Buccaneers sign Robert Ayers to three-year, $21 million deal

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The Buccaneers didn’t get left out of the free agent defensive end market.

According ti Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Bucs have agreed to a three-year, $21 million deal with Giants defensive end Robert Ayers, which includes $10.5 million in guarantees.

The Bucs were able to keep Ayers from continuing his Florida tour, as the Dolphins and Jaguars had expressed interest.

The 30-year-old Ayers had a career-high 9.0 sacks for the Giants last year, with 7.0 of them coming in the final five weeks of the season. The former Broncos first-rounder was displaced when the Giants blew the top out of the market for Olivier Vernon.

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  1. Yowzers. This guy was a first-round “bust” in Denver just a few years ago. Apparently having Denver on your resume means teams are willing to pay you whatever you want though.

  2. Solid signing for the Bucs. One has to believe that a pass rusher will also be drafted within the first two rounds, as the team is looking to fill that void left by Simeon Rice all those years ago.

    And to think, they had Michael Bennett, who wanted to stay with the team, but he wasn’t a ‘Schiano Man’…ugh.

  3. “The 30-year-old Ayers had a career-high 9.0 sacks for the Giants last year, with 7.0 of them coming in the final five weeks of the season.”

    That’s a key sentence. 30 years old. Career-high is only 9 sacks. Only got 7 of them once Jason Pierre Paul came back last year.

    It doesn’t sound like he’s going to produce at that level again. He’s a pretty good run defender, though.

  4. Meh, okay player if you pick up somebody better. Ayers is a complimentary player not a building block, there’s a reason he didn’t start getting sacks until a banged up JPP returned to the luneup

  5. Annnnnd there goes the last worth-while pass rushing FA on the market. Very disappointed as a Jaguars fan to watch them swing and miss on and/or not go harder after Olivier Vernon, Bruce Irvin, Jason Pierre-Paul, Mario Williams, and Robert Ayers. They had more than enough money to bite the bullet and pay these clowns more than they deserve. Why be frugal?

    After that mediocre at best offensive line acquisition they got today (Bernadeau), and the 1 year deal with Amukamara, I think that should just about wrap up their off season before the draft.

    Malik Jackson
    Tashaun Gipson
    Chris Ivory
    Mackenzy Bernadeau
    Prince Amukamara
    Brad Nortman

    Overall grade: Somewhere between the C-/C+ range.

    I was hoping for a lot better of a haul personally, but as a Jags fan I should be used to being disappointed by now. This better not mean Joey Bosa rises on their draft board..The talent of Ramsey and Jack is so much higher than Bosa that it would be a shame to see them have to go for Bosa just because they didn’t get any pass rushing help.

  6. Do you really think ayers makes a difference? He’d pretty much be another Clem. Jags season hangs on how effective fowler is and what impact the jags get with their first round pick this year. Hopefully Ramsey or Jack. If bortles and the Allen brothers grow as much as they did last year it might not matter

  7. Thank you for these signings this offseason. Jason did a great job on the first two deals with Doug and Sweezy, both being front loaded and no dead cap space years three and four. Grimes and Akers was perfect, it gives us a lot of wiggle room for the nfl draft to take best available. The only thing is we still need to address the SAM Lb position. Floyd is an option out of Georgia but I would much rather see us taking Ogbah. Vernon, or moving up for Ramsey then taking scoops wright in round three.

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