Despite big deal, Chris Ivory will “probably split carries” for Jaguars


The Jaguars gave Chris Ivory bell-cow money, but aren’t expecting him to be a bell-cow running back.

In fact, Jaguars General Manager Dave Caldwell said that Ivory would “probably split carries” with second-year back T.J. Yeldon after signing a five-year, $32 million contract.

It wasn’t a pressing need for us, because we feel like we have a young back,” Caldwell said, via Hays Carlyon of the Florida Times-Union. “But, in this league, you need two guys. Chris is a guy that averages 4.6 yards per carry over the course of his career. He’s a violent, aggressive, downhill runner, who is excellent in short yardage situations and really a three-down back.”

Of course, the Jaguars were 27th in the league in rushing last year, so adding to the ground game is a reasonable position. But that’s still a lot of money for a committee member, albeit a possibly excellent committee.

“I think it does allow durability throughout the season,” Ivory said. “It allows guys to come in fresh, so I think it’s a good situation. Not only that, I think it extends your career.”

Both Ivory and Yeldon gained over 1,000 yards from scrimmage last year, and the Jaguars have plenty of young weapons in the passing game. So if the result is a playoff berth after years of building, it will be justified. Otherwise, Caldwell just spent a big chunk of the money he had to spend on what amounts to a part-time player.

19 responses to “Despite big deal, Chris Ivory will “probably split carries” for Jaguars

  1. This is in essence a 2 year 12mm deal – Caldwell knows what he is doing. The Jags need a banger that can get 3rd and 2 and punch it in from the goal line. We paid a little bit extra – but Ivory and Yeldon are a perfect Ying/Yang tandem for a couple years.

  2. And this Jags fan is still awaiting that big OL signing…

    Yeldon is a bell-cow and paid 2nd round rookie $. Ivory splashed on the scene last year in a surprisingly good Jets offense. I hope this isn’t a cash-in on one big statistical season.

  3. He’s never shown he can handle being a feature back. He runs too reckless, gets dinged up every week or so. He’s most effective getting 16-18 carries per game. Anything over 22 and you’re asking for an injury.

  4. As a Colts fan, the Jags are the team I think is going to win the south, followed by the Texans, Titans, and Colts in that order…Grigson doing his usual bang-up job in securing talent for the offensive and defensive lines…mark my words, Luck walks next year…

  5. What’s it gonna take for these people to understand that you pretty much HAVE to overpay to get who you want in free agency? I really don’t think that jax cares if they overspend a little on some guys either, with almost $90 mil to play with.

  6. 5 years for $32M to split carries. I’m sure T.J. Yeldon isn’t going to be very happy about splitting carries or with the amount of money Ivory is making compared to him.

  7. Look at the contract structure. Only 10M guaranteed over the length of contract. Good signing and great contract structure. If he doesn’t take lead and is 50/50 with TJ – great. If he takes the lead role and does well, he makes his money – great. No harm here

  8. He gets paid less than a backup QB. Not really that surprising that he’ll split carries.

  9. …..…Grigson doing his usual bang-up job in securing talent for the offensive and defensive lines…mark my words, Luck walks next year…
    I’m not that bright but it is now very clear what Elway’s plan is out in Denver and why he let Osweiler walk…get a stop=gap guy for a year, then land Luck.

    Also- Denard Robinson is not an FA, he’s a fumbler, hence Chris Ivory.

  10. Good for Chris and I wish him well, as I appreciate the life he added to the Jets offense last year! Good headline number but even at 10 Mill guaranteed Jets were right to let him go. He lost a lot of that playmaking steam in last half season. Hes only a part time back and injuries could start mounting on him going forward. Bilal Powell is an emerging star and with Matt Forte Ivory wont even be missed.

  11. ^^ Denard isn’t a FA. He has just had issues with fumbling the ball and staying healthy. He is a quick guy but he hasn’t been able to be the power runner the Jaguars need to continue drives by picking up 3rd and short conversions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jags move on from Denard before 2017 season starts.

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