DeMarco Murray says he’ll be happy with any role in Titans’ offense

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During his one and only season in Philadelphia, DeMarco Murray reportedly grew unhappy with his role in Chip Kelly’s offense. But now that he’s in Tennessee, he says he’ll be happy with any role in coach Mike Mularkey’s offense.

Although Murray acknowledges that he likes to get the ball in his hands, he added that he’s not focused on a certain number of touches.

“I think every player wants to touch the ball, and I think the more times you touch it the better off you become, and for me, that’s kind of how I’ve been throughout my career,” Murray said. “I’m not someone to come here and say, ‘I need 20 carries, I need 30 carries to make some positive things happen.’ Whatever they tell me to do, that’s what I’m going to do. Whether it’s 10 carries or 30 carries, I’m going to do it to the best of my ability. Whatever it takes to help this team out.”

In 2014 Murray gained 1,845 yards on 392 carries with the Cowboys. In 2015 he cratered to 702 yards on 193 carries. It’s probably unrealistic to think that he’ll have the kind of year in 2016 that he had in 2014, but the Titans hope to have a Murray who looks more like the one who played in Dallas.

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  1. Wow!!! He had that role here in Philly, 10 to 20 carries!! He just didn’t wanna be in Philly, which is fine, but why sign here to begin with???

  2. I was excited when the Eagles picked up Murray. However, he played heartless and soft.
    Chip’s ridiculously limited playbook didn’t help, but other backs were much more productive under the same circumstances.
    Look up the video of him sliding to avoid contact against the Dolphins.

  3. He didn’t dog it. He was playing behind a terrible offensive line and being asked to do things that he doesn’t do well. Murray needs a hole and he’ll do the rest. He’s not going to dance to find one like Chip was hoping.

  4. yo demarco,

    seems we heard you tell that story not too long ago….

    like about a year ago…

    and now you’re a titan….


    and you thought 6-10 was depressing…..

    love, eagles fans

  5. This is hilarious. The whole reason he left Philly is he didn’t like his role in the offense. Same story, different town. Good luck Titans.

    What he should have said is, “I’ll be happy with any role, as long as I get 30 carries a game”.

  6. thefirstsmilergrogan says:
    Mar 11, 2016 8:23 AM

    yo demarco,

    seems we heard you tell that story not too long ago….
    like about a year ago…
    and now you’re a titan….
    and you thought 6-10 was depressing…..
    love, eagles fans


    i get it, the titans were bad last year. but things are pointing up for this team. stud young QB, makings of a great o-line. defense was actually pretty good last year without our best DB. #1 pick in the draft. i’d rather be there than in philly.

  7. …says the guy who complained to the previous team’s owner about his role with the offense…

  8. With the contract Murray got, I’d expect he’d be happy playing anywhere.
    Will he produce? I’m not so sure about that.
    He got paid last year and did poorly.
    Now he’s getting paid again, and the team has no leverage.

  9. to the titan fan who says things are “looking up” as they prepare to take their rightful spot at the top of the draft (again)…. please brag about the country music y’all have down there… because the football team ain’t much to speak of…

  10. Saw Murray every week in person in Philly and on TV when the Eagles were on the road. He was a dog, plain and simple, and I’m sure that Pederson and the rest of the new coaches saw it when they watched the game footage. The players knew it too. Rarely ran hard, shied away from hits, to the point of falling down or running out of bounds rather than take a hit. True he didn’t exactly fit the Eagles scheme, but there was more to Chip Kelly not playing him so much in the month of December. He quit on his team and his coach. Howie working a deal to unload him and his ridiculous salary, and get anything in return, let alone move up 13 spots in the 4th round, is a great maneuver. The Titans don’t have a clue, and Howie knows it. Good job…

  11. nenlain says:
    Mar 11, 2016 5:25 AM
    Good luck Tennessee. This guy got paid and dogged it in Philly. Hopefully he’s not a chump on your team, too.

    66 11
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    As another poster wrote, he didn’t “dog it”. The guy was getting hit behind the line of scrimmage on every play. He was a bad fit for that offense, and that’s on him. He also kept asking for more and more work, both publicly and privately.

    That doesn’t sound like someone trying to “dog it”.

  12. As long as that role is running down hill through holes wide enough to drive an 18 wheeler through. Any role other than that and he’s going straight to the owner.

  13. Everyone always wants to blame scheme or play calling whenever they have a bad game or even season. I dont like Murray but i do think he will have a much better season with the Titans. Just cuz news pops up doesnt mean everyone has to start trolling.


    Eagles Fan

  14. Last season all his conversations with the owner and leaks to the media were a sideshow when the team was still in the thick of the division race. I lost respect for him. Even when he was a cowboy I had respect for him because he didn’t seem to be a diva like so many Cowboys players in recent years. On field performance aside, his attitude sunk him in Philly. People show their true colors when they face adversity. I hope for Titans fans’ sake he rebounds but glad he is no longer on my favorite team.

  15. 1845 yds on 392 carries. 702 yds on 193 carries. Do the math. If he’d had 392 carries in Philly, his average says he would’ve had 1425 yds. That’s still pretty damn good.

  16. Ryan Mathews averaged over 5ypc with the same blocking.

    Only difference? Ryan Mathews didn’t slide to avoid contact. Murray dogged it. Anyone who says otherwise is biased.

    Even Barner was gaining yards, when Murray was taking carries for 0 or 1 yard.

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