” Thomas? (Joe Haden is OVERRATED) I really think he can play, and I hope my WORLD CHAMPION Broncos take the chance on him. Von and Ware will keep him in check and he’ll be playing for a winner.

  61. I have a feeling Johnny Foolsball isn’t rolling his fingers making the $ sign today.

    This has to go down in history as one of the worst first round picks of a QB (other than Jamarcus Russell for the Raiders).

    Manziel was a bust from minute one. Partying in vegas with visits caught on camera of him with dollar bills in bathrooms, getting into fights in condo complexes, and recently assaulting his girlfriend.

    Great foresight there, Cleveland. Hopefully Hue Jackson will help to change the dysfunction and the culture in Cleveland.

    But Jerry Jones STILL won’t get any credit for selecting Martin over Manziel…..

  62. He really had to do a lot of thing to get out of the “mistake by the lake” Now he will be able to move on from the “sadness factory” to a professional NFL team. Show these idiots what you can do.

  63. nflpoker says:
    Mar 11, 2016 12:20 PM
    No one will take him in the CFL. The Canadians will close the border first.

    Well, Canada inflicted Ted Cruz and Justin Beiber on us, so it’s only fair we send them Manziel, and perhaps the Kardashians, as retaliation.

  64. The thing about Johnny Football is that he has always been driving way too fast down the highway of life. Not to mention driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, money, and anger. Boy needs to slow down, but he probably won’t until he totals the car, his life. Hope he does not die or hurt himself irreparably. Or kill someone or hurt someone irreparably. He has my sympathy, but he also needs swift kick in the seat of his pants. Several times a day for a long time.

  65. So, I guess we know for certain now than the whole “three teams are interested in trading for Manziel” -thing really was the big, fat lie we all thought it was.

    Let’s get real, at this point, the Browns would have traded him for a large pepperoni and a 2-liter of off brand cola if it meant they could say they got something for him (without actually specifying what).

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